Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ A hundred year grudge ( Chapter 3 )

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It had stood for over five hundred years now, the old castle of Count Raphael Devinicus. Though it appeared as if nothing had inhabited the abandoned castle, his ghost and noble servants had still haunted the dreary fortress. “It had been so many years of isolation, without a taste of blood. I'm very weary of this. If only that cursed Hellsing hadn't impaled me one hundred years ago I would still roam free. Fortunately I was able to snatch this human's body for my own. Dusk will be setting shortly, I suppose it would be good to see if there are any human women I can turn into ghouls to do my bidding.” Raphael rose from his throne and left to join the humans in their world, in search of another prey.
“Thank you for your assistance Julian. Will you and Victor be joining us tonight? I hope you two will.” Lily said as she removed her chicken from the oven. For dinner she had made a chicken Peole with Risotto, glazed carrots and blueberry pie. She had hoped that tonight's dinner wouldn't have been a waste. Hoping that Julian and his father would join them for dinner, she planned out a delicious meal that would make their mouths water. “I'm sure father and I will be joining you and your family tonight. Thank you Miss Farbrook.”
“You don't have to be so formal darling. You may call me Lily. Now help me set the table and then you can call everyone down for dinner.”
Julian brought out the chicken, Risotto and Carrots then went to find the rest of the party members. His first place to check was the library. There, Victor and Celeste were reading about the old age vampires. “We shall continue this later Miss Celeste. I'm sure you don't want to keep your mother waiting.” Victor said as he led Celeste out of the study. Julian followed behind and when he walked out, he collided with Paige. “Hello Julian! Are you coming to dinner with us?”
“Yes, if you want you can come with me to get your father.”
Paige followed behind Julian to her father's private study. Inside, they had found a pile of books laying around on his desk. “Daddy, what's going on? Why are these books lying around here? What are you looking for?” Wesley was silent for a minute or so. Why in the world was his youngest daughter so full of questions and his oldest filled with curiosity towards the unknown. He'd never understand. Shaking his hands, he smiled at her reassuringly. “It's nothing pumpkin. I was just looking through some of the old books here. They contain so much knowledge here it's fascinating. I hope I get the chance to read them all but not right now. I'm sure dinner is waiting and you know how your mother is when it gets cold.” Once they left, Alucard's eyes appeared in a mirror in the corner of the room. “That old fool will never find what he's looking for, seeing as it's standing right in front of his face. Humans can be…so insensible.”
Downstairs, everyone enjoyed a wonderful dinner. The conversation touched topics such as entertainment, cooking methods, politics and fashion. Though everyone had enough to contribute to the conversation, Celeste said very little. “Celeste, are you all right?”
“Yes mother. I was just thinking about the house again. I can't believe how wonderful this place is. I love it…”
Wesley placed his glass of wine down and cleared his throat to capture the attention in the room. “Well, enjoy it while you can. We'll be leaving as soon as I find a new place.” He said. “Daddy-”
“Celeste if you think the house's old antiques should be left untouched then it's best if we just leave. I'm sure someone else will buy it and have the same respect that you have.” Wesley assured.
“Almost as feeble of respect as you do.”
Wesley shot a glare at his daughter then calmly asked her to repeat her last statement. Celeste looked down at her plate then shot up from her seat. “Daddy you can't just make us leave this place! I won't go!” Before Wesley could argue with his daughter, Celeste had fled from the dinner table and out the door. “Celeste! Wait for me! Hey come on Celeste slow down!” Celeste stopped to catch her breath and so that her sister could catch up with her. “Celeste, you and I need to talk. Why are you so set on staying in this old house? As much time as you spend with Victor learning about this old house's history…don't you ever get enough?” Paige asked. Celeste almost forgot that she was keeping a secret from her family. She couldn't tell them that another reason why they had to stay was because she was the master of a vampire. They could never know. “You know what, lets go out and get some ice cream big sis. Up to it?”
“Yes, yeah you're right.”
And so the two sisters went out to get ice cream to relieve the stress that was left at the dinner table. It seemed that the frozen treat had soothed her worries away. She savored the delicious flavor of strawberry ice cream with whipped cream, hot fudge and strawberries. “I'm going to get more cookies for us if that's all right with you?”
“Yeah I'll be here.”
When Paige left, the person behind Celeste turned and tapped her shoulder. “Miss Hellsing.” He whispered. Celeste turned around to face Draco Fargason. “What are you doing here?” She asked with a smile. “Can't a guy have an ice cream sundae without questioning? That must be your sister over there, she resembles you but mostly, your grandmother.”
