Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 24 ( Chapter 25 )

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“Lady Lillian are you going to the meeting dressed like that?” Vincent asked her looking at her clothes, which she had not changed. Lillian had always worn her baggy cargo pants and tank top, with sometimes a short leather jacket, which she was wearing now.
“What?” she asked confused, looking at what she was wearing. It looked fine to her.
“You do know you are attending a meeting of the Royal Protestant knights, do you not?” Vincent asked hesitantly.
“Of course Vincent, why did you think I got dressed up for.” She asked smiling. Demons would be ice-skating in hell before she changed her clothes for those pushy insecure bastards. A royal ball was one thing, a meeting with a bunch of old men was another. She didn't really care about what she wore or what people thought about what she wore, least of all the Protestant Knights. Lillian did not like it being known she was of nobility or even who she was for that matter, so she always wore casual clothes, she was still a teenager anyway, stuff wearing dresses and skirts, no use looking like a target now is there. Now Vincent was looking confused.
“Come on Vincent we better head off and I don't need a lecture of tardiness from those snot-nosed stuck up imbeciles.” Lillian said walking to the carport, she despised the knights for what they had put her family through, and how they always liked to mention her family was not knighted. Vincent shook his head and followed her.
It was late afternoon when they reached Lord Cunningham's manor at the appointed time of 3pm. The sun wasn't out and it was slightly drizzling down with rain. England weather, you gotta love it. Lillian got out of the car, which Vincent would not let her drive in it yet with him mind you. Vincent why won't you let me drive I'm 17 now and have my driving license, please with sugar and a cherry on top. She would beg to him. You know very well why Lady Lillian, on your last test you hit 5 pedestrians, 3 dogs. 1 parking meter and almost ran into a shop window. Lucky it was only a simulation. And your need for speed? No definitely not. She replied looking in the other direction.
Oh that. Well the parking meter had it coming and a least I'm getting better though Vincent. Last time I hit 10 people and a couple of other things, which should not be mentioned, but I'm getting better I got up to 61% last time. Of course no was his answer though, Vincent didn't trust her yet to drive with him as passenger. Lillian smiled to herself, maybe next time. You know what they say about women drivers? Well it's all-true for Lillian, if she couldn't have her motorbike license she will at least make driving a car fun.
Lillian looked at the manor before her, this is going to be so boring not to mention annoying. Oh she would have to listen to insults, how bad she was running Hellsing, her activities in it and what not. Well I won't be going down in flames, she thought. I've got back up. Lillian walked up the stairs smiling to herself. It was not a nice smile, just the one that send you running screaming into the night if you were smart but there's not many people smart like that nowadays, take the butler for example who opened the door when Lillian approached it.
“Lady Hellsing, you are late.” What a snob she thought.
“What are you talking about? It's 3 0'clock now.”
“The summons stated you were to be in the chambers at 3 0'clock, not showing up at the door at 3 0'clock.”
“Oh really, so sorry.” She said dripping with insincerity. The butler merely looked down at her. Made a sound of distaste at her clothes. She looked up at him with big blue eyes, all sweet and adorable saying, I'm innocent, honest. He let her pass and walked her to the chambers. They first went to a small sitting area.
“You are to wait here sir.” The butler stated to Vincent. Vincent nodded his head to Lillian and sat down.
“If you would follow me, my lady.” Lillian was then taken to another door and the butler knocked.
“Enter.” said a voice from inside. The butler opened the door and ushered her inside then closing it again.
“You are late, Lady Hellsing. We do not tolerate tardiness.” Said lord Cunningham.
“Sorry about that, but the traffic downstairs is atrocious.” She replied, thinking of the snobby butler. She went over and flopped herself down on the only chair available. The men around the table looked flabbergasted at what she just did. Did she have no manners or etiquette? And what in good god was she wearing? Those clothes are not fit for British nobility. All these thoughts ran through their heads and more. Lord Cunningham simply raised an eyebrow.
“Do have a seat lady Hellsing.”
“Oh didn't mind if I did. Now can we cut the `niceacities' (using chon, chon's with her hands) and get down to business, I'm on a tight schedule you know with protecting England and the crown but I'm sure you know all about that.” She replied thinking of her internal problem. They still hadn't found their spy, but given a bit more time Lillian will find him or her, one way or another. She knew the knights had something to do with it.
“We also do not tolerate disrespect here lady Lillian, were you taught no manners?” Lord Cunningham asked quiet calmly while the rest of them were about to have seizers at her behavior.
“I'm not being rude lord Cunningham, just direct and practical. And I don't believe I was taught manners, not with all my training I had as a child. Now as I said before gentlemen lets get down to business, you don't like me and I don't like you so I'm sure you don't want me being here more than I need to be, don't worry the feeling is mutual. So lets get this show on the road.” Lillian was starting to get pissed, if you couldn't tell. Yep the other gentlemen were having seizers or heart attacks, one or the other. Whatever picks your fancy.
