Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 9-10 ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 9:
I've spent the last three hours doing reports and paperwork and it still doesn't even look like I've made a dent.
“Argh.” Lillian yelled out to no one in particular, I wish a had a nice servant who would just do it all for me. But that can't happen now can it, nooo… I have to do it myself, as it is my responsibility isn't it. Thought Lillian not too pleased. Just then something hit her, (not literately but)
“Shit I swear I'd forget my own head sometimes if it wasn't screwed on properly.” Lillian said to herself.
“Alucard.” She yelled out. Alucard appeared in front of her, slightly bowing.
“Yes master.” Alucard appeared wearing everything else but his hat and glasses.
“The sealing ceremony thingy of the marks, we still haven't done that yet. And I can't simply have an over 700 years old powerful vampire running around loose now can I? No, so how do we do this thingy, binding you to me and me to you, thing, yeah.” Said Lillian looking confused, not even understanding herself.
“Nice choice of words master.” He smirked at her.
“I thought so too. Now are you going to tell me or do I have to look it up then become really pissed and annoyed with you.” Lillian said.
“Very well, it is a simple task master. We just dress up in monkey suits and do this simple dance.” Alucard stated seriously. Lillian just stared at him.
“Are you serious.” Lillian stated to him.
“Yes master, it is not something I do not particularly enjoy.” He said not looking at her.
“I can't believe I have to dress up in a monkey suit to do this stupid ritual thingy. Argh, fine, fine if my ancestors did it so can I. Where's a suit I can borrow.” She said too tired to argue. Alucard just stared at her. Is she that gullible? Can anyone be that gullible?
“The suit?” Lillian looked at Alucard waiting for him to answer. Could he actually get her to dress up in a monkey suit and get her to dance? It was worth a try he thought deviously. He smiled to himself.
“Here you go master.” Said Alucard making a monkey suit appear in his hands. Lillian took it from him, stared at him waiting for something.
“Can you turn around?” Lillian asked Alucard. Alucard did that being the gentleman he was. When he turned around Lillian pulled out her gun and shot him.
“What was that for?” Alucard said already fully regenerated.
“Do you really think I'm that bloody gullible Alucard? Well do you. Honestly I know I'm tired but damn man, have a bit more respect for me then that!” Yelled Lillian throwing the monkey suit at him.
“It was worth a try master. I've always wanted to see a Hellsing do that.” Said Alucard laughing.
“Sadistic bastard. Now really what is the real ceremony, bindy thingy, please tell me, I'm tired and I want to go to bed.” Said Lillian rubbing her eyes and forehead.
“Well now that you've asked so nicely. It is a simple task of exchanging a small amount of blood, enough to feed me, not enough to do anything to you. It's a simple matter of slightly linking our minds.” Alucard explained. Lillian just looked at him.
“I give you my word as a vampire and as a gentleman that I am telling the truth master.” Alucard said.
“Very well, I believe you Alucard. Besides I've got a bed with my name on it waiting for me.” Lillian put her gun down and took off her jacket and sat on her desk waiting. Alucard took off his coat and hung it up as it disappeared, then he disappeared himself. Lillian didn't have a chance to register where the hell he went when he appeared again under her with her sitting in his lap.
“Whoa, what the yell do you think you're doing Alucard?” Yelled Lillian with her heart in her throat, trying to breathe pass it.
“Don't worry master I've got you.” Said Alucard smiling.
“Oh how I feel so safe and secure right now.” Said Lillian sarcastically.
“I know you would master.” Said Alucard still smiling. She was so small in his arms. It's so good to be back. If I couldn't have Integra maybe I could have her, I'm a patient man thought Alucard deviously.
“I'm so not letting you near my neck.” Said Lillian pulling out one of her knives from her boot. She positioned it to her left wrist and cut ever so slightly, she do not need to slice her wrist open.
“Bite me and you die.” She said to Alucard holding her bloodied wrist to him. Alucard took her dainty wrist ever so gently and watched her as he took it to his lips and started drinking her blood. Lillian watched him as he did it making sure there was no funny business. It was a weird sensation feeling him drink her blood it felt so calming and relaxing almost like she was floating. She felt him enter her mind and saw some of her memories from her past brought up, from birthday parties to balls she was always forced to go to. To her mothers funeral and lessons with her father. The first connection was made.
