Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 29 & 30 ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 29
“Grace! I'm so glad to see you!” Yelled Lillian as she reached Grace. Grace let go off Vincent and when she saw Lillian ran over to her and gave Lillian a huge choking neck hug, which Lillian returned with equal vigor.
“Lillian!” When they finished, after Vincent composed himself took Grace's bags and shut the door, Lillian said,
“Well, well come on lets have a look at ya.” Grace smiled widely and did a slow little twirl. Lillian was abit shocked.
“Looking good, looking good. Wait a minute, is it just me or are you brown?” Grace rolled her eyes and said,
“It's called a tan Lillian. Oh my God Lillian the weather there is just a freak!” Grace said excitedly. When Lillian heard the words freak, she whipped her head around, about to pull out her guns, before she realised they were bloody upstairs and said ready and in position to fight,
“Freak? Where?” Grace took a step back, shocked at Lillian behaviour,
“What's with the stress girl?” Lillian turned around, confused now. Where was the freak?
“You said there was a freak?” Now Grace looked confused.
“Freak? You know what freak means don't you?” Grace asked.
“Apparently not,” Lillian said calming herself down from the adrenalin rush.
“My God girl, Freak, as in cool, awesome, out there, this is a old one, fully sick. Don't you go out girl?” Grace said, trying to explain what the term freak meant, to her anyway. Lillian just stood there, trying to figure out what to say to that and giving a reason that would persuade Grace in not digging to deep. However it seemed her prayers were answered when Grace's features changed and she went up and hugged Lillian again more lightly saying,
“Oh I'm so sorry, your parents recent deaths. Sorry I couldn't attend to be there for you, I didn't know about it till recently.” A sigh escaped Lillian and she thanked god, for letting her out of this one. When Grace let go of Lillian her features and appearance changed again and Lillian heard Grace speak seductively to someone behind her.
“Hello stranger. And who might you be? Hmm?” Lillian now confused more than ever turned around thinking who would make Grace ask that and in that way. It couldn't be Vincent, Sinclair is gone. As she turned she saw red and to her shock, angerment and bafflement saw Alucard standing behind her. When Lillian had seen him he smiled, careful not to show any fang, walked up to Grace, bowing as he took her hand, breathed in the scent of her and slightly kissed the back of her hand, replying,
“Alucard, my lady.” Grace took her hand back, blushing red, giggling like most girls do. She turned to Lillian, who was standing next to her, the pinnacle of feeling all different emotions at once and said to Lillian grabbing her arm,
“Ooh, is this your BOYFRIEND, Lillian. I never knew you had a BOYFRIEND. Heh he heh.” Lillian who went still as a statue, frozen in place, her cheeks flaming red was about to answer to defend herself, to scream HELL NO! To the Heavens when, Alucard being the gentleman he was answered for her.
“No, we are merely…blood relatives.” Alucard had had his fun, the look on Lillian's face was priceless. Point to him. Grace looked to Lillian, eyebrow raised in a question of confirmation. Lillian nodded her head furiously hoping to get the red out of her cheeks aswell.
“Will you excuse us for a minute.” Lillian said to Grace as she grabbed Alucard by the arm, dragging his fat arse over to the side out of earshot of Grace. He of course came willingly. Grace went back to Vincent who was having difficulty keeping a straight face, to talk some more.
When Lillian decided they were far enough, she turned around literally seething is his face as she dragged him down by the scruff of his neck, bending him to her level so her ice blue eyes was piecing his blood red crimson ones and yelled at him in a hushed voice.
“What the hell do you think you're doing here!” Alucard smiled at the position they were in and at Lillian.
“Why master I was concerned for your welfare.” Lillian's face darkened,
“My welfare, my welfare! Do you call that! (Pointing to where Vincent and Grace stood.) A threat to my welfare?” she said fuming.
“Now, now master, remember your blood pressure.”
“Al…u…card!” Lillian growled out. Alucard looked over to where Grace was standing, hearing the silly little human laugh at a joke Vincent was telling her.