“Very well, down to business as you say. It has come to our attention that this year there have been a growing number of `Freak' attacks as you call it growing in London and the surrounding areas, correct?” Lillian nodded her head.
“Do you have any explanation for this?” lord Cunningham asked.
“It is Hellsing's mission to Search and Destroy, not to investigate these matters, I thought that was MI5 job?” Lillian said looking over to Lord Penwood.
“However Hellsing has looked into the matter and it seems someone has restarted the Freak chip production again, therefore resulting in the freak attacks escalating by 24% each month. No doubt it is either another master vampire viewing the project again or a business corp. working behind the scenes. There is also the possibility that the head of this freak op was not silenced before and they have been just waiting to strike. Hellsing is looking into it and are exterminating the filth as fast as humanly possible.” Lillian had thought on the matter of the freaks and who was behind it. She also knew she was target of the freaks with the attack on her house and the trap that was meant to draw her out. The enemy seemed to know her well.
“ You will keep us apprised. There is another matter that needs to be discussed at this moment, we know you have awoken that abomination named Alucard, you had the audacity to have him accompany you at ball. To put it simply, we want you to destroy it or put it back where you found it.” Lord Cunningham stated. It was Lillian's turn to look shocked but it didn't last long. Fury came rushing through. How dare they tell her what to do with what belonged to her!
“Let me test my understanding here gentlemen. You want me to either destroy or put Alucard back in the prison that was holding him?” Lillian said very slowly so she wouldn't start yelling.
“Precisely.” He replied. Lillian just stared at him. It was not a look you wanted pointed at you. If looks could kill, Lord Cunningham would be dead before he hit the ground. The other men in the room just stared at her waiting for her response with held breath.
“You want me to get rid of one of the most powerful weapons we have against the on going darkness that stalks the night, who has practically single handily with my family protected England and it's boarders for the last 700 years, who has saved your arses and mine countless occasions. Are you completely mad man? Let me remind you gentlemen there is a war going out there, you might not notice it in your well protected, untouchable houses but we are losing out there and if we do not take more direct actions and use what sources we have, England will fall.” Lillian said extremely slowly rising from her chair, hands clenched in fists on the table.
“The human troops can handle it.” Lord Cunningham replied, still calm. That's when Lillian lost it.
“No they can not! For the past 50 years our human troops have been losing, or have you not read the reports. Countless men and women have lost their lives that shouldn't have, families broken. I am the new head of Hellsing and I will have it no more. The main reason I have summoned Alucard to me is because the human troops can NOT handle it. They are dying out there. No they are being slaughtered and butchered out there!”
“It was their choice to make.” He replied.
“They didn't know what the hell they were getting into. Grown men and women come back from a mission shaken, some on the verge of losing their minds. You, any of you wouldn't last 3 seconds out there on your own.” One of the other members stood up and said to her,
“And I suppose you would lady Lillian.” She shot a look to him and he flinched, knees trembling slightly.
“Yes I would actually because I go out there myself every time I can. I bear the wounds and scars on my body of battle. I do not ask that of my men what I am not willing to do myself. The only thing stopping me from going out there more often is your bloody paperwork! So don't imply things you know nothing about.” The man sat down again and looked in the other direction.
“I've been aware of your outside activities and they are your choice. They however are not the issue of discussion for today. What is your decision about the vampire?” Lord Cunningham asked Lillian. Lillian thought immediately to say he can get f**cked but thought of something more…appropriate. She started laughing out loud like a maniac and called Alucard to her side. The men just stared at Lillian in alarm, she was mad. The room suddenly darkened, Alucard's black magic incasing the room in darkness and shadows. The men were alarmed and shaking. Calling out in confusion. Some actually whimpered. They were terrified, they did not know of a true vampires powers and probably never even seen one in their life and Lillian's sadistic laughing wasn't helping. Eyes appeared on the walls, opening and closing, mouths became visible hungering for blood. Alucard's familiar was rushing past the men, too fast for them to see, just a blur in front of them. Hot breath on the back of their neck. One knight shot up and screamed. Another hid under the table. Lillian sat down and giggled to her self. All we need now is the song `Welcome to my Nightmare' by Alice cooper and it would be perfect. The Protestant knights were not what they use to be, they were now only figureheads for their house, who have never been in battle or had their lives threatened. Lillian thought it was about time they learned, the hard way. Lord Cunningham had enough and stood up from his seat.
“Lady Lillian Integra Elizabeth Hellsing! What is the meaning of this!?” Lillian looked over to him, her eyes twinkling with laughter. They looked like ice blue glowing orbs in the darkness.
“Well Lord Cunningham if one is deciding another's fate should the person in question not be there?” she said smiling out into the darkness. Lord Cunningham sat down again as Alucard emerged from the shadows, red coat and all flashing fangs. Show off she said to Alucard. He just laughed in her head, Integra had never let him play. She smiled.
