Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ The Abandoned House ( Chapter 1 )

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The old Hellsing household had been abandon for years after Incognito's assault. Though it was fifty years ago, the old Hellsing house stood. Many people passed by the house neglecting it as if it never stood. Fortunately, one man did not avoid the house. He was in his forties, forty three to be exact. Sighing in content, he smiled to himself. “This is it, this is where my family shall live.” He said to himself. Getting into his car, he drove toward the hotel where he was staying and called his wife. “Hey there Paige, put mommy on the phone. Hi, Lily darling I found this house.”
Within one month, the old Hellsing house had been bought by a family of five. Wesley Farbrook, his wife Lily, son David and two daughters, Celeste and Paige. David was the oldest son who was working in Britain for his externship at a hotel. It was perfect, for he had set up a place for his family to stay. Now that they had found a house, they could finally start their home in Britain.
“Dad, why did we have to move to some old creepy house?”
“Because your brother works in Britain and daddy is getting a job at the winery here. Italy is partnering up with Britain and we have to go over a few paper works. Anyway, here we are.”
Wesley walked toward the door and prepared to unlock it but an old man had opened the door. “Master Farbrook I presume.”
“That's right. I'm Wesley. This is my wife Lily, fifteen year old daughter Paige and my seventeen year old daughter Celeste. I assume you are Eric?”
The old man bowed his head to Wesley. “My name is Victor Dollneaz. Please allow my son and I to help bring in your luggage.” He said as he proceeded out the door formally. Paige and Celeste looked at each other then inside the house. Out stepped a young man with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Paige's eyes lit up with hearts. “Wow! He's so cute. Hey there what's your name?”
With that, Julian followed his father outside to gather the family's things. Celeste followed her mother inside while her love struck sister remained outside watching Julian. Sighing in relief, Celeste sat in the living room and looked at the portraits around the house. “Wow, these are quit lovely portraits don't you agree?” Lily asked as she admired the pictures. Instead of Celeste answering, Wesley replied to her. “Yes very nice but we can't keep them. I'll ask Victor to have them removed tomorrow.”
“No dad.” Lily and Wesley looked at their daughter who was gazing deeply into the eyes of the man in the portrait. They looked at each other then to their daughter. “Why don't you think so?” Wesley asked. Celeste never took her eyes off the portrait but she answered her father thoroughly. “Because whoever had this drawing made had it hung up to show that they have influenced this house. When people hang things like these, they hang them up so their family members generations from them can acknowledge the hardships they endured. Though they are not present, maybe the ones that inhabit this house will now acknowledge their pain. Daddy, don't discard this portrait. I'm very curious about the man in the portrait myself. I'd like to do some research on it.” Celeste explained. Wesley sucked in his breath then looked at the portrait in disgust. “Celeste I know you're a very curious and intellectual girl but this is something you don't need to bother with. Hell, if this is the way you think then lets leave the house, we'll rent it until we can find another spot to live.” Wesley suggested. Celeste walked away, displeased with her father. ::: What's so wrong with wanting to discover the history about this house? First he's going to through the household heirlooms that the previous owners had invested so much to create and now he wants to leave. What's with daddy? :::
Celeste walked up the grand stairs and picked out a room that fit her liking. She smiled to herself and laid down on her queen size bed. “Ah… so comfortable. I don't want to leave this house…ever.” She murmured as she rested. From above her, a pair of red eyes looked down on the sleeping girl. They were narrowed into slits. ::: Silver hair…and blue eyes. She has her appearances. She is the exact replica of her- :::
“Miss Celeste, if you would be so kind as to follow me downstairs, I've made cakes and tea for you. Your family and Julian are waiting for you.” Victor announced. Celeste sat up off her bed and smiled graciously to Victor. The two stood there for sometime. Victor was taken by Celeste's appearances. She couldn't be any closer to the pictures he had saved. Her hair and eyes were like hers. “Victor?”
“Forgive me Miss Celeste. Shall we go downstairs? You wouldn't want your tea to get cold.”