“That little human, humph, no.” he replied smugly. Lillian replied now annoyed more than ever said with each word poking his chest.
“Then…what…the…hell…are…y ou…doing…here?” Alucard now more amused than ever replied oh so sweetly, fangs and all,
“Because you called for me, master.” Lillian now angrier than ever replied,
“I most certainly did not!” Alucard's smile widened more as he took a step forward, pushing Lillian back now,
“Yes… you… did. Your first thought was `Alucard' when you and your… guest had that little mishap with the freak.”
“Was not.” Lillian replied instantly, stubborn to the end.
Yes it was. Alucard breathed through her mind. Lillian paused and thought about it some more and sure as shit, it was bloody true. For that spilt second when Lillian heard freak, her first thought was Alucard. Damn it, she called him reflexively. Lillian laughed slightly at her next thought. Call on the devil and he shall appear. Alucard smiled, all fangs showing.
“Are you two alright over there?” Grace called out impatiently looking over to them.
“Just a sec.” Lillian replied. She turned back to Alucard and whispered,
“We'll talk about this later. Now disappear.”
“Yes master.” Alucard replied and started to phase. The shock on Lillian's face when she noticed this was huge.
“Not literally! And in front of Grace! WALK down stairs now!” Lillian said with clenched teeth.
“Yes master.” Alucard replied as he stared walking away. Lillian watched him wearily and when satisfied walked back to Grace. Once Alucard had reached the staircase, which by the way was a new experience for him, walking down the stairs to the dungeons, as Lillian reached Grace, Lillian heard Grace say,
“He is so chillin.” Vincent coughed, and Lillian mumbled,
“You have no idea.” Grace raised her eyebrow at that,
“So how is he related to you again?” Grace asked as curiosity filled her. Lillian thought about that for a moment,
“Ah, hmm, he's my grandfather's uncle… twice removed.” Lillian stated a matter of fact.
“Ah huh, and how old is he then?” Grace said still in disbelief. Lillian thought about that too.
“You know what, I actually don't know he's exact age. (She opted for truth this time, cause she really didn't know.) He's a private man and I never really thought to ask. He and Vincent are helping me run the organisation.”
“Oh. Is he single?” Grace asked, now knowing he was not Lillian's. Lillian's eyes widened,
“Grace Callowell!” Lillian said in disbelief. Her friend wanted to know if Alucard was single! Her next thought was Alucard going on a date, and with her friend!
“Well…?” Grace asked eagerly.
“I…I don't know, but I think he's just abit too old for you Grace.” Lillian replied.
“Oh, by how many years?” Grace asked. Good God will she give it up? Lillian thought to herself.
“Well lets' put it this way, he has a daughter.” Lillian replied, thinking of Seras as a scapegoat. The last thing Lillian needed was Grace trying to go after Alucard. Lillian shook her head of such thoughts.
“Really! But he looks so young. So he's married or was. What a shame, I bet he has a good personality too.” Grace replied, hope gone. Lillian thought about that, yeah, just add 700 years or so, plus being totally insane, lusting for blood and completely being deranged, sure. This of course she kept to herself.
“Anyway Grace, what are you doing here?” Lillian questioned, as she really didn't know. Grace's presence here came to a complete shock to her.
“Lillian! I sent you tons of emails and memos! I'm on vacation, so I decided to spend it back home, with you and like I'd miss your birthday coming up, eighteen baby.” Grace replied joyfully. Oh email, memo, wasn't it just wonderful that she never bothered to read them! She wasn't good with computers.
“Well I guess it was smart of me to send that email to Vincent too.”
“You knew about this Vincent?” Lillian asked darkly, she did not like to be surprised this badly.
“I just only received it today, my lady and only really had enough time to prepare her room. Unfortunately I could not reach you to inform you sooner.” Vincent replied, defending himself.
“Com-link?” Lillian asked pointing to her ear, where it was.
