Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ Kitana and Vixen ( Chapter 2 )

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“Listen Alucard was it? Whatever it is I am not your master.” Celeste said as she got up from the tree. Alucard came closer to her and she pointed the gun at him. “You're going to kill me with my own gun? How amusing.” He teased. Celeste snorted and raised the gun to his head. “I killed that other vampire, I can definitely kill you.” She assured. Alucard chuckled and came closer while she moved back against the tree. He leaned down toward her, using his hand against the tree to steady himself. “I like that, the fiery passion in your eyes. Shoot me, do it, do it!”
“Alucard! So very good to see you again!”
Celeste turned around to see Victor and Julian approaching them. She stood in silence as she listened to Victor and the vampire chat. “It has been too many years. Julian has grown to be a fine young man and is ready to assist you and young Miss Celeste. Speaking of the matter, Alucard this is Celeste Farbrook. She is going to be a vampire huntress alongside you. She is from the United States and is ready to be trained. I shall teach her the basics of killing a vampire.”
“Huh?? Wait a minute! You guys can't be serious about wanting me to learn how to kill a vampire. One, I am seventeen years old, two my mom, dad and older brother won't approve of it and three I'm a girl! You can't be serious about me fighting the supernatural. I don't have magic powers or anything, I can die!”
Julian, Victor and Alucard smiled at Celeste then spoke to her in unison. “We look forward to your success.”
“You guys haven't listened to one word have you?”
When Celeste returned home, she went to her room and dressed herself. As she did, she thought about the training that Victor was going to put her through. “Damnit! Why can't someone else go through this? What's so special about Celeste Annalisse Farbrook? I'm like any other girl. I go to school I have a family, what the hell is so damn special about me?”
“Nothing. Like any human you have a destiny and you're going to fulfill it.”
Celeste turned around and there was Alucard, sitting on her windowsill. “How did you get in here? What if my mom or dad finds you? Worse? What if my little sister Paige finds you?” Celeste asked. Alucard only smiled at her. “You ask too many questions, huntress.”
Celeste glared fiercely at Alucard and pulled the silver gun on him. With irritancy flowing through her, she wouldn't have a problem releasing a bullet on him. “If you were listening to me then you'd know that my name is Celeste Annalisse Farbrook, not huntress. And secondly, if this is how the way things are going to be, then you will start calling me master from here on. No vampire is going to disrespect me, especially not you, my servant.” Celeste clarified. Alucard looked down at Celeste and was just as taken as Victor was. She did resemble her.
“Alucard, I'm going to bed now. We will talk again tomorrow night.”
“Well, until tomorrow night then my master.”
Alucard disappeared from Celeste's room, leaving her glancing out the window instead. Lowering the gun, she blinked twice and grinned. “This may not be all that bad.”
The next afternoon after school, Paige and Celeste were picked up by Julian. “Hey There Julian!”
“Good afternoon Miss Celeste and Miss Paige. Your parents have stepped out to visit your brother. Would you like to join them?”
Paige agreed to be dropped off at the hotel while Celeste could have the chance start her training. When she arrived, Victor was in the study with tea and cookies. “Sit Celeste.” He commanded. Celeste obeyed him and took a seat opposite of him. As he poured tea, he began to tell her the purpose of her training. “Celeste, last night you went down to the basement. It was you who unleashed Alucard from his prison. Therefore, it makes you his master. When she shot through the heart of the vampire from the night before, you proved your worthiness of his service. Alucard's purpose is to protect you and fight the new breed of vampires on your behalf. The vampire you encountered last night is one of the hundreds you will be fighting. Your destiny is to protect Britain from this threat.” Victor explained. Celeste looked out the window at the sky, thinking about a horde of vampires over running the city. She wouldn't stand for it. “Victor I will do all that I can to protect this place. I won't let it be destroyed. Please, begin your teachings.”
Victor left the room and brought forth a six barrel gun. “Lady Celeste, this is your weapon to slay the vampires. The six barrel gun Vixen. It has silver bullets that have been baptized and the gun, like Alucard's, is made from Lanchester's melted cross. It carries over one hundred bullets.” He explained. Celeste picked up her gun and aimed it. “It'll do but don't I have a weapon for hand to hand combat?” She asked. Victor smiled and brought to her a double edged blade. “This is your sword, Kitana. Carry it with you.”
Celeste took the gun and sword, shifting her sights from one weapon to the other. These were her tools to stand against the threat that would assault Britain. Smiling to Victor, to thanked him and requested that he put them someplace safe. “I'll put them inside the grandfather clock in your room Miss Celeste, no one will find it there. By the way, I know how you young teenagers think nowadays. You're supposed to have some ostentatious clothing when you're out fighting crime. Well, I had a woman make you a nice suit. I hope you find it to your liking. I left it in your room.” Victor said. Celeste smiled to Victor and raced up the stairs to her room. She was eager to see the outfit Victor had picked for her. When she arrived, she found it was a black one piece that was haltered. “Is there too much cleavage being displayed? If so, notify me and I'll have it taken back.” Julian said from the door. Celeste shook her head to him, smiling at the one piece. “I like it. Thanks you guys. Now, I'm going to go out with some friends, I'll see you later.”
While Celeste was out, Victor was polishing Celeste's sword. “Good evening master Alucard. Celeste has received her first pair of weapons against the vampires.” He declared. “What is the name of her gun?”