After she had finished her tea, Celeste decided to do some investigate about the house. There were rooms fit for kings and a courtyard that when she had estimated it, the job of cleaning could only be accomplished by ten men. Smiling at the garden's evening beauty, she proceeded with her exploration. When she came to the conclusion of her tour, she spotted a basement door. Opening it quietly, she peered down the stairs and into the dark. “There's got to be something down those stairs the reflections the history of this house.” She thought to herself. She stepped beyond the door and shut it behind her, then descended down the stairs. When she came to the bottom level she found herself in what appeared to be a passageway. With anxiety and excitement coursing through her, she followed the path. The walls were solid stone and the road was dark but she didn't stop. Finally, she came to a door. Grasping the handle, she pushed it open and what she had entered appeared to be a confinement with prison cells around. Though the thought of a prison at the base of her house struck her curiosity, nothing caught her attention more than the door in the back with paintings on it. ::: What's behind that door? :::
She approached the door and reached for the knob. A tingle of fear filled her spine, her heart raced with anxiety and her hands shook. She did not know that behind that door was a man sitting in a chair, holding a glass of red fluid and bearing a grin on his face. He twirled his glass as he waited for the young girl to open the door. The sounds of the door knob turning and the door pushing open excited him. “Celeste!”
Celeste jumped and turned to Victor. “What are you doing back here child? Your parents sent me to fetch you so that you could settle in for the night.” He explained. Celeste took a step away from the door then looked back at it. “Victor…did you know about this door?” She asked.
“I have for sometime Miss Celeste. You see, I've done some research about this house myself. If you would kindly meet me in the study at ten tonight I will explain everything you want to know.”
Celeste nodded and followed Victor out of the basement, sneaking glimpses at the door as she left. Once upstairs, Celeste bid good night to Victor and started up the stairs. “Oh Miss Celeste! I found this lying about earlier. Would it belong to your father? My Julian would never play with guns.” Victor said. Celeste looked at the gun Victor held at her. She gasped at it and snatched it from his hand. “This gun! Its silver, no pure silver. But I've never seen it before. Victor I-”
“Victor! Where are you?”
Celeste ran up the stairs before her mother could catch her. Leaning against the door, she looked down at the gun in her hand. Where did it come from? Looking down at the inscription on it, she read to herself. “Jesus Christ is in Heaven…Who owns this gun?”
When Celeste went to find Victor she found him and Julian chatting with her parents. Pouting inwardly, she decided to head out for a walk. As she did, she came across a park. A nice sit on the swing would do her some good. Sitting down easily, she swayed back and forth. ::: First the portraits…then the prison in the basement, now a silver gun. There is something about that house and I'm going to figure it out. Then again I might not even get the chance since daddy is so eager to leave. That's another problem. Why is he so against such a wonderful place? A place with a history such as that should stand tall. Unfortunately daddy doesn't believe my ideas. Business is business as he likes to say. :::
Just then, a man stood in front of her. He looked down at her with his hazel eyes, grinning. “What a pretty girl you are…I hope you taste as good as you look.” He teased. Celeste got up from her swing and snorted at him. “Thanks but one thanks. I don't do guys two times my age. Excuse me.” She said as she walked passed Him. The man smiled and pulled her back and held her against his chest. “But it is I who will be doing everything to you my dear. There is a reason a little girl like you isn't home, warm in her bed. Come, explore the darkly pleasures with me.”
“Let me go or I'll-”
The man turned Celeste against him and held her head against his chest. As Celeste struggled she noticed something about him that gave her fear. “You don't have a heartbeat…what are you? Are you a…”
“Yes I am a vampire and I've come to feed upon a tender little morsel such as yourself. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in this city yet. Say you'll be my queen and roam darkness with me.”
Celeste growled and looked up at the man, who was smiling sweetly to her. “I have no intentions of walking among the dead with a repulsive pervert like you.” She declined. With that, Celeste kneed the vampire in his manhood and stepped back. Writhing in pain, the vampire roared out in pain, giving Celeste the chance to run. Unfortunately, the vampire was close behind her.
::: This will be a test of how she handles herself in situations. Think girl…what destroys a vampire? :::
“I'm not going to escape this way. He's going to catch me. Unless!”
Celeste stopped in her tracks and turned to the vampire, who was coming straight for her. Taking the silver gun from her bag, she aimed it at the vampire and pulled the trigger. A loud scream was heard.
Sitting against a tree, Celeste looked at the gun in her hands. Her eyes widened with confusion and fear. “What…what happened?”
“You killed that cockroach, well done. You are worthy.”
Celeste looked up another man standing above her. Holding the gun at his face, she asked for his name. “Who are you stranger?”
“My name is Alucard and you are my new master.”
Celeste rested her head against the tree and closed her eyes. “Things are getting stranger and stranger…”
Alucard smiled down at Celeste then turned his sights to the sky above. “What a lovely night…”
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