Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 11-12 ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 11:
So much for getting some more sleep, thought Lillian. She had been able to get none, nada, zilch and zip of sleep. So it was back to the office to work on more paperwork and reports.
“I swear you get larger and larger each time I come in here.” She said to the paperwork. I'm gonna need a stack of lollypops for this lot. Now where's my secret stash.
Vincent knocked on the door, he had decided to quickly get in and quickly get out, as Lady Lillian was not going to like today's mail.
“Come in Vincent.” Lillian said opening up her lollypop and getting straight into work.
“Good afternoon Lady Lillian, nice day isn't it?” Vincent asked. In reply he got, grumble, grumble. Oh boy she was not in a happy mood, remember Vincent quickly out.
“Your afternoon tea and today's mail Lady Lillian.” He said placing them on her desk. He them slightly bowed and was on his way out. Lillian looked up when she heard the door close. That was weird she thought, Vincent usually stayed longer than that. He probably had other stuff to do she concluded and brushed it off while drinking her tea and sucking her lollypop.
“I swear this paperwork never ends!” she yelled out to no one in particular. She had been working on it the last two hours and she still had made hardly any dent! That's it I need a break what else can I do. I know where's that mail I got today that should lighten my mood.
“Junk mail, not interested, read you later. What's this, oh God no, why me, why me. What are the bloody chances that I get a letter from the King's court, the nosy protestant Knights and the bloody Vatican special Section Thirteen in one day!” Lillian said her voice rising a little louder with each word.
“This is just perfect, bloody brilliant, what the hell do they want.” She said to no one in particular. No wonder Vincent left so quickly she thought and smiled to herself. Well I better see now shouldn't I. Lillian opened the first letter from the Kings royal court not expecting good news.
Dear Lady Lillian Integra Elizabeth Hellsing,
We are pleased to announce that a Royal Ball in your honor will be held at the King's Palace on the 25th of this month at 8 O'clock pm. Absolute formal dress is essential and you may bring any number of escorts you require.
Looking forward to your attendance,
In kind regards
Lady Juliet Longington.
Official Royal Court Social Secretary.
“Oh shit!” Lillian said with feeling. And there was no way slight of death would get her out of this one. It was a ball in her honor and she did notice the `attendance' in bold letters that was not lost on her. She hated balls, having to wear those huge heavy dresses and having to always be `Lady like' and polite not to mention having to dance, which she was not good at and then to top it off talk to strangers and snobs, the `upper class' of society. Not to mention the bad music. English balls had still not modernized to the 22nd century yet. But what she hated the most was that the families and the King always tried to get her to hook up with some guy or son of theirs. She was only 17 and they already have started trying to get her to `date' some of the men/boys/idiots that they have chosen for her.
“Argh I'm getting a headache and still have to open two more letters. Ok just breathe and see what the bloody Protestants knights want now. She opened the letter.
Dear Lady Lillian Integra Elizabeth Hellsing,
It is by Royal order of the Protestant Knights of England, to inform you that your presence is required at the next Round Table conference on the 28th of this month at Lord Richard Cunningham estate at 3 O'clock pm sharp. Tardiness is not acceptable. You may bring one escort however they will not be allowed to enter the chamber.
Royal Protestant Knights of England.
A round table Conference huh, never been to one of those. And oh boy did she love the `royal order' part. Lillian did not like the Knights one bit. Not after she found out that it was them who betrayed the Hellsing Organisation and her Great Grandmother Integra Hellsing all those years ago and stripped her of her title even though she saved them and England's butt! Her father was also about to become knighted by the King but he fell ill and died, in normal circumstances it would have gone to her his heir but they over ruled that saying she was too young and had to prove herself. Yes she did not like the Knights one bit. I think I shall bring Alucard along she thought nastily. Alucard is great at `first impressions'. She thought and laughed. That lightened her mood slightly as she started to open the final letter from the Vatican. It took most of her will not to spit on it and throw it in the bin but they did have a what you could call a truce, shaky but it has hold.
Dear Lady Lillian Integra Elizabeth Hellsing,
We at the Vatican special section XII offer our condolences for your most recent loss of you father. As of such we believe a short prelude should be held at the gallery at 1 pm on the 23rd of this month to meet and discus the treaty.
With hope to see you soon,
Bishop Julienne Theodore.
Head of the Vatican Special Section XII.
“It must really be my lucky day. One ball and two meetings. Can my day get any worse! Shouldn't have said that but it's unlikely.” Lillian yelled to no one in particular. Lillian was extremely annoyed and pissed off. And the huge pile of paperwork in front of her was not helping her mood.
“Stuff the paperwork and stuff this! I'm going to go down to the gym and work out.” And with that parting comment Lillian shoved the letter in one of her desk drawers and headed out of the office. Vincent saw her and decided it was not a good time to see her and left her to `cool off' in the gym for a couple of hours.
Lillian reached her in house gym in minutes and was rearing to go. When she got there she took off all of her weapons and jacket and went over to the sparring droid.
“Activate, hardest level.” Lillian said to it and it sparred to life. Lillian faced off on the other side of the mat and said.