“Enough.” She said groggily. Alucard stopped, still holding her in his arms gently as she was still abit fazed. He then put his nail to his wrist and made a small cut, he then placed his cut wrist to her mouth, to her lips. She was now hit by his mind and she saw memories of his past, the feeling of being a No Life King, to rule the night the power he had as no foe could stand up to him, all lay defeated and in ruin before him. She saw her great grandmother Integra and flashes of her and the many others he had served. She then saw how Alucard was taken by her ancestor Abraham Van Hellsing. Then of Alucard being tortured and being experimented on she only saw flashes and screams, she tried to hold on to those memories to see what had been done to him but she felt him pull back. It's better that you did not know. It's in the past now and can't hurt me anymore. She heeded his request and pulled back. She then felt something like a door being opened before her with Alucard's world on one side with him in it, him sitting in a chair with colours of black and red surrounding him and her world before him. Alucard felt the marks being bound to him again, felt the tattooed sigil on his hand burn to life, etched into his gloves once again. The seals had been put into place once again and he was now bound to Lillian. Lillian pulled back from Alucard, it was complete, and he was bound to her now until her death. She noticed that all of this happened in just a few seconds.
“Dressing up in monkey suits and doing some simple dance, I think not.” Lillian said to him still abit groggily. Alucard just laughed.
There was a knock on the door. Oh this better be important, Lillian thought. I was just about to go to bed, sob.
“Enter.” If you dare Lillian added to herself. Alucard just laughed. It's the police girl. He said to Lillian. You still here? She retorted back, and surely enough Captain Victoria walked into the room again.
“Yes captain Victoria, make it quick whatever it is, I can here my bed calling out to me.” Lillian said to her tiredly.
“Ah well it's about our sleeping accommodations.”
“Sleeping accommodations?”
“Yes you see we, me and my master had rooms, well now they're not there.”
“Not there?” Lillian asked.
“Yes, they're filled with boxes and other stuff.”
“Are you serious?” answering yet with another question.
“Yes.” She replied back.
“Well I'm gonna have to give you both some temporary rooms to stay in while we sort this thingy out, I very well can't have you both sleeping outside now can I. Though it is tempting with you Alucard as you are a dog. I could have them make up a nice little dog house for you.” Said Lillian smiling sweetly to Alucard. Seras let out a small giggle.
“Oh here I was hoping to sleep by you.” Alucard replied
“I your dreams buddy boy. Hell would've freeze over when I'd let you in or near my bed, let alone my room.” Lillian said looking over to him.
“Well come on lets find some rooms for you both. Now do you guys stay in the same room?”
“No, no definitely not.” Said Seras shaking her hands and head quickly.
“Same hall then.” She asked. Same response.
“How about on opposites sides of the manor then, does that suit your needs?” said Lillian. Whoa she's getting pissy now thought Seras.
“Whatever you can give us is fine lady Hellsing.” Replied Seras nervously.
“Ok then. Just give me a few minutes then we shall go.” Lillian said packing up her computer and desk.
Lillian led them done the mall hall into the left wing of the manor into the rooms. She went pass a few before stopping in front of one. She opened the door and walked inside.
“This one should do nicely for you for now Miss Victoria. We don't have any coffins at the moment, I haven't planned ahead that far yet but these rooms have full soundproofing, which you can turn on and off. The room is positioned so you won't get the morning sun only the late afternoon and the drapes would be able to cover any light from the window. It also has it's own small balcony and the room is fully modernized. Any problems just ask the computer from that port by the bed. It also has it's own bathroom etc, so you should be pretty set up.” Lillian explained pointing to the appropriate areas.
“It's fine, more than I imagined. Thank you Lady Lillian.” Seras said really amazed by the room. It was done in soft pink and lilac. Lillian didn't like the room, pink was not a colour she liked.
“Good. Just one more thing Miss Victoria. Those clothes you're wearing, do you wear them by choice, because I just gotta say it is one the most ugliest thing I have ever seen.” Lillian exclaimed pointing to the clothes in question.
“Actually it was what I was told to wear when I joined up. I thought it was bad myself but I've gotten use to it.” Seras explained.
“Well you have my permission to wear what you what as long as it's within reason and suits the mission or task your on.” Lillian said really wanting to get her out of that ugly thing.
“Really?” Seras asked excited.
“Yes, whatever.” Lillian said now getting extremely tired.
“Oh but I like it on you police girl.” Alucard stated.
“Really, I wonder why.” Lillian said looking at Alucard, the outfit practically made Miss Victoria's breasts stick out majorly.
“Come on dog boy lets go. I at least want to get to bed before dawn. Have a good day Miss Victoria.” Lillian finished.
“Yep thank you again.” Seras said and when the both of them had left went straight for the bed and jumped on it. Alucard saw this and just nodded his head from side to side.
“Shall we retire now, Lady Hellsing.” Alucard asked holding out his arm.
“Yes you shall. Now lets find you a room.” Lillian said not taking his arm.
“I'll have the one right next to yours master.” He replied smiling.
“Ah he he, NO. Follow me. Now behave yourself before I do actually consider sending you to the dog house, literally.”
“So cruel master.” He replied.
“And don't you forget it.” Lillian said looking back at him.
