Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 3-4 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3:
“Lady Lillian are you sure this is a good idea?” Vincent asked nervously.
“Yes Vincent I'm positive. In case you haven't notice there is a war going out there and if we keep going the way we've been doing Hellsing will fall. The freaks have come back and as worse as ever. We are losing out there and I'm sick and tired of having to attend another bloody funeral for a man or women who died when they shouldn't have. My father wouldn't listen to me before but he's gone now and I'm the new head of Hellsing and this is my decision. I will be waking up Alucard and Seras Victoria tonight and there is nothing you say can change my mind. Now do you have the blood packs I asked for?” said Lillian fiercely. Vincent saw the fire in her eyes and knew she meant every word she said. Sighing in defeat Vincent answered.
“Yes my lady. Here you are. Shall I call some of the troops down to assist us?”
“You miss understand me Vincent, I will be going down to wake up Alucard, alone. I am the head of Hellsing and this is my responsibility. I will not risk anyone but myself with these creatures. However I want you to be prepared with the task force if he does become out of control and well, you'll know what to do. Now please pass me the blood packs.” Lillian said to Vincent holding out her hand.
“Yes Lady Hellsing. We will be prepared and will not fail you.” Said Vincent giving his master the blood packs.
“Good. Thank you Vincent, for everything, I couldn't of been the person I am today without you.” Said Lillian wanting to make sure that if this was the last time she saw Vincent she said something nice and appropriate. Vincent smiled down at her and said,
“Good luck.”
“Thanks, I'm sure going to need it.” Lillian replied.
Lillian walked down the steps that lead to the dungeons, and the prison cells. She had put on a jacket and was armed. She had her gun in its shoulder holster loaded with blessed silver bullets coated in holy water, two blessed knives, one sword at her back another gun in her ankle holster aswell as her pure silver blessed cross around her neck. In her backpack she had a sawed off shotgun, extra bullets and the blood packs. She felt a bit like Rambo's wife but it didn't worry her too much. She prayed to God that everything would go all right and she didn't need any of her weapons. Lillian walked deeper down into the dungeons and told herself not to be afraid instead she thought of her great grandmother Integra Hellsing and the thought itself gave her strength.
“I can do this.” She said to herself over and over again trying to reassure herself and surprisingly enough with each step she got a little braver and stronger. She was a Hellsing. She reached the door with the bound seals on it reached for the handle and said again I can do this to herself.
Alucard felt a stir in the dungeons, the door to the prison cells had been opened and someone was coming. And it was a Hellsing, he could smell their blood. No one had come down here since he was bound and imprisoned with the police girl almost 70 years ago. He smiled to himself, it was definitely Hellsing blood. He touched their mind. And it was female. Oh this should be good. Finally abit of fun, another Hellsing to terrorize and annoy. Something must have happened for them to come and summon me. Ah she's here. Perfect.
Lillian opened the door and waited for her vision to adjust before properly looking into the room. When they did she went down the stairs and stopped. In front of her was what looked like a corpse. He was bound by chains, he had shocking white long hair and he was fully covered by some sort of leather straightjacket. She could not see the face as his head was down and his hair covered his front.
“My, my I hope we aren't really dead. What use would you be to me then?” she said to it seeing if she got a response. It didn't move at all nor make a sound. She walked up closer to him and started to reach out when she was hit by a memory flash of Alucard being sentenced to be locked up and bound until he was once again needed by the Hellsing family by her great grandfather when Integra died. Then another came of him fighting humans and drinking their blood. She was then released.
“Well I guess there is life in the dried up corpse after all. If that was supposed to scare me vampire then you're in for a rude awakening.” She said to him.
“Vampire, my name is Lillian Integra, Elizabeth, Hellsing. I am the new Lord and master of this house and the Hellsing organisation. Obliviously you know why I'm down here, I'm here to engage in your…services and release you from your imprisonment. We have a new enemy. I am now going to undo the chains and loosen the straight jacket. I will then give you a packet of my blood, fresh too. I'm not dumb enough, nor stupid enough to offer my neck or hand to a starved vampire who hasn't had blood in nearly 70 years. But try anything funny vampire and I'll blow your brains out. Got it.” Lillian didn't wait for a response this time and just started on the chains and the then the straight jacket. When she was done she grabbed for the blood packet with her blood in it. She opened it. Still she got no response from the corpse. She then decided to splash some blood on him. When she did that she then placed the blood packet in front of him and backed away slightly. Still nothing. She then thought of something. She remembered her father telling her of how prideful vampires were compared to the freaks and a thought hit her.