Celeste put her spoon down at Draco's remark. How would he know her grandmother? Looking at her sister, she saw her in conversation with a woman. She wouldn't be back for a while. “How do you know my grandmother? Daddy doesn't mention her at all. He just said that she was an unfortunate woman. I also want to know, why do you call me Hellsing?” Celeste said. Draco ate a spoonful of his ice cream then cleaned his mouth. “I'm very sorry but it's too soon to say anything. Continue your lessons and be prepared for anymore vampire assaults. Take care.”
Draco left Celeste sitting alone, puzzled. Why was everyone calling her Hellsing? Who was her grandmother? So many questions and not enough pieces to the puzzle to receive answers. ::: I will find the truth…the truth to the vampires…Hellsing and my grandmother. :::
“Celeste! This is Dahlia Hollis. She works for a photo company. She wants me to model for the new clothing line that's going to launch very soon. She'd also like you to join too.” Paige said. Celeste looked from Paige to Dahlia. She had to be at least thirty. She was a blonde with a curvy body and lovely blue eyes. She wore a black suit and carried a brief case. ::: Very professional… very clichéd. :::
“My name is Dahlia Hollis and I'm with the clothing line, Freesia. It is a woman's clothing line that compliments all that beauty possess. There are many designers among us. Various ones from Italy, France, mostly from America. I'd like you two to be the first set of youngsters to join us. You will be paid handsomely and will be allowed to keep everything you model. Your airfare of course will either come from your own pocket or from the people that invite you down to wherever it is you are going.” Dahlia explained. Celeste sat back in her seat and crossed her right leg over her left. “Why would someone pay out of their own pocket for a model to fly down to them?” She asked. Dahlia opened her mouth to answer but Paige answered instead.
“Oh come on Celeste think about it! When you become of the most famous models then people will want you to wear their clothes. They'll pay big money to get you. Free dining at one of the best restaurants in Asia, the best hotels in France and mingling with fashion critics across the world. It's all like a dream come true. I'll be happy to take the job!” Paige said cheerfully. “You'll have to ask for permission first.”
Celeste and Dahlia looked at each other for they both had spoken together in unison. Dahlia smiled to Celeste, only irritating her. Celeste didn't trust her. She was a con artist if she ever saw one. The professional appearances only gave away her phoniness and made her look even more ridiculous. She was sure that her parents would disagree to Dahlia's proposal but she was gravely mistaken. After hearing what Dahlia had to offer to their daughter, Wesley and Lily accepted.
“Perfect, here is my cell phone number. I'll call you in whenever it's time for your photos. Good bye Mr. and Mrs. Farbrook. I'll see you soon Paige and…Celeste. Until then, stay beautiful.”
Celeste watched as Dahlia left. She'd be keeping a close eye on her, a very sharp eye. She climbed the stairs to her room, shut and locked the door, then called out for Alucard. “I don't trust her. She's playing my sister for a fool.” Celeste said. Alucard appeared behind Celeste and took a seat in the chair across from her. “Would you like me to shoot through her heart?”
“No. There is amiss with that woman but I don't know what. I don't want Julian and Draco getting into this one. She's fucking with my family and I'll see her rot before she harms any of us.”
Alucard stood up and approached Celeste. Tilting her face up, he gazed down into her blue eyes. “You make my blood boil Celeste. You speak just like her, your grandmother. If she were to see you know, she'd be very content.” Alucard said. Celeste smiled to Alucard and removed his hand from her face. Now wasn't the time to flirt with his master. She sent him away and prepared for a bath.
Elsewhere, Dahlia was on her way home from the office. She walked home alone from a long day of work. As she did, a tall, bulky man approached her. “Well hello there beautiful lady. It's quite late for a little girl to be walking home alone.”
“Get out of my way worm.”
The man was insulted by Dahlia's remark so he grabbed her and gave her a bear hug, crushing her body. Instead of calling for help, Dahlia smiled. She wiggled her arms free, wrapped them around her attacker and held onto his close. “That's better baby. Enjoy it.” He said.
“That I will.”
Dahlia kissed the man's neck gently then bit into his neck, drawing blood from the wound. The man tried to scream but the pain was too consuming. He dropped to his knees, and fell to Dahlia's mercy. “Mmm, your blood tastes very exquisite. Thank you for offering yourself to me, it would have been too much trouble to fight with you.” Dahlia snickered and kicked the man hard in his chest. Savoring her victory, she smiled to the midnight sky with blood sliding down the side of her mouth.