Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Nomine Patri ❯ Judas ( Chapter 7 )

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November 4

I am quite uncertain as to what I shall do with this new aspect of my life! My father's reply did not surprise me that he wishes for me not to spend time with the vampires of our Organization, but now that Argetni has introduced me to Alucard and Seras, I want to learn from these vampires that have pledged their service to me! Imagine! I have my own army of the undead to command and use against other preternatural beings when I take my place as the head of Hellsing!

Let me recount what happened this wondrous night: I waited for Anika to fall asleep before going out to the roof to wait for the vampires, this time staying dressed in winter clothing so I would not freeze as I did with Argetni's prior visit. No sooner was I on the roof that the rush of wind that carried me away from the place where I waited the previous time, carried me away to a different part of the city, and again, I was face to face with the vampire that claimed to be my mother.

Argetni was not wearing the green suit as she had worn the night before, but today was wearing tight fitting leather pants and stiletto heeled boots, a deep purple high collared silk shirt, and a leather jacket with her almost translucent hair flying loose around her face. She did not wear the violet glasses as before, but instead seemed proud to show her reddened eyes to the world, not wearing any glasses, but perhaps that is because vampires have better eyesight than humans.

Immediately, she asked me about my father's reply to my question, and I sadly informed her that he did not want me near her or any of her vampiric cohorts, saying that he would prefer to send me to the Vatican and Father Anderson than to have me work with vampires to learn my skills as a regenerator.

Of course, Father's words just make me want to spend even more time with this female vampire.

As we walked through the city, Argetni looking unphased by the cold winds and wearing only a leather jacket as protection while I had my hooded coat tightly wrapped around my body, she asked if I believed she was truly my mother.

I could not answer this woman. I still do not know what to believe about the validity of her claims, yet if one just looks at the physical evidence of our appearances and mannerisms, it can easily be decided that this vampire is my mother.

In no time we had reached a bar near the edge of the city where we both entered, and waiting for us in the back corner were her vampiric cohorts Alucard and Seras Victoria. I recognized Miss Victoria immediately, since of this group, she is the one I have had the most contact with. She was wearing jeans and a sweater under a furry coat, and looked the most human of the three with her flushed skin and choice in clothing.

Alucard was another matter. He sat on a stool, looking over at Argetni as we entered, obviously waiting just for her. He was dressed in a red duster-type coat and was wearing yellow tinted glasses, and his clothing underneath was black. His dark hair was messy and hung long down his back, and before taking her place on his lap, Argetni smirked and asked what had happened to his hat as she ran her willowy fingers through his untamed locks.

Watching Argetni work her demonic magic horrified me. Alucard, who is supposedly the strongest vampire in existence according to my studies, remained as if spellbound as the platinum haired monster straddled his legs, holding his jaw with one hand as she forced a kiss with her tongue before trailing her fangs down his neck to pierce the vein of the immortal, drawing blood in what an observer would describe as a scene out of a scandalous movie.

I shielded my eyes from this nonsense, though I could hear Lieutenant Victoria mutter something about Argetni being no better than a common whore, and the continual suckling of the blood from the tiny puncture marks in the elder vampire's throat while he groaned in ecstasy.

Argetni immediately apologized to both Seras and me for her rudeness, but since she had not fed in about a week's time, she was quite starved for both of her cravings, and the bloodlust was easier to suppress in public than was traditional lust. I do have to agree about this, for I would have been thoroughly terrified to have seen this woman that claims to be my mother having sex in the middle of a bar. She remained seated on Alucard's lap, her bewitching eyes trained upon me as we continued our conversation about my training, and it seemed that both other vampires were in agreement with her thoughts about each of them helping me learn the essentials of my new life as a Protestant Knight.

Starting tomorrow, instead of going to school as I would normally, I will head to the deserted house where the three vampires are residing temporarily so I can begin classes in the ways to properly run the Hellsing Organization and to use my gifts as effectively as I could ever imagine.

Tricking Anika in to believing that I am still going to school will be the biggest challenge that we will face, because if she knows that I am spending time with these vampires, she will tell Father, and Father will be incredibly upset with my behavior.

I am going to try to convince her to go back to England because that is where her boyfriend Ian lives and attends school. Maybe her foolish belief in love can be enough to push her far away from here, even though father wants us to attend the same school and do the same job when we are adults. It is quite annoying to be waiting for little Anika to do everything that I am supposed to do. She does not wish to be a Hellsing or to lead any sort of organization, not even things like Pony Club or Science Club, since she enjoys both of those subjects quite a bit.

I could easily begin another rant about Anika and what she is allowed to do, but I must finish with the meeting between the vampires and me.

Each vampire is to teach me something different about the Hellsing Organization. Argetni is going to show me how to properly manage an army and how to be correct in my proceedings with the Protestant Knights, Alucard is going to show me how to use my regenerative skills, and Seras has pledged to help me understand what it is like to actually be part of the military, what the troops feel as they rush blindly in to battle for God, Country, and Hellsing, and how to use any and all sorts of weapons that are needed in the battles with the undead.

I am quite excited to begin such classes, as they will be better for my training than the bookwork that Father wishes me to pursue. I just hope that I will live up to the expectations of my instructors, since I have no idea what vampires will value from a student.

Tomorrow, I must figure a way to trick Anika and to withdraw from classes at the school without Father knowing anything has happened.