Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 16 ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 16:
Lillian, Lillian, oh Lillian.
Lillian heard a voice in front of her, it was a little light just out of reach. Everytime she almost had it, it would fly faster just out of her reach again. She felt like a little girl chasing after a butterfly.
Alucard looked down at his master, she looked like a small battered doll, so small. She had bruises blossoming on her face, blood coming from her mouth and down her face from the gash on top of her head. Her shoulder hung at a weird angle, she had dislocated it, not broken it though. Her clothes were also torn in places. She was still alive. The shield had fallen just before the vampire fell and Lillian collided into the wall. He went running to her rescue but saw she had already won the battle and defeated the vampire. He saw her shoot the vampire, it die and then her hitting the wall. He saw her faint and loose consciousness with that condescending smile on her face, which she still wore even now. Lillian baffles and amazes him to no end. He bent down and held her gently in his arms. Sigh, it's always him left to clean up the mess. He did not know why he cared even remotely for Lillian, she was a Hellsing after all but he did promise Integra he would take care of her and he felt obligated to protect Lillian, she was of Integra's bloodline. Lillian also freed him from 70 long years of imprisonment and she did remind him of Integra so much. He felt an urge to lick the blood off her face but ignored it, he was above such things. He bit down into his wrist and let some of his blood flow into her mouth. It would not change her but she would heal more quickly and be able to walk out of here. Ah the uses of blood never cease to end.
Lillian was still chasing the white bright little light when suddenly it began to dim and disappear, Lillian called out to it,
“No don't go away, come back.” But it had already gone and she was suddenly encased in darkness, eyes opened and closed everywhere, red eyes. Lillian saw this glint of orange flying through the air in front of her just like the little bright light before. She heard another voice calling out to her, different from the other voice yet familiar somehow,
Lillian, Lillian oh Lillian time to wake up now. Honestly fainting on your first mission, come now.”
When Lillian heard the voice she was filled with anger, who was that, who dared to mock her. Alucard saw Lillian starting to wake up, her good arm reaching out for something.
Alucard didn't know what she was reaching for but it was amusing and he laughed at her again. He spoke out to her again,
Lillian come now and wake up, wake up.”
Lillian heard the voice again, heard it laughing at her. She decided to follow the orange light, it looked familiar and safe yet sinister at the same time. She would wipe that smile and laugh of its face. She grabbed for the light and the dream world shattered like a broken mirror. She felt great pain wash through her whole body and felt the marks that bound her and Alucard together flair. Her eyes flew open and she coughed up blood from her mouth as in the inside of her cheek she had grazed it against her teeth and cut it all up when the vampire had backhanded her. Her vision was blurred and her left eye was puffy. She saw the orange light again and realised it was Alucard's face in front of her and it was his glasses she was seeing and trying to reach.
“Alucard?” she spoke.
“Yes master it is me. I see you finally decide to wake after fainting.” He smiled at her. Yep it was him the egotistical bastard. She looked up at him and said,
“I didn't faint Alucard, I just lost consciousness.” He laughed at her.
“Same thing.” She tried to move her arms but found her left arm wasn't working properly and massive amounts of pain went shooting into her brain. She then said to him,
“No it's not. My arm.” He laughed again.
“It's dislocated. I'm going to have to pop it back into place. It will hurt, a lot.” She stared up and glared at him, the effect was a bit dampened by half of her face being swollen like a balloon but the point was still there.
“Nar, Alucard and here I thought it's going to tickle. Just do it.” Alucard straightened her back abit more and put her shoulder back into place. She lurched forward and let out a loud grunt, biting down not willing to let Alucard hear her scream. It was Alucard's hands that held her back while she dealt will the pain and tried not to cry. Her head exploded with pain when she jerked back and forward. It was so bad she knew she had a concussion. She became extremely nauseous and knew she was going to be sick.
“I'm going to be sick.” She mumble out and knelt over to loose her stomach contents. When She was finished, Alucard pulled her back into his arms and put a hand on top of her forehead. He felt she had a concussion and a bad one at that. It would not be wise for her to loose consciousness again soon. Lillian head was thumping, she felt one of Alucard's hands on her forehead and it felt so cool and soothing.
“You have a concussion.” Alucard spoke to her. Humans are so frail at times. She knew it was one but denied it anyway.