“Begin. Lets dance, my way.” The droid rush to her with her smiling at it, it was not a nice smile.
Chapter 12:
Vincent walked into the gym two hours later to find Lady Lillian stretching out in front of him the droid next to her practically destroyed but still twitching. He winced inside. It was late afternoon and the troops would be getting ready for the nights activities and missions.
“Shall I order a new droid Lady Lillian?” Vincent asked her. She looked up at him with a confused look on her face.
“Why?” she asked him. He just looked over to the droid, it still twitching. She followed to where he was looking at and saw the mangled droid twitching trying to move to still attack.
“Oh, heh heh, sorry about that. I guess I got abit carried away did I? Off.” she said to the still twitching droid, with the grace to look embarrassed.
“Abit master? I'd say that machine had a death sentence the moment you walked into the room.” Alucard said walking through a wall into the room smiling.
“Thank you for your unasked opinion Alucard.” Lillian said looking at him. She was still pissed off and was still looking for an outlet for the rest of it.
“Your welcome master.” Alucard said, still smiling. Lillian walked over to put her weapons back on leaving the gun for last.
“Alucard you have extremely powerful regenerative powers don't you? So people can constantly shoot you and you'd heal just like that.” Lillian said clicking her fingers with her gun in her other hand and a smile on her face looking at him. Alucard reading her thoughts knew he was about to become a living moving target. Lillian raised her gun slowly at him.
“Tell me master what have I done to merit this abuse. If I'm going to get shot up I would at least like it to be over something I have done. I do hate being blamed for shit I haven't done, yet.” Alucard said to her. Vincent saw the tension rising in the room and didn't want to be caught up in it. I guess I better stop this he thought to himself. Hopefully she doesn't try to shot me.
“I take it today's mail was not to your liking lady Lillian?” Vincent asked her. Lillian turned her head to face him, her full attention on him. She lowered her gun.
“No Vincent it did not. I have been ordered to attend a round conference meeting this month. Aswell as the Vatican wants to meet with me and my favorite, a ball has been organised in my honor, which I must attend also. All of these at the end of the month.” She said not very pleased.
“I'm surprised you were invited to one so soon after what happened last time.” Vincent said to her simply.
“Last time?” Alucard said interested.
“At the last royal ball I went to, I punched and broke one of the Knights sons nose as he tried to cop a feel. What was his name Vincent?” Lillian said answering Alucard.
“I believe it was Lord Cunningham's son Lady Hellsing.” Vincent answered remembering that night. Her father was furious.
“Shit, that's the guy who I have go to his place for the conference.” Lillian said even more annoyed. Alucard saw this in Lillian head and doubled over in laughter.
“Oh shut up you.” Lillian said to Alucard.
“Shall we begin your lessons again Lady Lillian?” Vincent asked hesitantly. Alucard looked over and when he could talk again he asked,
“Lessons?” Lillian looked over to him again and crossed her arms to her chest and said,
“Dancing, dancing lessons. I don't know how to dance, I'm not very good at it.”
“You do know how to dance lady Lillian but you always try to lead. It is the males job to lead and until you let them lead you will still end up standing on their feet and tripping yourself over.” Vincent said. Lillian was still looking at Alucard. After Alucard heard what Vincent said his smile grew larger and larger.
“If you laugh again Alucard I swear you will become a living moving target and I won't use normal bullets I'll make sure each one of them hurts!” Lillian yelled at him. He laughed anyway.
“Bloody vampire.” Lillian said annoyed. Then a thought struck her, a very nasty thought indeed.
“I've just decided who will be my escort to the ball.” She said extremely happy now.
“You Alucard. You're going to be my escort. I know how you love royal balls.” Lillian said to him smiling. She knew from the memories she got from him when they did the binding ceremony that he was always Integra's escort and he never really liked it. Alucard stopped laughing immediately and looked up at her. She stood there smiling very viciously at him.
“No master please don't I loathe English balls. Why don't you take Vincent instead?” He said to her knowing her mind wouldn't change.
“Why should I let Vincent suffer when I can make you suffer instead? And if I've been forced to go to a ball and suffer, you can bet good money that I'll make someone else suffer just as much. Besides bonus points for me most of those pathetic, snot nosed losers that always come up and try to dance with me wont with you at my side now wont they.” She said ever so nicely to him.
“Cruel master, very cruel.” Alucard replied sinking down into the floor. Lillian blowed him a kiss.
“Anyway Vincent do you wish to come? The invitation said I could bring any number of escorts I wished. But I don't think they would let me bring the whole army. It would be nice to have another familiar face with me aswell as one I trust.” Lillian asked Vincent.
“Of course Lady Lillian I would be honored to accompany you.” Vincent said.
“Thank you Vincent. It's formal wear and you know how good I am at deciding dresses, so could you…” Lillian asked.
“I will organise everything Lady Lillian.” Vincent replied.
“Thank you again Vincent and can you also pick something aswell for Alucard I'd hate to think what he could come up with on his own. Oh yeah I want us all matching.” Lillian said.
“Of course lady Lillian.” Vincent replied.
“I'll be in my office if you need me. There's always more paperwork and reports to be done.” Lillian said walking out of the room.