“Good evening gentlemen. I hope we're all well.” Alucard said ever so sweetly yet it felt like someone had pierced your heart. Some knights whimpered again, others were staring in shock frozen in fear and the rest were either closing their eyes wishing it would go away or thinking happy thoughts, happy thoughts yes happy thoughts. Lord Cunningham looked around the table at his fellow knights stricken with fear, he had to grab a hold of the situation before it got too out of hand. How could a child control such a monster?
“Lady Hellsing, get your servant under control this instant!” But why? Can't handle it? Was Lillian's first thought but she sided with “better reason”.
“Alucard that's enough, we do need them sane, for the most part.” And silently to Alucard, `and just for the time being'. Alucard smiled and the room began to lighten and the shadows receded with the mouths and eyes as well. It looked like an ordinary room again, that's of course if you didn't count Lillian and Alucard in it. Lillian was now sitting calmly in her chair smiling ever so sweetly, hands crossed together, elbows on the table with Alucard at her side, just behind looking at the men in the room, his glasses shinning out at them with his smile mirroring Lillian's. Any smart person would have run from the room screaming, fighting for their sanity right now but like I said before, not many smart people exist now.
“Of course none of you object for Alucard being here do you?” Lillian asked with a look of object and die but with a smile attached. Lillian always made sure she was polite, heh when it suited her. Lillian was a rude, vindictive bitch and knew it. Alucard just flashed his fangs again. No one said a word, most of them not wanting to say or do anything that could provoke their attention to them, their knees shaking.
“We will allow him to be here for now.” Lord Cunningham said, trying to hold the illusion that he was still in control of the situation. Anger coursing through him. How dare she insult and antagonize him and the royal protestant knights of England! Who the hell does she think she is! Whoring little bitch! He would make her pay though, he had his spies and allies, his plans, oh yes he would make her pay for this grave insult and no doubt with her life! Alucard was listening in his thoughts hearing what his was thinking. Pathetic, weak, small human. Has to rely on others to do his dirty work. He doesn't deserve to live. He passed on the information to Lillian what he got from the knights. They were all thinking of trying to kill her. They were hoping she would die soon, and her being the last of the Hellsing's, they could take control of the Hellsing Organisation. She was slightly shocked. How rude. She then thought of a plan and smiled again, grinning from ear to ear.
“Oh and just to put your minds at ease. I'm the last remaining blood Hellsing, this is what gives me my control over Alucard and his restrictions kept in place. Wherever I go, he goes you could say we're joined at the hip. Now if anything were to happen to me, hmm like lets say my death for instance what would happen to you Alucard?” Lillian asked looking at him.
“Why I would be free master. With no master Hellsing, I would be my own master again and be able to roam free with no restrictions and mans law once again.” He said smiling at the knights, fangs poking out.
“And obviously you won't die after my death, you would have been dead long ago if that was the case. So with me dead and no blood heir you would be free to do what ever you please and if my memory serves me correctly vampires have very long and very good memories and can hold grudges for a very, very, long time. Correct?” Lillian asked Alucard again.
“Correct as always my master.”
“And to my knowledge you have a grudge against the protestant knights for some reason, them and their families, something happened in the past, but we won't go back into that, it makes him very angry.” Lillian said the last past with her hand covering half of her mouth whispering to the knights.
“And isn't your favorite form of killing someone, though I don't know why, impaling them on pikes?”
“Oh yes master. I love the way they twitch. It also takes them longer to die if done correctly and I'm a bit out of practice I do believe.” Alucard replied letting his glasses slide down his nose abit revealing his crimson red eyes, which were glowing to the knights. Some of the knights gulped loudly in their throats while others slid down lower in their chairs.
“Interesting. So if I die, England would have an over 700 year old extremely powerful master vampire running lose and no one able to stop him with grudges longer than my shopping list. Well we better hope nothing happens to me then hey. But I'm sure nothing will. But if…nar nothing will, lets not worry about it shall we. Just to put your minds at ease.” The men looked stricken and there was a musty smell in the room. Lord Cunningham was about to stay something when Lillian cut him off.
“Oh and answer to your question lord Cunningham, no I will not be destroying Alucard, for one because I wouldn't have a clue how to, this vampire can survive getting his whole body shot up for god's sake believe me. And no I will not be locking him up again. Now if any of you have a problem with this, you can take it up with him.” Lillian said pointing a thumb at Alucard. He smiled widely again. The men looked up in fear. Lillian stood from her chair and said,
“Well if that's all gentlemen, I bid you a very, very good evening.” She started laughing silently again and walked out of the room. The door opened and closed by itself and she walked out of the room leaving Alucard alone with them. Yep there was definitely a musty smell in there. She laughed again. Back in the room it darkened again. Alucard looked at the knights each in turn without his glasses on and whispered in each of their heads,
I'll be seeing you…soon
And disappeared his, laughter echoing from the walls.