“Well it would help if you had it turned on, Lady Lillian.” Vincent replied making sure there was no tone in his voice.
“Oh.” Lillian replied slightly embarrassed. Grace laughed silently. Vincent turned to Grace,
“Well miss Grace, would you like to retire to your room now, no doubt you wish to rest and refresh yourself.”
“Lead the way my good man.” Grace replied.
“I'll see you in a little while Grace. I just have something to attend to first. It's good to see you, stay as long as you want.” Lillian replied as they parted ways on the staircase. As Lillian headed to her office, she called out to Alucard,
“Alucard, my office now. Bring Seras aswell.”
Chapter 30
Alucard was curious with Lillian's little friend. Her words were most complexing. What did the human mean when she said he was `chillin'? His interest was sparked even more when he listened in to the rest of the conversation. The human was interested in him. This could work to his advantage. Hmm, he thought as he smiled. It was always fascinating to see his little Lillian fume.
“Alucard, my office now. Bring Seras aswell.” Alucard heard his master speak. This should be interesting. His mind reached out to his fledging,
`Police girl. Lillian wants to see us. Her office now.'
Seras was currently in her room, lying on her bed, belly flat to her mattress, clutching her pillow with her hands. She wondered what sort of relationship she had with Lillian. Were they friends? No, friends don't pull guns on them and threaten to shoot them. Did she even have Lillian's respect? Master sure had it. But then maybe Lillian is like Integra, and it takes awhile to warm up to her. Seras had Integra's respect. Seras remembered the first couple of years she was with master and Integra. She was a bumbling fool then and she was weak. But she grew into herself. By the time before Integra's death, they were good friends and Integra trusted her with her life. Seras lead her teams most of the time into battle with the freaks, protected them, joked with them and spared with them. She missed her old teammates but they were long dead now. She has grown as a vampire, she longer resisted drinking blood, Integra taught her that, though she'd never hunt a human. She still had the same ethics and morals she kept all these years. She could turn into bats, had mastered her strength and speed, she could now phase through walls and such, though she still was abit shaky but she'll get better. She also hoped she would get a familiar, but that only or if happens when you're a master.
She thought about the way she acted in front of Lillian and it hit her! Like a bumbling fool! No wonder Lillian didn't respect her! She acted the same way around Integra at the start, and Integra barely tolerated her then! Seras made up her mind, she was going to prove herself to Lillian and earn, no have or even demand her respect! She was a 70 odd years vampire, a true undead, nosferatu for God's sake, not a newly turned freak! And one day she would be a powerful No-Life Queen. She felt her master's presence fill her mind,
`Police girl. Lillian wants to see us. Her office now.'
Great, just great, Seras thought to herself. No wait, this is a chance to prove herself. Seras stood from her bed, straighten herself up and readied herself for battle, and cause that as the way it was with Lillian. Maybe it was about that girl Lillian tried to hide Seras from her. Who was that girl? When Lillian pointed her guns at her, Seras just phased out of there as quick as she could. She may want Lillian's respect, but sure didn't what to get shot either. Seras held her head up high and phased to the third story of the manor at the doors of Lillian's office and knocked sharply.
When Lillian heard the knock at the door, she said enter immediately, it was now a habit of hers. She saw Seras walk in stand before her and salute.
“Sir. You wanted to see me.” When Seras just entered the room she saw her master lazing against the wall as usual. She nodded to him as she approached Lillian to salute her. Lillian looked over to Alucard,
“At least someone in this room has manners and doesn't just walk in like they own the place.” Alucard smiled and tipped his hat as it disappeared when he finished, aswell as his glasses.
“Yes master, she would probably be the only one in the room who does…have manners.” Alucard replied as he got off the wall a sat in a chair in front of Lillian, smiling.
