Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 15 ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 15:
Seras walked into Lillian's office and saluted to her commanding officer.
“Lady Hellsing.” Lillian looked up from the paperwork lying everywhere on her desk. She had never been good at organising bits of paper.
“At ease captain. Report.” Seras had just come from her latest mission, a bunch of freaks had attacked a nightclub slaughtering humans. Hellsing was called into action and Seras unit had been dispatched. Thankfully to Lillian's relief Seras had changed out of the ugly pathetic excuse for a uniform she usually wore and into something a bit more decent. Seras when on missions wore proper army uniform like the other men and women in Hellsing's task force but hers was blue with the Hellsing coat of arms on it. It was similar to what she worn when she was with P11 her old unit with the police force.
“Mission was a success Lady Lillian. All freaks and ghouls were destroyed. No casualties and only one minor injury.” Seras reported feeling proud hoping to achieve Lillian's respect and trust soon.
“Well done captain, you've been a great asset to the Hellsing organisation and…” Lillian was cut off from a knock at the door.
“Enter.” Lillian answered. Vincent entered the room and walked up to Lillian's desk slightly bowing. Lillian nodded back and Seras smiled.
“Lady Lillian, Captain Victoria. There has been a report of freaks and ghouls attacking The Globe Theater in London. Should we send Captain Victoria and her unit to dispose of them?” Vincent asked. Lillian's head shot up when she heard his last statement about the Globe Theater. Freaks attacking the Globe Theater! Lillian was outraged. That was her favorite theater.
“No Vincent, Captain Victoria's unit has just returned. They will rest until the next mission. We will be sending tactical unit 2 and I will be accompanying them.” Vincent looked up to what Lillian just said.
“Lady Lillian I strongly advise that you don't, we do not know how many freaks there are attacking the theater. It is highly dangerous and you are on the high list of the freaks to kill.” Lillian cut him off. She was going. How dare the freaks attack her favorite theater. No she was definitely going, it was personal now.
“No Vincent I will be accompanying unit 2 and there is nothing that can change my mind end of discussion.” Alucard then chose to come out of the shadows,
“What about me master can I come. Vincent's latest modifications have been put in place and my guns are just waiting to be used, they need a good test run and should properly be put to use.” He smirked at her.
“No it's just you who is just waiting to be sent on a mission to have some fun Alucard.” Lillian answered him. Alucard laughed knowing it was true, he did want to go out tonight, he did want to go out and play.
“I haven't been out yet tonight master, I'll go in your place with unit 2. Don't you still have more paperwork to attend to?” he laughed at her. Lillian's head whipped to him and glared at him while giving her response to Vincent.
“Vincent prepare the rest of my weapons, equipment and unit 2. Oh and bring me my shotgun with the added equipment. And yes Alucard you will be accompanying myself and unit 2.” She smirked back at him. Oh she would allow him to come but he will wait in the shadows, she'll make him wait. She knew it would piss him more off if he were there at the scene but not able to fight, then her forcing him to stay at the manor. Oh it was a delicious idea. She would only call him out as a last and final resort. She smiled up at Alucard and it was not a nice smile. She shielded her thoughts from him so he wouldn't know her plans.
The smile put Alucard off a bit and when he tried to read her thoughts he hit a blank wall. She was learning fast, faster than Integra had. The only thing he could get from his master was total and utter delight. He knew she was thinking wicked thoughts and no doubt about him and not the good ones he would like. He sent her his own smile, the one that would send a lesser human running into the night screaming and tipped his hat. She just blew him a kiss. Alucard huffed at her and disappeared. Vincent only shook his head, children. Vincent knew there was no way of changing Lillian's mind, she was stubborn as a pit bull with a bone in its mouth. So why even bother, a smart person knew when to back down especially when Lady Lillian was concerned.
“Yes Lady Lillian I will have your weapons and equipment ready for you and notify Commander Sinclair and tactical unit 2.” Lillian nodded her head in response. Another point to her she thought, oh Alucard I thought better of you. She was now ahead on points.
Vincent then walked out of the room. Seras just stood there throughout the whole event and just stared dumbfounded. Was Lady Lillian mad? Seras knew she was tough but she was still only 17, human and the last remaining Hellsing. Shouldn't she be careful about her life? Well at least Alucard is going with them she thought. Seras did not understand Lillian at all. She was similar to Integra but so different at the same time. Confusing.
“Captain. Miss. Victoria. SERAS VICTORIA!” Lillian yelled out to Seras trying to get her attention. Seras snapped back to reality and fumbled an apology to Lillian, slightly embarrassed.
“Oh, sorry lady Lillian, you were saying?”
“Yes as I was saying, your unit will be on break or stand down until the next high mission that requires your team. Dismissed for now. You did good tonight Captain keep it up. That is all.” Lillian said to her slightly annoyed. I swear she has her head up in the clouds most of the time.
