Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 27 & 28 ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 27
It was a chilly England night, that night as he walked up to the old castle She now resided in. Though it seemed the castle was deserted from a distance once he reached the main gates, the screams could be heard. Long wails of pain, endless short pitched cries of terror and abandonment, it seemed all to make up a symphony of screams, only one who was never human to begin with could enjoy A cold chill came over him when he reached the doors and began to knock three times on the huge iron door knock handle. But then he remembered the feeling of warmth he would feel when he won, it would all belong to him. He would teach that meddling wench who was master. Oh yes would she pay dearly, it was a matter of principle. This very thought warmed him, gave him confidence and strength that pushed him on. In the dark totally oblivious to the man standing outside in the cold night air, a smile crossed the lips of the one who was waiting.
The man waited a few minutes more before the door opened and allowed him entry way. The smell hit him first. An old musty smell like mold, mildew and age, the smell age gets when it's been left along time. He was about to pronounce himself when another smell hit him full in the face when he took his first step inside. The smell could only be one thing and he had smelled it before, on many occasions during his dark past. Blood. Fresh and old reeked in the air. Breathing through his mouth was all he could do from stopping himself gag. Though that itself left a disgusting taste on his mouth. Fear rushed through his body. Should he really be here? Was this a mistake? Am I next? All these negative thoughts and more rushed through his head. But then other came through, `They wouldn't dare touch me.'
A long, loud, deep female full-throated laugh sounded and bounced off the walls, echoing through the many halls of the castle. Screams, wails, cries sounded up again, even louder now from hearing that laugh, that cold, fearsome laugh which would never hold any love or compassion would ever be heard from that mouth, from those lips and from that mouth.
Hush!” The voice finally spoke, echoing off the walls again. The man in the doorway shuddered in fear. Never had he heard a laugh like that before. He thought about changing his mind and leaving here, when the door behind him slammed shut, leaving him in total darkness. The man was even more terrified now and the women laughed again but not as she did before. This one seemed of lower level than the last. It was almost as if she was mocking him somehow. Him! He thought. The man remembered whom he was and that he was a man, not some simple-minded fool. He took a step forward into darkness and spoke,
“I am…”
I know who you are human. Probably even better than yourself. And I know why you've come and every other pathetic little thought in your feeble, worthless mind.” The women's voice spoke, with each sentence coming from a different direction.
“Well then since you know why I came and every other thought in my mind, you'll also know what I want and what I've done for you and your awakening.” He spoke out into the darkness.
True, true…” she spoke in agreement.
“Well then what say you?” He asked. She laughed out loud again with screams, cries and wails sounding up again. The man stood there in the dark, alone and afraid, probably the only living soul still alive in the castle at this point. All through their conversation, if you could call it that he saw flashes of red eyes in the dark, felt the air move just slightly by him, heard the hellish sounds, of things not human scamper around. And he had helped this happen, it was his fault if everything goes horribly wrong. He suddenly felt icy cold breath at the back of his neck, that creeped slowly down his spine.
Are you afraid human?” She spoke softly, whispering it seemed down his neck, like she was right behind him. He gulped loudly, his Adam's apple quivering slightly as he answered.
“Only a fool would not be.”
Good, very good.” She spoke again which this time seemed to come from in front of him.
Tell me human, if I was to give you what your mortal heart and mind desired, what will you give me in return?” she spoke. He could hear high heels snap against in stone floor. She was walking slowly towards him. He was prepared for this, knew what she was going to ask. He took a deep breath.
“What do you want?” He softly spoke out. She smiled in the darkness, and he knew she was, her fangs poking out just ever so slightly. He couldn't see in the dark but he knew she was projecting this image towards him.
That sentence is the most dangerous sentence in the whole of human language.” She said gleefully, he was hers now. He had already accepted her offer long before he had even came to the castle. Longer before he even found out about her, long before he even committed the sacrifices necessary to bring her into the mortal realm once more. She had whispered her invitation softly through his mind all throughout his mortal life. No one denied an invitation from her, no one.
We have an accord…” she breathed into his face.
Screams sounded loud and long that night-but no one living ever heard them.
Chapter 28:
Seras aimlessly walked around the Hellsing manor, her thoughts constantly wandering to her new mission. She felt real uneasy about it. Spy on Hellsing? It didn't make sense. She couldn't spy on her friends, her comrades, the very people who risked their lives night after night to protect the innocent from the deadly creatures of the night. Why does Lady Lillian want her to spy on HER own organisation? We have a spy in our mists. Seras remembered her mission briefing from Vincent, the words she spoke, “What's the target?” and his reply shook her. The Hellsing Organisation… Seras couldn't believe that it was one of Hellsing's operatives leaking out valuable information but then her thoughts went back to her earlier years when she first started to work here under Integra's command and their `new' captain of unit one after the death of Captain Gareth. Yes she remembered captain Stedler. A shiver ran over her, it was petty of her she knew but she hoped he enjoyed every bit of every moment he had spent in prison. Just then Seras bumped into Commander Sinclair.
“Offhed.” She grumbled out after she hit him. When she looked up and saw her commander she stood to attention.
“Sir! Sorry sir I wasn't seeing where I was going.” Seras spoke. I'm such an idiot she thought. Seras thought abit more, why was the commander down here?
“Sir if I may ask what are you doing down in the dungeons?” she spoken timidly.
“That's quite alright captain Victoria, no harm done. The dungeons you say, well we're not in the dungeons Victoria, we are on the third floor.” Sinclair spoke smiling.
“Wh-What?” was all Seras could say as she looked around, her head spinning side by side rapidly. And yep, sure enough she was on the third floor.
“Heh, heh. How the minds wanders…heh.” She replied smiling arm reaching down scratching her back.