“Do have a seat Alucard.” Lillian replied after he sat down. Alucard just smiled again as he propped his boots up on her desk, hands behind his head, fully comfortable now. Lillian raised an eyebrow. Seras laughed abit and said,
“Don't worry Lady Lillian, he's just one of many.” Lillian looked up at her, smiling,
“One of many what?” Seras smiled back and stated like a fact,
“An arsehole. One of many arseholes.” Lillian laughed again and nodded her head.
“True, true. Have a seat Captain Victoria.” Lillian point to the chair beside Alucard. Seras dared not look at Alucard as she was trying to keep a straight face. Lillian stood and started to pace from one side of her desk, to the length of the other. Since her vampires were sitting it was only logical that she stood. It also gave her room to move her arms. She, like many talks with their hands. When she's talking she's always moving her arms/hands and if people don't like it, well they can just deal with it.
“Ok (pace, pace, pace.) You both probably know why you're here.” (Pace, pace, pace.) Lillian was trying to figure out a way to word this properly and firmly. (Pace, pace, pace.) Exhale of breath. (Stops pacing.) Alucard was smiling at Lillian's odd behaviour, Seras was just confused all over again.
“Ok, we have a new guest in our house. Her name is Grace Callowell and she has been my friend for many years. For the past two years she's been on and off in America for school, intersomething schooling. Obliviously she's her on holidays…” Lillian talked abit more about Grace and their friendship. Seras was hanging on to every word, more interested in this girl now. Alucard on the other hand was the complete opposite. Alucard was bored listening to Lillian talk about her little human. So obliviously being the, arsehole he supposedly was started examining his hands and looking around the room. He was about to go all out and hum when Lillian stopped talking for abit and said,
“Ohh, too boring for you Alucard?” Alucard dropped his hand and looked at Lillian, all serious and stated,
“Well, yes master. So this human means something to you. I do not know why you are telling us this. You obviously don't won't the girl associating with us from your poor behaviour towards myself and police girl when the human is around. So that brings be back to my first question. Why are you telling us this?” Lillian thought about that for a minute, and he was right, again. Damn it. Seras on the other hand was looking away, her thoughts to when the girl first came and Lillian previous behavior towards her.
“You are right Alucard. You are absolutely right.” This shocked Seras when she heard this. Alucard simply raised an eyebrow. Lillian sat down on her chair once more and did something more shocking.
“Seras, I apologize for my previous behaviour and the way I treated you when Grace first arrived.” Seras was shocked now even more. Alucard raised both eyebrows now. Seras thinking about her earlier conversation with herself kept her cool so to speak and nodded her head to Lillian and said `thank you'. Now Lillian went on, her hands together in front of her.
“Now what I need you to both understand, is like 90 of all humans, she does not know about you, as in vampires exist. How they are able to keep this illusion up when it's always in front of their eyes, I don't know. Nor does she know about what I, my family, this organisation truly does and I wish to keep this illusion. It is unfortunate that you have both seen her and Alucard in your case, met her. Thanks for adding ten more problems to my ever growing list.” Alucard smiled and nodded his head to that. Lillian continued on.
“As of such I will be enforcing some new rules that will not be broken this time.” This was mainly directed to Alucard but of course the bastard only smiles more.
“Rule one; avoid all contact with Grace at all times. You both are big enough, ugly enough, powerful enough and old enough to detect whether a human is there or not. Not to mention that enhanced smell thing with scent thing you guys' do and that. Yes. Rule two which this should also be obvious is no movement what so ever during the daytime while the sun is up. You are not to show a hide of hair to her during the day and night. (Again, look pointed to Alucard.) Rule three; No dark vampiric powers what so ever. This covers phasing, moving through walls, pointing big arse guns around, turning into bats, throwing people across the room which covers, inhuman strength, speed, sight etc. No six eyed dogs walking around, no ghouls, no swirling red eyes, no dark shadows…(the list went on) Now have I missed anything?” Lillian asked out of breath. She attempted to count the things but lost the count after 15 odd and above. Seras head was down low, Lillian said basically everything except scratching their own arse. Alucard looked smug however. Lillian noticed this and a thought hit her.