Lillian managed to find him a room, thankfully away from hers to suit him, which it did. The room was mostly done in red, his favorite colour as he told her. It was pretty much the same as Miss Victoria's room and he chose it right away. Though Lillian didn't realise then was that it had a view of her room's balcony. Alucard wanted to make sure that Lillian was safe at all times. Now that both vampires had been tucked away she headed for her own room. It had been such a long night she was glad it was nearly at its end. She took off her weapons and boots and then slumped in bed, couldn't be bothered to do anything else. She just got comfortable when her in house com link went off.
“The person on the other side of that is dead, D E A D.” Lillian said reaching over.
“What god damn it. This better be good.” She yelled at it. Vincent was on the other side.
“Lady Hellsing, we've got a problem.”
Chapter 10:
“Problem Vincent?” Lillian asked now fully awake.
“Yes Lady Lillian, we have two gentlemen at the door from the Kings royal court here to see you.” Walter spoke.
“Argh, hell. Send them to the meeting room and serve tea and the rest of that stuff, I'll be down shortly.” Lillian replied. Bloody hell can't a girl get any sleep without being attacked by freaks, vampires or ghouls and now the king's royal court!
“Yes of course Lady Lillian.” Vincent replied signing off. I don't want to do this. Thought Lillian.
“Computer, time.” Lillian asked.
It is 8:03am, Lady Hellsing.” The computer replied. Shit, that early. At least I got some sleep. Not much but some. Lillian got up and got ready to meet her…guests. If the King's men from his court are here it must be important, well it better be important, Lillian thought walking down to meet them.
Lillian entered the meeting room and sure enough she saw too men sitting down talking to Vincent who was serving them tea and biscuits.
“Ah Lady Hellsing you have arrived. We do apologize for the earliness of the hour, as we were uninformed to the late hours you kept.” One gentleman said to her.
“It's quite alright gentlemen, no apology is necessary.” Lillian said sitting herself in front of them. I can be lady like, breathe Lillian, breathe.
“Ah yes thank you Lady Hellsing, your hospitality is most appreciated.” The other said to her.
“Of course, gentlemen of the kings royal court are always welcome to my home. Now is there are particular reason for this visit gentlemen?” Lillian said wanting to get this over with. She hated being polite when she was pissed off.
“Ah yes down to business, just like your father. We do also offer our condolences to your loss, he was a fine man.” The first gentleman said.
“Thank you. I'm sorry I do not know your names.” Lillian replied. Come on, come on while were still young, spit it out. Thought Lillian, still smiling politely on the outside, with thoughts of stabbing them on the inside.
“Oh where are our manners. My name is Sir Robert Winsfield and my associate here is Sir James Smith.” Replied the first gentlemen named Robert Winsfield. Lillian nodded to the both.
“Yes, now to the reason we're here, to business. It has come to our knowledge that you have awoken the two Hellsing's ah, pet vampires, correct?” The second gentleman said, Sir Smith.
“Yes it is gentlemen and for obvious reasons that you have also most likely concluded to of course.” Said Lillian sipping her tea. So that's why you're here, bit annoyed are we. So sorry I didn't consult you first. Thought Lillian.
“Yes we fully understand why. However when were you planning on informing us and the Knights of the Round Table.” Sir Smith asked. Snot nosed punk. I see no reason to tell you what I do around here. Lillian was going to say. Instead being polite as she can she replied,
“Well actually gentlemen today. Since I awoken them both late last night I found it inappropriate to inform you and the protestant knights so early in the morning, I decided it to be today when I actually got some sleep. But now I guess there's no need as if you are informed then so would be the Knights.”
“Ah yes well we do apologize again then Lady Hellsing.” Sir Mayfield said.
“The creatures have been properly bound though haven't they?” Sir Smith asked trying not to show that he was nervous. Lillian smiled.
“Of course gentlemen, England does not need a 700 year old vampire and his servant running around unchecked does it? I have taken all the procedures necessary and Alucard and his servant Seras Victoria is now bound to follow my orders until I die and the next Hellsing has taken my place.” Lillian stated. Pushy bastard, Lillian thought, she did not like Sir Smith very much at all.
“Yes of course you would have Lady Hellsing, my apologies for asking though we do need to know all this, you do understand.” He replied back to her.
“Of course gentlemen.”
This idle chatter continued on for a few more minutes and then they got up to leave. And as soon as they left the compound Lillian headed straight for Vincent pissed.
“Vincent I want to know how they got that information and I want to know fast. I also want a full and thorough debugging of the house and compound.” Lillian said sounding very much annoyed. Oh how she loved being spied on.
“Yes of course Lady Lillian.” Vincent replied.
“Oh yeah one more thing Vincent I'm going to bed and do not want to be disturbed at all. Not until I have gotten back up again and I don't care who it is, I'm simply unavailable.” Lillian said walking up the stairs.
“And if it his majesty Lady Lillian?' Vincent asked wanting to know.
“For him and for him only.” Lillian said after thinking on it.
“Of course Lady Lillian, sleep well.” Vincent replied.