“Indeed.” Sinclair replied. Just then a loud, audible clearing of the throat sounded just behind Sinclair. Seras stopped scratching and smiling and froze, eyes wide open. No, no, no it couldn't be her. Seras thought in hope. But her hope was shattered when sure enough Lillian stepped away from Sinclair, he was so big and she was so small Seras didn't even notice she was standing behind Sinclair!
“When you two are finished your little `get-together'.” Lillian spoke, arms crossed in front of her, toe tapping, clearly annoyed. Sinclair turned around, slightly bowing,
“Sorry my lady. If that is all, I shall take my leave?” Lillian looked up at him, (and I mean looked up) and said quite coolly,
“Yes that is all Commander Sinclair, you are dismissed.” Sinclair bowed again, said his thanks and goodbye to Lillian and Seras and left. Lillian and Seras now standing alone on the third floor staircase, the uneasiness Seras was feeling hit her and she said quickly,
“Well, good night to you Lady Lillian, I think I shall be leaving as well.” And turned on her heel to quickly leave. However she was stopped in her tracks by Lillian as Seras heard a,
“Seras…” Seras stopped and turned around again to face Lillian. She was in for it now, but what the hell did she do? And now?
“Yes…Lady Lillian?” Seras asked flashing her nervous smile while saying, I'm innocent aswell. Lillian slowly started walking the remainder of the distance between them. Seras felt like a rabbit frozen in the spot cause the fox had just spotted her.
“Tell me, Captain Victoria how does a vampire, as old as your self, (Don't remind me, thought Seras inwardly rolling her eyes.) is not able to sense normal humans and somehow unknowingly collide with them, let alone losing track of where they were? Hmm?” Lillian asked so sweetly now as she had reached Seras. Lillian had to just slightly look up to Seras, as Seras was slightly taller than Lillian.
“I…heh, heh, lost track of where I was going. My thoughts were somewhere else.” Seras mumbled out.
“What could be so important for you to lose so much awareness of your surroundings?” Lillian asked baffled. Seras shifted from foot to foot, eyes darting everywhere, trying to give Lillian a hidden message. Thankfully Lillian got it and her eyes widened slightly.
“Oh… Well then, ok then Seras but remember if we were in an enemy situation you could be dead right now. You can go now.” Lillian said understanding it was about the secret meeting/mission. Lillian turned away to head back to her office but then Seras stopped Lillian by saying,
“Lady Lillian? Can I ask you something? It's about what happened to Master and me earlier.” Seras asked quickly. Lillian stopped and looked behind her at Seras.
“Is about some sort of invisible force that only seemed to hit vampires?” Lillian questioned. Seras looked flabbergasted. She had been working up the courage to ask Lillian about it for hours but how did she know about it?
“Why yes. How did you know about it?” Seras questioned, curiosity filling her.
“Alucard and I have already discussed it.” Lillian replied easily. A Ha could be heard echoing off the walls. Seras seemed more confused and Lillian just chose to ignore him. Just as Seras was about to ask another question, the doorbell sounded loudly. Lillian rolled her eyes and lifted her hands to the air,
“Who the hell is it now? And at this bloody hour! It better be bloody important.” Lillian grumbled as she waited at the top of the staircase. It couldn't be another freak attack because well freaks don't use the doorbell to announce themselves. Seras also stayed behind to see who was our guest at these late hours. And just on queue, Vincent seemed to pop out from nowhere and headed to the door. He opened the door and all that could be heard was,
“VINCENT! IT”S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! IT”S BEEN, LIKE FOREVER!” and young girl shrilled out bounding into Vincent's arms.
“GRACE, it's so good to finally see you too.” Vincent replied quite loudly to secretly tell Lillian who it was and hugging Grace in turn. Lillian stood, dumbfounded and in shock for a moment before it hit her. GRACE! It was her best friend Grace Callowell from school who had been in American on vacation/school study. Another realization hit Lillian, Grace didn't know about Lillian's true family organisation! Shit! And that meant no vampires, double Shit! Lillian quick as a flash started pushing Seras out of the way towards the end of the corridor trying to get Seras out of view.
“Wha…what?” Seras asked shocked at being pushed so suddenly. Seras was leaning towards her side trying to get a closer look at the girl at the door when Lillian started to push her in which resulted in Seras ending up losing her balance and falling down on a heap on the floor, rubbing her head.
“What's the big idea?” Seras said annoyed.
“Come on, come on, move it, move it!” Lillian was yelling hushed pushing her arms foreword for more emphasis to get Seras moving before Grace sees her.
“Why?” Seras grumbled. Lillian then whipped out her guns, aimed and pointed at Seras,
“Now.” Lillian said slowly. Seras got the hint with wide eyes and high tailed it out of there. When she was gone, Lillian looked at her guns, Shit! Grace couldn't see Lillian with these types of weapons so she reluctantly made up her mind and threw them to the opposite side of the room, which they landed with a soft thud from the carpet. Lillian slowly made her way down the stairs and mentally said to Alucard,
Alucard, if you dare to what so ever show a hide or hair to Grace for the remained of her stay I will lock you away deep in the dungeon sealed so fully and powerfully with spells and enchantments you will not even be able to scratch your own bloody arse!
Alucard was presently sitting in his chair down in the dungeon with his same table next to him, sipping a glass of blood, amused with the events happening around him. His smile widened as he replied to Lillian,
My, my, master, that sounds like a dare. I never could resist a dare.
Don't push me vampire, the consequences will be dire. And with that Lillian cut off their link and went bounding down the stairs to run and greet Grace.
Alucard on the other hand laughed out loud full throatily and maniacally. Took a long drink of his blood and couldn't wait for the games to begin. It was time to have a little fun and level the score. Hmm…