Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 25 & 26 ( Chapter 26 )

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(A/N hey guys sorry I took so long in writing this chapter, school been hell been hell and I've been slack. But I'm getting there now. Sorry it's short chapter, will be longer next time. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and kept up with the story, here's the bad guy now, like I promised. Enjoy.)
Chapter: 25
Vatican City, Rome. Bishop Julienne Theodore, head of the Iscariot Special section XII sat at his desk in deep thought, `What was he going to do?'
“Bishop Theodore?” A young friar questioned. Julienne looked up,
“Has it been confirmed?” he asked the young boy. The friar looked down not wanting to face Bishop Theodore and be the bearer of bad news, he started mumbling, trying to spit it out.
“Speak up brother, has it been confirmed?” Julienne spoke more fiercely. The young friar still looking down answered,
“Yes Bishop Theodore, it has.” The friar looked up now.
“This is the year. This is the year of Her awakening once more. And as written She will wrought death and destruction once again to God's creations. She who has slept for a millennia will once again walk the earth and in Her wake the piercing screams of all mankind shall be heard once more as the gates of Hell spread wide open. Mother, mother…”
“Spit it out brother, let no name hold power to you for you then give them that power. Hold God to your heart and say it.” Bishop Theodore spoke. The friar took a deep breath.
“Mother Dearest, Li…Li…Lithe has returned.” And with that the friar crossed himself and ran out of the office to the cathedral to pray.
Bishop Theodore sat back in his chair closed his eyes, sighed and prayed too. Prayed for forgiveness, for strength and guidance.
Paladin Alexia Anderson walked into the office and face bishop Theodore and knelt.
“So it has been confirmed Bishop Theodore.” She spoke.
“Yes, yes it has. This is the year of her return” He replied, covering his eyes with his thumb and index finger. Paladin Alexia stood now, unfazed and answered,
“No matter, what is another vampire, with God on our side, all vampires, no matter how old or powerful shall meet their end and burn forever in Hell.” Bishop Theodore snapped his head up,
“Fool! Do you not know who She is!? She is the mother of darkness, mother and the first of vampires! No man can kill her. She, who was the first, created by God himself, from the mud and became kin with the devil. Heh and they call her mother dearest. No paladin Alexia Anderson, She is not simply another vampire but their mother, their Queen and when she does return, God have mercy on us all.” Bishop Theodore spoke in anger.
“But surely with the almighty father on our side we shall prevail.” She replied.
“I don't know, I just don't know. We have never been up against an enemy like this before, it is said she simply cannot die by mortal men. That is why our fellow brethren banished her back to hell. However the banishment only lasted for 1000 years. I had hoped to join forces with Hellsing,”
“Hellsing!? Bishop Theodore, we don't need the aid of those heathens! The girl and her pet abomination.” Alexia spat out.
“You don't understand Paladin Alexia, we may need them. The enemy of my enemy is thou friend and we will need all the friends we can muster. I have already informed the other factions and they are on standby for now.” Bishop Theodore looked into Alexia's eyes, her defiant green eyes, strong and passionate, but he only saw the hate and revenge for her father's death. She doesn't understand nor would she ever, he thought to himself.
“Leave me now, Paladin Anderson. May God forgive our sins and welcome us into heaven. Amen.”
“Amen.” Alexia returned, bowed and headed out. It was an unusual pray to say. She didn't understand.
Near London, Hellsing Manor.
“Police girl, after all these years you're still thinking like a human. How many times do I have to tell you, we are not bound by the human laws and boundaries of physics. Don't think you can't, just do.”
“Yes, master.” Seras replied. After all these years, she was still his servant. Normally after so many years, the vampire servant drinks the blood of their master and becomes a true nosferatu, No life king/ Queen but Seras just couldn't do it. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with drinking blood and all that now, packet blood that is but she still didn't feel ready. He had offered freedom to her many times, but she had still turned him down. She didn't want to lose their bond, their special link between them. Her master, Alucard. She guessed that is why she couldn't really give herself to Vincent completely. But when that day came and she was ready, well…
“Police Girl! Concentrate and pull your head out of the clouds.” Alucard yelled. Seras ducked her head, just missing Alucard's punch. They were sparing and master Alucard was trying to teach her speed. After sparing with Lillian Alucard came to her and said,
“A vampire as old as yourself (Don't remind me master, she would think.) should be able to handle a mere human in an easy sparing match. Not one punch should be able to get through your defenses.”
“But she's a Hellsing Master.” Seras would offer in her defense, and she did really win the fight, by default anyway.
“A Hellsing is still a human and a vampire should not be beaten by a human.” He answered.
