Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 5-6 ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 5:
Lillian walked into her office and saw Alucard standing in front of Integra's portrait. She walked up to him paused for a bit to look at Integra herself and then continued to the desk where she flopped down in the chair and then placed her feet on to of the desk with her arms crossed at her stomach. Alucard looked over to her smiled at what she was doing then looked back at the painting of his former master.
“Well I guess it's best to start with the most obvious question before we start.” She said.
“And that is…?”He asked.
“What the hell was that down stairs? That thing you turned into that looked like a dog, it was a dog right? And what else can you bloody do?” She asked.
“That was three questions master.” He said after laughing.
“Then answer the three most obvious questions then.” She said. He looked at her and laughed again.
“Well that was one of my vampiric forms when I summon my familiar. Yes that was a dog as the dog is my familiar and I can do a many different things master. For example,” Alucard appeared before her into a different form, she looked slowly at him from top to bottom. He was wearing a big red hat, orange tinted sunglasses, a black vest with I white dress shirt, a red tie around his neck. Black pants, with knee high boots and lastly what completed the outfit a long red coat.
“Spiffy. Bit outdated but spiffy. What else?” she asked now interested.
“The normal stuff that any real true nosferatu, no life king with some experience should be able to do.” He replied, sounding bored.
“Which is?” she asked getting frustrated.
“Why your family is the big vampire expert, shouldn't you already know. Master.” He looked at her smiling.
`Well I don't. Don't know much at all really. My father never saw it necessary and besides I'm a freak expert not a vampire expert. God we haven't seen a vampire, a true vampire here in England for ages, well not in my lifetime anyway. You must of scared them all off as it's said any that face you die.” She replied to him unfazed by his comment.
“Really. And now let me ask you a question master, how old are you?” he asked.
“Moi, well I'm 17. Hey stop changing the subject and tell me what else you can do.” She asked getting angry now.
“Very well master. I can walk through any object such as walls and roofs. I can change into bats or mist and or fog. I have increased strength, agility and all that. I have heightened senses and immense healing and regenerative powers. I am a predator and should not be taken lightly.” He said sounding more serious.
“Oh I get it so you're liked a caged supposedly `tamed' tiger right. It may let you pat it sometimes and be a good little cat but then it maybe bite your hand off another time. My, my we are a box of surprises and tricks. And no doubt there's more you can do but you aren't gonna tell me are ya?” she asked. Alucard just looked at her, smiled and tipped his hat.
“Vindictive bastard.” She replied. Alucard just laughed.
“Well what can you tell me about the seals that bind me to you and you to me thingy, you know the master of Hellsing, thingy. I know I haven't activated them as your hair is still long and there's no way you should have been able to transform into that dog form of yours with the seals in place. So what's the deal with that?” she asked.
“My, my master we do ask a lot of questions.” He said to her.
“Just curious that's all.”
“And you know curiosity killed the cat master.”
“Yeah well cats deserve what they get and besides I'm not a cat and this information is on a need to know bases and I need to know.” Just as she finished as a knock came at the door.
“Come in Vincent.” Lillian said still looking at Alucard. Vincent walked in saw lady Lillian's feet on the desk shook his head and place the tray on the other side of the desk.
“Your tea and the blood packets you asked for Lady Hellsing.” He stated.
“Thank you Vincent. Please come and find me when it's quarter to 11:00 I'm terrible with keeping time and I don't want to be late for the assembly.”
“Of course. Lord Alucard.” He replied and nodded to Alucard as he was walking out of the room. Alucard nodded back being polite.
“Thank you Vincent.” Lillian drank her tea while Alucard went back to looking at the portrait of Integra again.
“Oh Alucard before I forget and no doubt I will later, I've got to gives this to you.” Alucard watched and was amused as Lillian tried to find something in the desk drawers. For such a small and easy task it involved a lot of swearing, the bumping of something on her body, mostly her head and the confused look she got when she picked something up and didn't what it was. `lady' Hellsing indeed. Five minutes later,
“Ah hah! Found it! Thought you could get away from me didn't ya.” She said sounding excited. Alucard just shook his head and thought why, why me? Why to I have to baby-sit and look after another hormonal teenager? Lillian walked over to him carrying some kind of book in her hands.
“This was left along time ago. It was Integra's. It appears to be some sort of diary. I haven't read all of it but there's a lot of stuff about you in it and that's only just the first couple of pages that I've read. But I know she did love you in a way and she even wrote it down. So I don't know, I thought you should have it since it mostly about you and stuff. It would have been thrown out if I hadn't noticed it before but here.” She said as she handed the book to him. He took it from her even more amused.
“Well let me finish my tea then we'll go and get your servant. If you wanna read it privately I'll give you a yell when I'm ready and meet you down at the dungeon entrance, ok.” Alucard nodded and disappeared again.
“Well that should keep him occupied for a while at least.” She said to herself and sat down to drink the rest of her tea.
Chapter 6:
Lillian was on her way down to the dungeons carrying the blood packs when she spotted Vincent.
“Hey Vincent.” She called out. He saw her and walked over.
“Yes Lady Hellsing, what can I do for you?” he asked politely, always so polite.