“No it's not, just a slight headache that's all.” She spoke. She is so stubborn thought Alucard, it reminded him of another Hellsing that was extremely stubborn aswell, many actually, all the Hellsing's were extremely stubborn, they give a new meaning to the word. He sighed.
“No it's not and you know it.” He spoke to her. She needed some more of his blood to recover. He moved his still slightly bleeding wrist to her mouth. She tried to block his attempts and said,
“No I don't want to be a vampire.” Alucard huffed at her,
“Why does everyone think that when I'm offering a small amount of my blood that it will turn them into a vampire? I assure you master it will not turn you. My blood will help you heal unless you do want me to carry you out of here in my arms and escort you to the doctors. Hmm? Now drink.” He said this with authority in his voice and knew he had her. Through the memories Alucard also learned that Lillian hated doctors and hospitals, it was a sort of phobia she had that she didn't want shared. She glared up at him now pissed off. It hurt her head but it was worth it. Damn it! He knew! Alucard moved his wrist to her mouth again and she complied drinking some of his blood. It brought back memories of Integra to Alucard, how he wanted her to drink his blood, to join him and walk under the night sky with him and join the dance. Lillian drank his blood and felt her head ache ease back like the tide rushing back to greet the ocean once more. The pain in her arm and face lessened and she didn't feel as sick anymore. Alucard pulled back and Lillian realised she had closed her eyes sometime during the blood drinking.
“Feeling better?” Alucard asked her. Lillian nodded her head and found it did not hurt as much any more.
“I guess a little bit of blood does make the world go round.” Lillian said. Alucard laughed and helped her get to her feet. She swayed a little bit but with her hand on Alucard's arm steadied her. She looked out at the theater from the stage. Blood was still everywhere. Neither freak, vampire nor ghoul moved and she saw her men checking on the wounded and heading out. The clean up crew were coming in now. They were all dead. Lillian had fulfilled her promise but this was only the beginning. She looked around the stage and saw the remains of the vampire she dusted and said to Alucard,
“You know what Alucard, I'm feeling rather special and you know why?” Alucard shook his head, he had a fair good idea but let her speak.
“No master why?”
“Because I faced my first real vampire all on my little lonesome with no help from anyone and I dusted his arse that's why. Bringer of my death and the death of my men, my arse.” She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. She could now stand without assistance and went to find her shotgun. She found it picked it up and started humming. It was abit difficult due to half of her face being swollen and her lip puffed up and sore but that didn't stop her. She just kept on humming all the way to the door, humming a new version of her pop goes the freak but it was `Pop goes the Vampire” instead with Alucard trailing behind her smiling ever so wickedly.
The scene that greeted her outside however plummeted her mood and she stood frozen in her tracks. MT's (Medical technicians.) were positioned around the entrance of the theater house. She saw one look up and see her, he turned to his partner and said, and `We got another one coming down now.' Lillian heart started beating faster. She looked over to Alucard and whispered,
“Psst, Alucard you can fly right?” Alucard looked down at his master and laughed,
“Scared now are we master?” she looked up at him and glared.
“No!” she pouted and started walking down the stairs excepting her fate. It took nearly almost all of her will power to walk towards the MT's and not run for the hills. She saw one starting to walk towards her carrying a rather sinister looking bag. That's it she thought and started to turn around when she saw Alucard staring down at her with that bloody smile of his on his face. He raised an eyebrow, she glared back at him back. When she was glaring at Alucard she did not notice the MT had already reached her, he had grabbed for her arm to lead her to the ambulance to check on her injuries. When he touched her Lillian spun around and let out a little yelp of surprise and flinched. Which made the MT also jump back in surprise. Alucard just laughed at her.
“Tell me master what are you so afraid of. Why is it you can face vampires, freaks and ghouls without any fear yet when you are faced with doctors you are filled with terror?” She just hissed at him.
“It's a phobia Alucard it makes no sense.” Lillian would rather face a whole company of freaks than a doctor. Alucard just laughed at her some more.
“Bloody vampire.” Lillian just mumbled. That made Alucard laugh even more. The MT now knew not to touch her and pointed her to the direction of one of the empty ambulances. Lillian swallowed loudly and started walking towards it, knowing if she bailed out now Alucard would never let her live it down. She followed the MT and sat down in the ambulance and waited to be looked at. Alucard followed them knowing this would be good. Lillian sat down and concentrated on breathing. In and out, nice, even and calm breaths. The MT looked at her gash on her forehead and took a medical object out of his bag. Lillian opened her eyes and saw he was pointing it at her. She jerked back suddenly, it hurt like hell but was worth it.