“Yes sir.” Seras saluted and walked out. Lillian cleaned up her desk and got ready for the mission. She would go hunting tonight. Lillian smiled to herself and headed out of her office humming her own form of `pop goes the weasel' but it was pop goes the freak instead.
Lillian faced her team in front of her a couple of blocks away from their target.
“Well men this is it.” she heard a cough, cough from the ranks.
“Heh, and women. We will engage the target, it is a search and destroy mission, no survivors. You all know the drill, kill first ask questions later. Any vampire, freak or ghoul is to be destroyed. Also any human that has been contaminated. It is better they die human than a monster with a forsaken soul. Remember stick together and don't stray from the team and from our objective. Now you all know I will be accompanying you in this mission, don't give me any special treatment, just look out for yourself and your team. I may not look it but I can look after myself.” Lillian spoke to them. She heard from them all a,
“Yes sir!” She replied and nodded in turn.
“And remember, in the name of god impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. May God and his majesty go with us. Amen. Move out.” Everyone said Amen and they moved out. Lillian waited a moment for Alucard to appear by her side and spoke,
“Alucard you are to remain behind waiting in the shadows and you are not to reveal yourself until I call you. Understood.” Alucard now caught to her plan. She was going to let him watch the fight but not let him partake.
“Cruel master, very cruel.” He said as he disappeared again. Oh she was vindictive. She will make an excellent Hellsing he thought, definitely of Integra's line. He watched her follow her troops into the theater and pouted. He waited there slightly sulking and thought of ways to get back at her. She was already ahead on points and that had to change. He smiled to himself and watched the battle begin.
Lillian was in full hunting mode as she entered the theater and she was loaded to bear, so to speak. She had two silver, blessed wrist knives on both arms. A small sword you could say down her spine. A handgun specially fitted for her at her lower back. Her shotgun in her hands with the bullets in a pack on her side. She couldn't wait to use it after the modifications Vincent made to it. She too like Alucard wanted to try out her new…toy.
The shotgun now had laser eyesight/ targeting system, it could take 6 shotgun bullets at a time, the bullets silver plated exploding/ silver nitrate rounds, of course blessed. The shotgun well really made a big hole and was easier to reload. One aimed shot at a freak in the heart or head would kill it instantly. Supposedly if it were a really powerful freak or vampire the silver nitrite would enter the blood stream and eventually kill it. She also had her silver cross around her neck and felt ready to hunt, this was what she was born for. Lillian heard screams up ahead and knew the freaks were attacking civilians.
“Move in and intercept.” She whispered into her mike. Each member had a small earpiece in his or her ear and when one member spoke into the little mike at their shoulder it was sent out to the other team members. This was much more sufficient and much better than walkie talkies as the only way the freaks would be able to hear the order was if they read the mind of a member as the mike gives off a static sound when being used so vampires and freaks are unable to hear the message. Isn't modern technology wonderful?
Ghouls started moving through the main hallway and unit 2 went to, meet them, it helps to be polite. Lillian was just behind captain Roberts as he took point and was the captain of tactical unit 2. The rest of the team was behind and to the side of them forming a triangle at the entrance with the remainder of the team covering their backs. There are 12 members in unit 2 and Lillian made 13. She didn't believe in superstitious nonsense but hoped that since her birthday was on the 13th they would be ok. The ghouls appeared before them and captain Roberts yelled out,
“Fire!” The six ghouls went down with ease and they moved into the main theater room. The scene that befell them was horrifying, the kind that would haunt you to the end of your days, that would give you endless nightmares for your subconscious. Some of the members gasped in horror.
The smell was putrid, the whole room stank of blood, fresh and warn still seeping from the wounds of the recently dead. There was blood everywhere, all over the seats and walkways. Bodies everywhere in pieces, some still twitching. Bodies of people still reaching out in death for salvation that would never come for them, their throats ripped open. They were ripped apart like dolls with no more use. Lillian looked up in disgust. What horrified Lillian the most was the body of a little girl no more than 7 years old that lay almost displayed in the main walkway in front of them. She had golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes of summer skies that were glazed over in death, they would never be bright again. The little girl still had her little doll in her arms.
Foul monsters Lillian thought in hatred. To harm an innocent child was an unspeakable crime, in which they would pay dearly for and burn forever in hell. Lillian would make sure of it. She counted 16 freaks in total as well as around 23 more ghouls most from the humans from the theatre that had been turned. Some of the freaks were still feeding when they had entered. One looked up and spotted them.
“Well, well boys it looks like we have some more company.” Laughs were heard throughout the theatre. Lillian heard Captain Roberts speak in the mike, his voice quivering in anger.
This is it men. Leave no bloody monster alive and send them all to hell. Right and left flank move out, forward unit with me.” The unit spilt into three groups, four to the left, four to the right and four began moving forward. Lillian was with the forward unit so there was five instead of four. One of the freaks spoke up,
“Get'em boys, it time we greet our guests properly.” The freaks began to move forward showing fangs, poised for battle. Lillian heard the call for FIRE and all hell broke loose. Lillian went into a nice quite place inside her, her eyes cold and dead on the outside and opened fire killing a freak or ghoul that was stupid enough to get into her line of sight. Many went down in the first wave but she saw more coming from the doors on the other side of the theatre. Shit.