“I'm on my way down to the dungeons to go and wake up Alucard's servant and since you and I will be working with them the most if your not too busy would you care to accompany me?” she asked.
“Of course Lady Lillian, lead the way.” When they reached the dungeons Lillian was about to call out for Alucard when he appeared before them.
“Shall we.” He said smiling. When Lillian got over her slight shock she nodded and started down the stairs with Vincent following.
“Tell me Alucard why were you and your servant placed in different cells?” she asked making conversation and also because she wanted to know.
“Your great grandfather, Integra's husband did not like me much, though I don't know why, I have such a winning personality, he knew we would not be needed for awhile so he separated me from the police girl so I would be alone while I waited to be released again. He knew that I could not simply sleep until I was awoken. He wanted me to be stuck down there alone while he was up there. He thought it gave him some sort of power against me, that he could decide my fate.” He said solemnly.
“Oh.” Said Lillian not knowing what to say to that.
“Do not worry master, that was nothing compared to what some of my other masters had done to me.” He looked at her smiling. He could feel her shock to what he just said. Yes little Hellsing, your family is not so high and pure as you think, they have their dark little secrets not known to the day.
“So you call Seras Victoria `police girl'.” She asked trying to change the topic as she did not like what she just heard and wondered what else her family had done to him but she didn't know if she really wanted to know, yet at least.
“Yes.” He replied.
“Why?” she asked confused.
“Because she is my servant and because I can.” He replied simply.
“Well that just answers my question.” She replied sarcastically. Man it's hard to get a straightforward answer out of this guy she thought annoyed. He just started laughing. She glared at him and then she realised,
“Hey stay out of my head.” She said angrily knowing he was in there. He just laughed some more.
“And here we are.” He said as he pointed to a door. Lillian passed the blood packs to Vincent and opened the door. Inside she saw a dark and dank room with a square shaped coffin in the left hand corner.
“Well let's go have a look shall we.” Lillian said as she walked over to the coffin. Alucard followed her with Vincent trailing behind. Lillian looked down at the coffin let out a breathe of air and lifted open the lid expecting to see some sort of corpse like Alucard was when she first saw him. But inside she saw this small woman who didn't look a day over 22 lying down curled up in a ball like she was just asleep. She had short blonde hair, pale skin and was probably just as tall as her. She wore some kind of ugly uniform with the Hellsing coat of arms on it. Lillian looked up at Alucard confused. He looked down at his servant and simply said,
“I have been sustaining her all these years.” He then bent down and whispered in the woman's ear and next thing Lillian knows she's awaken sitting up with wide eyes. Lillian took a step back not sure what to do. The women looked around the room and when she saw Alucard her face lit up and she said,
“Police girl, how are you feeling.” Alucard nodded to her and asked.
“Hungry.” She replied. Alucard held out his hand for a blood packet and Vincent handed him one. Alucard then sat down and held Seras in his arms and began to feed her. She looked so small in his arms, like a child. Lillian stood in the corner and watched Alucard feed her the five packets of blood. When she was finished he looked into her eyes, which Lillian noticed were red like his and he spoke softly to her. It seemed she woke to her senses and jumped up and saluted to Lillian saying,
“Sir, Officer Seras Victoria reporting.” Slightly embarrassed.
“At ease.” Lillian said as she leaned off the wall and started walking up to the new vampire. Seras looked at her new commanding officer, master of her master and noticed she was just a teenager, no more than 18 at least. She did look like Integra though. The girl in front of Seras had waist length white blonde hair pulled back in a loose braid. She had big ice blue eyes as Integra did but she was also short aswell, she looked fairly built and was wearing what looked like casual clothes, baggy cargo pants, a tank top with a short jacket and boots completed what she was wearing. She looked at ease and didn't have that fierceness Integra had, well not yet at least she thought. She also didn't look so tired or weighed down either but give her a few more years Seras thought. She was definitely a Hellsing though. Seras could smell it in her blood and the girl in front of her had that commanding feel with a give me shit and die look. Seras took all this in, in a matter of seconds. Lillian looked at Seras and sized her up with her stare and spoke.
“My name is Lillian Integra, Elizabeth Hellsing. I'm the new master of this house and leader of the Hellsing Organisation. It has been nearly 70 years since you've been awake,” Seras looked shocked, 70 years was all she could think about, why that would now make year at least over a hundred.
“A lot has changed since you were awake and I look forward to talking to you about my great grandmother Integra with you. As you know that's Alucard and this is Vincent, he's the Hellsing family retainer and descendant of Walter who you also knew.” Seras looked over to the man Sir Lillian was pointing to and Vincent nodded. Vincent then looked at his watch,
“Ah, Lady Lillian it's quarter to 11.” He spoke to Lillian.
“Shit, already? Damn how time flies, anyway I'll explained the rest later. Right now we have an assembly to attend. Come on then, you too Alucard, lets go.”
“Yes sir.” Seras said and saluted again and started following her out. Alucard just laughed and followed with Vincent taking up the rear. Lillian looked behind her and saw the three of them all in line and felt like singing `the troops go marching one by one' but the real troops were waiting just before her. She sighed, her we go.