“What is that?” She said suspiciously. Any one that knew her well enough would notice the panic in her voice. The MT looked confused at her behaviour. He replied to her,
“It's a medical regenerator. It will speed up the healing process of your gash on your forehead.” She nodded her eyes never leaving his hands and the object in it. The MT positioned it just above the gash on her head and turned it on. A light came out of it and Lillian rolled her eyes up as far as they would go so she could watch what he was doing. A few seconds later her gash was gone, it had stung a bit but the gash was now gone, it left now scar nor mark except for a red patch that would disappear soon and she felt a tad better. He put the regenerator thingy back in his bag and took out another piece of equipment. Lillian leaned back abit, suspicion in her eyes again. The MT sighed and said holding up the object,
“It's a medical scanner. I'm going to scan you for any internal injuries. I promise it won't hurt abit and you won't feel a thing.” Lillian still eyed him suspiciously but nodded her head. Alucard just stood watching the show, smiling to himself. The MT completed his task and frowned. He spoke,
“You have a level four concussion. Why you're not throwing up and screaming in pain beats me. It would best if you did not sleep for a few hours at least, you could risk going into a coma. I'm pretty sure you've realised your face is a mess on the left hand side, inside and out. We can help that but it will take a few days to fully heal. It also seems your left side has been damaged aswell. Was your shoulder dislocated?” Lillian was amazed he knew all of this from that little thing in his hands. Oh the wonders of modern technology.
“Yeah it was. Alucard put it back in place.” The MT looked at Alucard and nodded his head.
“Boy that must of hurt. Your shoulder will still hurt for the next couple of days. You have also torn it slightly. The best thing to do is massage it at least twice a day. That will lessen the pain and you don't need it stiffing up. You have also bruised some of your ribs aswell. Lucky you didn't break any of them. I will give you a soothing gel for that. But the best thing to do in your case is to rest. I'm amazed you're even able to walk, let alone even be conscious.” He grabbed the medical regenerator again and adjusted it slightly. He looked at her,
“May I? I'm just going too run it over your injuries, that's all.” Lillian nodded her head and tensed up, like anticipating for a blow and closed her eyes. The MT just shook his head and completed his task. When he was finished he grabbed a syringe out of his bag and filled it. Lillian opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the syringe. She suddenly jumped up and pulled one of her wrist knives out and pointed it at the MT.
“If you touch my with that, I swear I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish!” Making a stabbing movement for emphasis. The MT looked at her in fear and nodded his head.
“It's just a pain killer and will help you with your concussion that's all I swear.” Lillian replied,
“I don't care. I don't care if it would cure every illness in my body. It's not touching me. Got it.” Lillian also had a phobia of needles. She slowly started walking away from the MT, knife still pointed to him, not turning her back and slowly moved away. She was acting like he was on London's most wanted and should not be trifled with. She spotted captain Roberts and started heading over to him. Still with her eye on the MT, knife in hand. The MT just stared at her in bewilderment, his hands still up in the air. Was she mad? She was acting like he was going to stab her in the back with it. Alucard just started laughing. A full belly laugh, he was almost on his knees. The MT stared at him aswell. Was he mad aswell? Of course he would be the lucky one surrounded around lunatics. He put the syringe back and pulled some more stuff out of his bag and walked up to Alucard. Alucard stopped laughing and looked at the little man approaching him.
“You seem to be close to her. Here's the gel and medication. Make sure she takes it. The best thing for her would be rest and massage for that shoulder of hers. Better yet as soon as you get back, knock her out with a sedative and soother for a couple of hours and monitor her concussion. Got that? Good, here you go.” The MT placed the stuff in Alucard's hands and walked away. Mumbling, “Why do I even bother? You try and help people, to try and ease the pain and what do I get in return? My life threatened…” Alucard just stared at him. Why did he choose him? Though it would be fun tormenting Lillian some more. Ideas flowed through his head and he smiled to himself. Oh this would be interesting. He placed the gel and pills in his coat and walked off to find Lillian.