Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Socius Criminis ❯ Omake ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
         &nb sp;  Heinkel sat on the ground, twirling a permanent marker and glaring at her right glove.             “You don’t need a slogan on your hand,” Yumiko said polishing her sword.  Yumie was excellent at making a mess, but usually a bitch about cleaning up.              ; “If Anderson can have one, so can I!”  Heinkel glowered at the younger girl.             “How about “talk to the hand!” Yumiko suggested lightly.             Heinkel punched her.             After Yumie and Heinkel finished having wild…beating the shit out of each other, Heinkel consulted the homicidal half.            &nb sp; “It’s a great idea,” Yumie said, swinging her sword.  “Not that anyone would really see it- they’re usually dead before they can appreciate our style.”           & nbsp; “Any ideas?”           & nbsp; “Hmm…”  Yumie pondered this gravely.             “How about “Speak with DEAD?”           &n bsp; “Wouldn’t it be “Speak with the dead?”           &n bsp; “You’re Japanese.  You’re people are the driving force for engrish.com.  What the Hell do you know?”           &n bsp; Yumie scowled, but the German girl had scrawled the words on her glove and displayed it proudly.             Then Yumie continued what they had been doing.