“What's the matter vampire? Would you like me to turn around so I don't see you so you can drink your blood?” she laughed at him. That got something out of him. Suddenly he was standing up with the blood packet in his hand drinking it up rapidly. Lillian was a bit shocked and took out her gun and pointed it at him. When he was done he looked up at her with her blood all over his lips with his tongue sticking out at her. He then said,
“Ah so it lives. You want more hey. Well here.” She replied. Lillian pulled out the last four remaining blood packs and threw then at him. He just grabbed them out of the air looked at them and said,
“These not your blood.”
“Of course not. Do you think I'm going to give that much of my blood to feed you and then come down here weakened by loss of blood? I think not.” She scoffed at him.
“Drink those first, they are virgin blood and then we will see about giving you more of my blood.” She finished. He looked at the blood packs and then started drinking them down madly while looking straight at her at the same time. When he was finished he threw the empty packets of blood onto the floor and slowly started walking towards her. Man he was tall she thought. I know I'm short but he looks like a giant compared to me. Man he must be over 6 feet tall.
“So you are the one who has disturbed my rest. How amusing, a small little girl, did you come down to wake the big, bad vampire up. Tell me girl where is you father? Hmm.” He said to her laughing. She shot him in the chest and the head.
“Oh shut up, vile creature.” She said annoyed and pissed, she was not a little girl. He just laughed at her and said,
“Those pathetic bullets won't harm me. So why don't you just give up and let me have more of that sweet blood of yours, I'm still thirsty and you taste so very nice.” Alucard said to her still walking towards her.
“True vampire those first two bullets wouldn't of have hurt you but what about the rest of the clip? You've been down here for the last 70 years, don't you think this worlds technology has changed abit. I put those two in on purpose, I don't want to kill you, yet after all but if you don't believe me well just keep coming closer and we'll see now won't we. I'm betting on me leaving alive though,” She said calmly, unafraid. He looked at her and stopped.
“My, my vampire you do have some brains after all. As for my father, he's dead as is my mother, I am the last remaining Hellsing, which makes me the lord, well lady of this house and head of the Hellsing Organisation. As for giving up you've got to be joking, I'm a Hellsing, I'll never give up and would die before giving up. That is my duty and pride as the leader of the Hellsing organisation.” She said fiercely to him. He then started laughing madly until finally he said,
“You are a Hellsing, definitely of Integra's bloodline. Oh how I've waited for another like her. I'm of course the Hellsing family pet and I serve the master of this house.” He said to her slightly bowing. My, did she look intriguing, he could see so much of Integra in her. She then said back at him,
“Well that would be me for now and I'm not looking for a pet, I'm looking for a partner, a partner that will help me rid the streets of the undead filth that walk it. Like I said we have a new enemy and I want to make the dead cower in fear when they hear the name Hellsing again. Since Integra's death Hellsing has gone to the dogs but you're gonna help me change that aren't you.” She lowered her gun and looked straight at him. He looked at her and smiled, he then went down on one knee and bowed to her,
“Master. Your orders?” He stated. She smiled also,
“Well then, now that we have an understanding let us begin…” she was cut off when she heard a loud bang, screaming, gunfire and shouts coming from above them.
“Shit!” she said with feeling.
“Bloody hell, my father is only dead less than 2 days and I ready have the freaks coming after me. Bloody bastards, well this time they're gonna find that they've bit more off than they can chew. Vampire there won't be enough time to wake up your servant. Are you strong enough to fight or do you need more blood.” She asked.
“Lets go have a little fun shall we.” He said back at her. Of course he was strong enough. He's a vampire.
“I'll take that as a yes, come on then.” She said while walking up the stairs.
Chapter 4
“Well I know I can't just keep calling you vampire now can I. I know my great grandmother Integra said your name was Alucard, do you still wish to be called Alucard?” She asked him while jogging through the hallway. He easily matched her pace with his long stride.