“Alucard, biting her or drawing blood and showing fangs is also under rule one and three, no vampiric powers and NO contact.” Alucard pretended to look sad. Seras on the other hand was trying to wrap her head around this all and asked,
“So basically it's don't move, show ourselves, talk or eat for the remainder her stay. What about the missions Lady Lillian? The alarms, a possible freak attack, the nightly meetings of the men and troops? You can't hide 200 hundred or so troops standing outside the Hellsing Manor. And how are you going to explain your constant absence from her?” Seras was getting annoyed with each word she spoke. If Lillian and Grace were truly friends, wouldn't Lillian tell grace about her history and what her family does? If Grace was a friend wouldn't she accept this. At least let Grace know about vampires at the least.
“Police girl does have a point master.” Alucard spoke interested in her answer, Seras too for that matter.
“Shit!” Lillian said with feeling. Lillian thought about this some more but her train of thought was cut off with a loud knock at the door.
“Enter.” Lillian said reflexively.
“Don't!” Seras said instantly. But it was too late. Grace came bounding through the door, Vincent a few seconds right behind her.
“Miss Grace please don't.” was all Lillian could hear and Lillian froze.
“Lillian there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you!” Lillian didn't know what to do, she couldn't tell Alucard and Seras to disappear as it was too late anyway, the damage was done as they say.
“Hi…Grace.” Lillian said hesitantly.
“So much for rule one, two and three.” Alucard mumbled out. Lillian shot him a seething look in response. When Grace saw Alucard, she walked more slowly, a sway in her hips.
“Hi ya Alucard.” She said in a purring low voice. Lillian put her elbow on the desk, hand rubbing her forehead. Great, just great, she's still bloody after him. Why do plans never go according to plan! Grace walked up to Alucard's chair and placed her arm to the top of it. Alucard looked to Lillian, eyebrow raised in question of what to do. Lillian gave a confused look back. Like the hell she knew what to do. However their prayers were answered with a loud audible sound of someone clearing their throat and surprisingly it was Seras. Grace looked over to where it came from and spotted Seras for the first time. Grace raised an eyebrow in response.
“And you are?” Grace asked. Seras stood from her chair, walked over to Grace and offered her hand replying,
“Seras, Seras Victoria. How do you do?” Grace took the offered hand and replied in the same tone,
“Grace, Grace Callowell. Just fine thank you.” Seras felt her anger flare. Was this human really flirting with HER master? Honestly? So Seras slightly, just slightly clenched Grace's hand a little more tighter. The girl grunted at the discomfort and the uneasiness she was feeling from Seras. It was petty Seras knew but she gained a slight, no much satisfaction from it. Seras smiled some more, careful not to show fangs and let the girl's hand go. Grace held her slightly injured hand in her other hand to her stomach. Man that girl was strong. Alucard was smiling at this and Lillian tried to grab hold of the situation before it got out of hand. She stood from her chair and said,
“Grace, allow me to introduce Alucard's daughter, Seras. Seras, my friend Grace.” They both nodded at each other before it hit Grace.
“Hang on, you can't so be Alucard's daughter. You look over 25 years old! Not to mention nothing like each other,” Grace said loudly, purposely adding on years to what Seras really looked liked. Lillian was shocked.
“Grace! Don't be so rude!” Grace looked over to Lillian and saw her angry face.
“But come on Lillian, they look nothing like each other!” Grace said trying to justify herself. Alucard was highly amused at the situation and Seras was liking this girl less and less.
“I am telling you the truth, Alucard is her blood father. (Which was true) And Alucard is older than he looks, no offense.” Lillian said to Alucard trying to keep up the charade. Alucard smiled some more and replied,
“None taken.” Lillian's eyes narrowed, the bloody vampire was enjoying this. Grace eyed the two in question, Seras and Alucard more, getting a closer look. When she turned to Seras, Seras said annoyed,
“I take more after my mother.” Which was also true in her case. Grace's first sentence was,
“You two both have red eyes.” Lillian's heart stopped for a moment.