“But you were once beaten by a Hellsing master.” Seras replied in coyly. Alucard just looked at her. Whoops shouldn't have said that, Seras thought to herself. But now here she was trying not to get her head knocked off by master. Back to now.
“Will you concentrate Police Girl!” Alucard yelled. Sears just dodged another blow. Just then a powerful shock wave hit Alucard and Seras where they stood, almost knocking Seras over. Master of course was just standing where he stood, she noted.
“Did you feel that master?” she asked bewildered.
“Yes Police Girl.” He replied looking out into the distance.
“What was that?” she asked.
“I'm not sure. It seems familiar somehow though.” He answered. Vincent walked through the doors at that moment.
“Ah master Alucard. Captain Victoria could I borrow you for a moment, I have a new assignment for you.” He spoke to her and nodded to Alucard.
“Did you feel that Vincent?” She asked him.
“Feel what, captain Victoria?” he replied, slightly confused.
“Obliviously not. Never mind Vincent.” She replied smiling.
“Lillian is in her office then Vincent.” Alucard spoke.
“Why yes master Alucard, she's doing paperwork at the moment.” (Silent scream up stairs. “Does it never end!”) (Picture the screaming warped man in one of Dali's artworks.) Vincent replied.
“You have a new assignment for me Vincent?” Seras asked as she walked up closer to him.
“Yes captain Victoria, if you'll follow me please.” He replied ushering her out the door. Alucard went to see Lillian.
In the far distance a cry was made. Virgins sacrificed and a great, old and powerful evil awoken.
“Our Queen.” Voices spoke.
“Free at last.” A women's voice hissed out.
(A/N ok it has come to my attention that my main character, Lillian comes off as really American and not properly brought up English. Now I have a reason for that. As I stated when I first started this fic, it is based 70 years after Integra's death and she basically died of old age. So my fic is around about 100 years later. Now I think we can all agree that America is the most dominant nation at the moment so therefore in the future, I see that the world society or teenager society at least in nearly every prominent country will be Americanized in one form or another. Only the true nobility is truly English and those children who are brought up harshly about it. Lillian did not have a full up bringing and well likes America and it's stuff. I'm pretty sure you can tell she's not into the whole British nobility stuff. So there is my reasoning and no I'm not American, I'm Australian, born and bred. Don't ask me how I managed to turn her American though since I've never met one in person. Enjoy the chapter.)
Chapter 26:
Alucard entered Lillian's office. He couldn't see her at first, as she was buried under mountains of paper work.
“Have those old farts over there ever heard of a computer! Email even. A bloody typed up memo, for god's sake!” Lillian cried out in a way, which sounded like pain.
“But no, they have to hand write it all up, make me sign and report in hand written paper documents! We're in the twenty second century for God's sake. Not in the 18th!” She answered herself.
“You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, they say master.” Alucard laughed as he approached her.
“Yeah huh Alucard, and what's the second? Having a 700-year-old vampire as an organizational partner. Pray tell.” She replied not looking at him, but she knew he was smiling that smile of his.
“So what do I owe the pleasure Alucard, hmm? I know you wouldn't come all the way up here just to annoy me.” Lillian stopped and looked up in front of her.
“No wait, you would.” She finished and looked up at him, almost craning her neck.
“Make it quick though Alucard, I am rather quite busy at the moment. I've got mountain fulls of paper work to fill out. The freak attacks has now doubled again and if it weren't for you and Seras all my men would've no doubt been dead right now. People have gone missing and actual vampire attacks and sightings are becoming more frequent AND on top of that all we still haven't uncovered the spy in our mists. It almost seems every time when we go out on patrol, we're attacked, it's like they know where we're going to be and our battle strategy. (Lillian is clenching her hair at the moment) Sometimes I think I'm too young for all of this, I'm only 17 for Christ's sake. Some times I wonder if I'm even going to make it to my 18th birthday, you know?” Lillian spoke with her head now in her hands. Since the meeting with the knights she knew she had no friends there. They all practically wanted her dead. Probably scaring them like that wasn't a very good idea. She had better be weary of Lord Cunningham though. There was something about him, something dark and shrouded. Lillian looked/craned up at Alucard, she needed a bigger chair.
“Of course you are Lillian, you're a Hellsing. Lillian, Integra Elizabeth Hellsing, Lord and master of the Hellsing organisation and Hellsing house. My master, I would serve no other.” Alucard spoke.
“Some times I don't feel like her, Alucard, sometimes I really don't. It's like I'm not fully there sometimes, like it's not all me. Sometimes I just want to chase the butterflies and eat ice cream all day and other times train, shoot and kill anything that gets in my way, including the butterflies. Maybe I am going insane.” She replied, head back in her hands.