“Yes. I have kept that name for over a century now, that is my name.” He replied.
“Very well, Alucard welcome back.” They reached the stairs to the main foyer, she looked over to him,
“Well then lets rock and roll shall we. Do you need a weapon? I don't have your guns with me at the moment.”
“Heh, I don't need human weapons, I'm a vampire.” He replied smugly.
“Right. I advise you stick with me, I don't need you getting shot up by my own men.” She ran up stairs and surveyed the scene. She saw a group of 12 freaks fighting her men. She went up farther and saw Vincent battling a freak with his wires. She saw him dust the freak and then yelled out to him,
“Vincent! Over here.” He turned around saw her and headed over to meet her. When he reached her she said,
“Report.” Lillian asked him surveying the situation.
“Well it appears we have an attack on our hands, obviously they're here to try and kill you. They burst into the compound about 10 minutes ago and we've been having some difficulties holding them back. We've managed to kill the all the ghouls but are having some difficulty with the freaks. Was the mission a success Lady Hellsing?” Vincent reported.
“Ok. Yes, Alucard meet Vincent. Vincent this is Alucard. Ok intro is over lets get rid of this scum in my house. Alucard, go and have some fun but do not hurt my men.” With that she jumped up and got into the fight pulling out her shotgun, shooting any freak that was in sight of her. Alucard smiled and disappeared following her into the fight. Vincent shrugged and jumped back in himself. Lillian spotted the leader after dusting off her second freak, she grabbed one of her throwing knives, aimed and threw. It hit him spot on and she heard him howl in pain.
“That's for entering my house uninvited. Did your mother teach you no manners?” She said then aiming her shotgun at him. He then spotted her and started screaming,
“It's her! She's over there! Kill her! She must die!” Alucard then appeared in front of him.
“Now I can't have you going around saying things like that to my master now can I.” he said smugly.
“Go to hell weirdo you're next so go wait your turn.” The freak yelled at him.
“Oh no doubt I will, but you first.” With that comment Alucard shoved his gloved hand through the freaks chest and ripped out his heart. With that the freak was dust. Alucard then called on his familiar, with the seals open for now he could fully summon his power. Alucard disappeared into a mass of eyes, mouths and darkness as he attacked the remaining freaks, laughing like a maniac. Lillian saw this and couldn't believe her eyes. Vincent said a silent `oh my' and the rest of the men were scared shitless frozen. Lillian deciding to grab a hold of the situation before it got too out of hand moved herself into the middle of the room yelling at her men to cease fire to those who were still shooting. She did not want Alucard to get shot up. However it wasn't necessary as all of them were just staring at Alucard frozen still from fear watching Alucard devouring and destroying the remaining freaks yelling at them,
“Your nothing but dog food.” When Alucard had killed the last freak he reformed back into his form before and just kept on laughing. Lillian slowly walked up to him and asked,
“Alucard, are you all right.” He looked at her,
“Oh, I'm fine master. That was fun.” Alucard said to her still excited from the fight.
“Well then could you please go wait in my office? I trust you know where it is or will easily find it if you don't.” She asked normally. Trying to remain calm, she did not need the men freaking out on her right now.
“Of course master.” He said as he disappeared. Lillian looked around the foyer and saw all of her men staring at her. She looked at them all and said,
“Men what you just saw were some of the powers of a vampire, a true vampire. The vampire you just saw is named Alucard and he has been in the service of the Hellsing family for centuries. He will cause you no harm, I give you my word. Now I want you all to get cleaned up and look after your wounds. There will be a full assembly at 23:00 explaining everything. Dismissed. Vincent.” With that the soldiers got up and left. Vincent was by her side in moments.
“Yes lady Hellsing.”
“We need to get this cleaned up.” What a mess she thought, bloody freaks.
“Of course my Lady, it's already taken care of.” He replied.
“Good. Oh yes and Vincent could you please bring up me a cup of tea and 5 more blood packs to my office. We still got to wake up Alucard's servant yet.” She said while walking up the stairs.
“Of course.”
“Thanks Vincent.” This is going to be a long night she thought as she headed up to her office.