“Freak, did you guys get some gene therapy done to them or something?” Grace finished. Lillian could breathe again. Seras looked a bit confused at her choice of words but nodded her head and replied,
“Something like that.” Grace nodded her head and moved on.
“Anyway Lillian I came up here to see if you wanna share a room like we did when we were younger, you know a little girly sleepover. Watch some vid, late night snacks and all.” Grace asked hopeful. A sigh of relief escaped Lillian as she slowly sat back down.
“Sure, sure. That sounds great. Vincent will you lend a hand and get Graces stuff over to my room.” Vincent who was standing still as a statue the whole time let his own sigh of relief escape him.
“Of course Lady Lillian. If you would follow me, Miss Grace.”
“Freak!” Grace said again and followed Vincent.
“See ya Alucard…ah um Seras.” And left. When the doors closed silence filled the room. Lillian had to take a few deep breaths to steady herself. Another disaster avoided. She looked over to her two vampires,
“Rule two and three still stands. Rule one now however is whenever possible I guess.” Lillian stated leaning against her chair more.
“And the rest of the stuff, lady Lillian, soldiers, missions and all that?” Seras asked. Lillian looked up.
“Hell I don't know, maybe we'll make her blind and deaf for the rest of her stay here.” Lillian said trying to make a joke. Seras and Alucard however did not take it that way and said at the same time,
“That can be arranged.” Lillian looked over to them both in shock, Seras more so.
“Alucard! Seras! A joke, work with me here. Rule three, three!” Alucard sighed,
“The problem still stands master, what are you going to do with your little human?”
“The little human has a name, Grace and I don't bloody know.” Lillian said annoyed, a headache forming at her temple. Lillian held her head in her hands, both elbows on the desk now.
“Somebody please shoot me.” Lillian grumbled out. Alucard smiled.
“I would put you out of your misery master, but rule three, no big arse guns was I think how you put it.” Alucard replied. Lillian looked over to Alucard, head still in hands, her hair now a total mess.
“Like when have you ever obeyed any rules Alucard? But it's so nice to know you're there for me.” Lillian replied sarcastically. Alucard laughed and had to agree with her.
“What about the human's infatuation with me master?” Alucard asked.
“Yes what about that.” Seras also added. Lillian grumbled loudly again, confused some more now.
“Infatuation?” Alucard answered,
“Yes your right master, that is the wrong word. What do humans call it when they're in that state?” Alucard thought.
“Horny?” Seras added. The thoughts the girl was projecting of her and master. Seras just wanted to slap her.
“Yes that's it she's horny.” Lillian straightened up at this, in shock once again, with Seras the main cause of it.
“Seras! Alucard!”
“Well come on Lady Lillian, like she's a virgin.” Seras replied slightly laughing.
“Seras!” Lillian yelled once more.
“It's true master, the girl is not a virgin.” Alucard clarified.
“Telling me she's not! Those images she was projecting of you and her.” Seras added roughly.
“Quite imaginative weren't they? Though they didn't really do me any justice.” Alucard replied to her, looking over his shoulder. Seras eyes widened at that, she first thought the girl was over exaggerating her master. But what have you been learning lately with a certain butler my little fledging? Hmm? Alucard added in Seras mind. Seras choked out loud and her face went completely red, which was quite a surprise in her state that she was actually able to blush like that. Alucard laughed one of those masculine laughs only males could do. Lillian got up from her chair.
“I don't want to know, I don't want to know. As for Grace, I'll deal with it in the morning. Everything is always better in the morning.” Lillian went on to herself, trying to reassure herself everything will be all right.
“Every human needs to be disillusioned at times master, some more than others, it's how they keep sane.” Alucard stated after he finished laughing.
“You shut up.” Lillian stated and walked out the door. However the two vampires could still hear her mumbling to herself,
“In the morning, every things always better in the morning…”