“It does run in the family master. I remember great, great, great Ronald Hellsing, quite a shame his case. Oh and there was Lady Veronica Hellsing, never had I heard so much nonsense from one human. (Alucard went on for a few names more.) ” Alucard replied. Lillian looked up and simply stared at Alucard.
“Oh great, just wonderful thanks for putting my mind at ease now Alucard, now I know I'm doomed. Now tell me what you came in her for or I will actually be bothered to find my gun under all this paperwork.” She replied staring at him. That was the Lillian he unfortunately knew quite well, the trigger-happy pulling Lillian, always happy to shoot him.
“Something hit myself and police girl just moments ago. It was a force that nearly sent police girl on her backside. No one else seemed to have felt this though.” Alucard spoke perplexed. Lillian just stared at Alucard and replied,
“You say a force, obliviously of some kind hit you and Seras but no one else seemed to have felt this.” Lillian shook her head, hand on her temple, great just great. Alucard nodded. Lillian sighed loudly.
“Well what does a force hitting vampires mean?”
“I don't know, I've never felt anything like that before, yet it feels oddly familiar some how.” Alucard replied. Lillian looked up at him, elbow on her desk chin in hand. Not really sure what to think now.
“You've never felt this mystical force, that only seems to affect vampires in your 700yrs of undead living, yet it feels familiar you say. And you're sure Seras felt this aswell?” Silently in her head saying, and he thinks I'm insane. Alucard's face darkened after hearing Lillian's thoughts and comment.
“Yes master I'm sure, it was her who first spoke of it and I'm not insane, vampires are incapable of being insane.” Lillian's just stared at him, vampires not capable of going insane? You've now got to be joking.
“That's not what I heard Alucard, don't basically all vampires turn into some sort of insanity when they reach master status and are powerful, hell even before that and the freaks included.”
“I am over 200 years old and have reached master status master.” Alucard replied.
“I rest my case.” Lillian stated looking straight at Alucard. Alucard smiled. Lillian didn't like it and decided to quickly move on.
“Ok, moving on. Alucard what were you and Seras doing at the time this unknown, yet familiar force hit you and Seras?” Lillian asked.
“We were sparing, I was training the police girl in the hopes of improving her speed.” Alucard replied. Lillian looked at Alucard some more.
“Sparing you say. For how long?” Lillian questioned some more. Are vampires even capable of hallucinations? She thought. Alucard slammed his fists down on her desk.
“No vampires are not capable of hallucinations, master, we did not hallucinate the force that hit us. This is serious!” Alucard yelled wanting to be taken seriously. Lillian moved back in shock, hands up in the air surrendering.
“Ok, ok, ok Alucard. Chill, deep breaths now, even though you don't breathe. I will put this unknown force that affects vampires only in the list of ever growing freak attacks, vampire sightings, people mysteriously going missing, the knights wanting me dead and the spy still in our ranks. Ok? Ok, now I will double the patrol and if you think of anything else, or remember why it feels familiar or even a way to find out what it was, you let me know, ok.” Lillian said trying to settle down the vampire. Alucard grunted and walked out of her office, via the wall.
“Touchy.” Lillian said out loud and started back into the paperwork, which now just got bigger. She didn't mention though the sudden cold chill that went through her body earlier that rocked her to the bone when this supposedly invisible force hit them.
Vincent led Seras down to his office. They entered and he closed the door. Vincent then went to his desk. Seras was going to say something but Vincent covered her mouth quickly and brought his fingers to his lips, asking for silence. Seras abit confused but obeyed. Vincent looked around his desk for something and got out some sort of device followed by another different one. Seras stared at him while with the first device ran it around the room twice. He seemed pleased and then positioned the second device in the middle of his desk and turned it on. He then sighed and sat down in his chair and motioned Seras to sit in the other.
“Now we can speak.” He said. Seras still looked abit confused. Vincent noticed this and answered,
“Jamming device, now we can speak in private without anyone listening in. About your new assignment captain Victoria. This assignment is top secret, only you, Lady Lillian and myself know of it and obliviously Alucard will soon. We ask if you do speak of it with Alucard, do it telepathically. You are not to speak of this assignment until Lady Lillian or myself ask of it after all the necessary measures have been taken. Do you understand? Secrecy is of the up most importance here.” Vincent spoke. Seras nodded her head. This must be really important, she thought to herself. Vincent nodded his head and stated her mission.
“You are to undercover and infiltrate. This will be a code two operation with you as the only operative.” (A/N Thank you to Mslcat for this idea ^_^)
“What's the target?” Seras asked. Vincent looked up and smiled.
“The Hellsing organisation.”