A grin crossed Alucard's mouth when he heard the name of Celeste's gun. “Good evening father and Alucard. I've just returned from making the rounds on the city tonight and I came across another vampire. He was feeding on a female woman when I just about to slay him. Soon as he drain her of her blood, he turned to dust.” Julian recalled. Victor turned to his son, his eyes widened with shock. “You're certain?” He asked. Julian nodded a yes. This was strange to Victor. Never had he heard of a case when a vampire disintegrated after feeding on its prey. Then again, they were a new breed of vampires and all of it became rational. “What do we tell Celeste?”
“Nothing but there are a few things I want to ask.”
Everyone turned around to see Celeste standing in the doorway. She was wearing the outfit that Victor had bought for her and her hair was combed so that her right eye was covered. “There is nothing to trouble yourself about Vixen. Your bullets are enough to rip through the heart of these low level maggots.” Alucard assured. Celeste gritted her teeth at Alucard and aimed her gun at him once again, shocking Julian and Victor. “Miss Celeste!”
“I'm tired of him calling me Vixen gotdamnit! My name is Celeste! Get it?!?!”
Julian sighed and turned his gaze to Alucard. “She's a trigger happy one Alucard. She's nothing like her grandmother.”
“What was that Julian!?!??!”
While Celeste ranted on to Julian and Alucard, Victor looked at the radar that sat on her waist. She was so loud that none of them could hear the beeping sound it was making. “Miss Celeste, your vampire detector is going off. Follow it quickly to your target.” Victor instructed. Alucard disappeared while Julian and Celeste ran outside. “Are we taking my car?”
“No! Get on quick!”
Celeste ran to Julian, who was revving up the engine on her motorcycle. Jumping on the back end, she held tight onto him as he sped on into the night. As they rode through the city Julian checked the radar on her motorcycle. He frowned at the radar. “What's up!” Celeste yelled through the wind. “Our target is at a building one mile from here! Alucard should be there already!”
::: Our target has already departed from the building Vixen. :::
“Damnit, Alucard says that our target is gone! Hurry up Julian!” She said. Julian stepped on the gas and drove to their destination faster. When they arrived, the police were already there. Julian and Celeste took the elevator to the fifth floor, where the murder had taken place. When they arrived, the police had stopped them from entering. “Stop! No one is allowed in this room.”
“Stop, it's just Julian. Come in Julian and new girl.”
A man with black hair, wearing a trench coat and holding a notepad stepped toward Julian and Celeste. She blushed at how handsome he was but turned her sights to the crime scene. “So, what happened here?” She asked. The man turned to the officers and dismissed them. Once they had left, he shut the door to the apartment. “A man was killed in this room. Judging by the scratches and lipstick, the assailant is obviously a woman. There are bite marks on his neck with traces on blood seeping out. That I believe is your territory Julian Dollneaz.” The man said. Julian nodded at looked at the body of the victim them at the ashes beside him. “Just as I thought.”
“What do you mean?”
Julian knelt down and touched the ashes. “These are the ashes of a vampire Draco.” He explained. Draco's eyes narrowed into slits. “Damnit, haven't you figured out where these demons are coming from? This is the second case I've found. I'm trying my best to cover up but things are getting suspicious.” Draco looked over to Celeste and she stared back. “Who's she?”
“Farbrook Hellsing.” Julian finished. Draco looked at Celeste and smiled. “I see. So she is the girl that's going to do battle with these creatures. My name is Draco Fargason, I too will be assisting you in your fight against these vile creatures. Unfortunately it'll just be the four of us in this but I do think that we can defeat this threat.”
Celeste nodded at Draco and looked out the window. She questioned herself on whether or not she could take part in this fight. Alucard said it was her destiny and that it would have to be fulfilled. Fate and Destiny were a combination that could not be eluded. Turning back to her two companions, she decided to dismiss the two from the case.
Celeste was able to avoid her parents when she entered her room but not Alucard. He was facing the door, expecting her to come in. “Did you find anything to your liking?”
“Nothing. Something is amiss here Alucard. Why do the vampires disintegrate after feeding from their prey and who is behind all of this? My guess is that it is a male vampire, judging from the evidence Draco collected tonight. I have a feeling I'm getting very close.” Celeste said. As she put away her coat, a pair of hands encircled her waist. “What are you doing Alucard?”
“You're very pretty, did you know that Vixen?”
Celeste narrowed her eyes, inwardly cursing herself for not having her gun nearby. “Alucard, unwrap your hands from me NOW.” She demanded. Instead of following his master's orders, Alucard tightened his hold on Celeste. “Does this excite you?” He whispered in her ear. Celeste turned around towards Alucard and almost immediately, grabbed him by the throat. She was shocked that Alucard was smiling at her, as if he enjoyed having her hold him by the throat. “I see you don't like to be handled gently.” Alucard teased.
“Neither do you.” Celeste retaliated. Alucard smiled at Celeste and vanished from sight. “Huh?”
“Celeste? Are you all right sweetie?”
Lily entered the room, finding Celeste in her house robe and sitting at her computer. She turned and smiled at her mother, assuring her that all was well. Lily kissed Celeste good night and left the room. Once she was gone, Celeste threw off her robe and cursed Alucard. “I can't get distracted, the fait of Britain rests with me. There are too many pieces missing though… what the hell is going on?”
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