Lillian was separated from the team at one stage, she heard a scream and looked to her left to find one of her team mates being attacked by a freak. She aimed her shotgun and fired immediately, the freak went down and another member went to check up on them. However during the time when Lillian was concentrating on the team member a freak saw this as an opportunity and went to attack her. He knocked her gun out of her hands and bashed her to the floor with his jaws snapping, trying to get to her neck to rip her throat out. She was dazed for a second, boy was she going to feel that tomorrow, then went for a knife at her arm as her second gun and short sword were wedged into her back and she couldn't reach either of them. Alucard saw this and was about to intervene when he saw the freak become dust. Lillian had shoved one of her blades into the freaks heart. Alucard saw her get up sheathed the blade, pick up her shotgun, reloaded it and began again. He smiled to himself and went back into the shadows.
Lillian knew it was going to be a bitch getting the dust out of her hair. A freak dusting on top of you wasn't pretty. She started walking towards the stage. She had activated the laser tracking eyesight on her shotgun. When she reached the stage she saw a man sitting perfectly calm in a chair, totally relaxed watching the… `show'. He looked up at her approach and smiled flashing fangs. A shiver went down Lillian, a sudden chill, like someone walking over your grave. Shit it was a vampire. A true bloody blood-sucking vampire! This was the first vampire beside Alucard and Seras that she had seen in her entire lifetime.
“Hello little Hellsing. Poor little girl all on her own, no mommy or daddy to hold and call her own. I've been waiting for you. Like my little show? I put it on just for you. You will lose you know, you and your men will all die. Heh.” He got up and started moving slowly and smoothly towards her, a true predator. It reminder her of a great big panther stalking it's prey. But this time the prey was her.
“Do you know who I am?” he asked her. He had long black hair running down his back and was wearing a white formal suit with a top hat, pretty old fashioned for nowadays but what drew Lillian the most were his startling blue eyes. It was like blue flames captured in the irises of his eyes, almost hypnotic. Lillian shook herself and was pissed, he was playing with her head. She raised her gun up to aim. He laughed again.
“Very well little Hellsing I will tell you. I am your death and the death of you men…” Lillian cut him off and yelled at him,
“I don't care who the hell you are. I don't even care if you're the second coming of the antichrist! Or the devil himself. However I do care about the atrocities and crimes you have committed tonight and your unnatural lifetime, which you will pay dearly for, with your life. I will send you straight down to hell!” She knew he was an old one, vampires only get this cocky when they've been around for a couple of centuries. He laughed at her then and then looked at her again and disappeared.
The lights then went off, shrouding the room in darkness, Lillian couldn't even see her own hand in front of her face. Alucard knew something was wrong when he felt Lillian being cut off from him and he couldn't reach nor see Lillian anymore, she was blocked from him somehow. Some kind of shield had been placed around the main theater room and he could not enter. It was careless of him. There must be another master vampire in there blocking him somehow and Lillian was alone in there with it. He screamed in fury of not being able to reach Lillian and summoned all his dark powers that the marks allowed him to try and break the barrier.
Lillian was in full battle alert mode as her other senses tried to adjust to her lose of sight. He may have taken her sight away from her but she still had 4 others not to mention women's intuition. She heard Laughing and knew he was near. She could not feel Alucard anymore and knew she was on her own. It was just the vampire and her. She heard screaming and crying, people yelling out her name. She felt something to right and then was smashed into the wall on her side. She felt her left-hand side of her body from her shoulder to her waist go numb. That's gonna hurt tomorrow she thought. She grunted as she got to her feet. She felt something in just in front of her, a few meters at the most and raised her gun and fired. She heard a grunt from the darkness. Ha got you, you bastard.
“Play time is over.” He spoke out loud to her. The lights flashed on and Lillian was momentarily blind. She saw the vampire coming quickly straight for her. Lillian saw him and everything slowed down, she saw him coming towards her it was like slow motion, everything slowed down but magnified at the same time. The only sound she heard was the thud of her own heartbeat, it too was slowing down. She could see him raising his hand to strike her. It seemed she had all the time in the world to raise her gun and shoot him yet not enough at the same time but he was still moving to fast for her to stop him. She saw the blow coming and tensed herself while at the same time raising her shotgun up. He backhanded her across the face and she went flying towards the back wall of the stage. The world was still moving in slow motion to her and while in the air Lillian fired her shotgun several times and with the laser eyesight/ tracking system the bullets hit him straight on in his heart and upper torso. Lillian smashed into the wall then, hitting her shoulder hard and dislocating it. Her head hit the wall straight after and Lillian slid down the wall. The last thing she saw was the vampire's look of shock before he too crumbled to the floor, aged and became dust. She smiled to herself and felt the darkness swallow her whole and she felt nothing…