Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ Vampire in Disguise ( Chapter 4 )

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When Celeste opened her eyes she didn't know where she was or how she got there. She turned in every direction and found nothing as a sign of where she was. “Is anyone there? Please I need help! Someone has kidnapped me and now…”
Celeste felt something grab onto her and she immediately pulled away. She reached for Vixen and prepared to shoot whatever it was that grabbed her but then she realized that she didn't have nor Vixen or Kitana with her. “I don't need my gun and sword to fight you. Come out you coward!” She demanded. Instead of someone coming out of the shadows, more hands grabbed her. They held her tightly, determined to keep her from getting away. “Help me! Help me! Alucard?! Victor?! Julian someone help me!!!”
“There's no way for you to escape now little Hellsing. You will pay for the curse your ancestor placed upon me. Perish!!!”
Celeste sat up from her bed and looked around. She was relieved to find herself back in her room, in her bed. “I don't know what the hell is going on but I want answers. No nightmare is going to stop me from getting them.” She swore silently. She turned her gaze to the door and narrowed her eyes. Covering herself with her cover, she stood up and walked to it. “How long have you been watching me Alucard?” Celeste asked, irritated. Alucard walked out from the door and looked down at his master. “Long enough to know you were having a bad dream. Vixen, all the answers will come to you in do time. Until then, stay focused on the task before you.” Was Alucard's advice to his young master. Celeste sighed as she watched him walk away. He was right though. There was a battle going on and she had no choice but to win. Celeste turned back to her bed, snuggled under the covers and drifted off into sleep.
Later that day, Celeste and Julian accompanied Paige to the Freesia modeling studio. There, they met with Dahlia in her offices. “I'm very glad you could make it Paige. I have some business to talk with you. If your sister and friend will only wait outside-”
“I think I will sit and listen to this discussion. Julian, we'll be out shortly.”
Celeste walked past Dahlia into her office and waited for both her and Paige to join her. Paige was embarrassed that her sister was doing this. It was her career. She should be free to make her own decisions. She whispered her apologies to Dahlia and followed her inside. “Well, we have a scheduled shooting for you Paige. It's tomorrow at four o' clock but you'll need to be here at three forty five.” Dahlia explained.
“Dahlia, did you know that Paige has school and won't be out until three. She also has homework and chores to do about the house. I'm asking that you either reschedule or cancel her photo shoot. Paige's education is a lot more important than beauty and cosmetics.” Celeste explained.
“No way! Dahlia please don't cancel it. This is my first photo shoot and I want it to go perfectly. Besides, Celeste isn't my parent just my older sister. She has no say in this matter.” Paige said. Celeste glared at her younger sibling and turned to Dahlia. “I'm sorry Paige but it is up to your family members whether or not you will be present for this photo shoot. However, Celeste isn't a parent so she does not have any say.”
Paige smiled at Celeste triumphantly and turned to Dahlia. “I will call mom and dad right now to get their approval. At least they would understand.” Paige told Dahlia. When she left, Dahlia straightened up her files and looked over to Celeste. “Please understand that I am not like most recruiters. I want to see your sister go far and become successful. She has a passion for this and she really wants it. Please try supporting her dream.” Dahlia coaxed. Celeste stood up and glared at Dahlia. “Let me be frank with you. I don't like you. I think you are the biggest damn con artist there is. If you are conning my sister and I find out, I will kick your ass. Goddamn bitch.” And with that, Celeste left Dahlia's office. ::: Who the hell does that bitch think she is? If I wasn't using her sister I'd kill her in a minute. Stupid slut. :::
That night as Dahlia was locking up, her boss entered her office. “Do you have the pictures?”
“Of course. These are the girls we've modeled as of late.”
Dahlia's boss, Mr. Jeremy Hartley looked at all the models then gave a look of disgust. “None of them are what I'm looking for. But I saw a two girls and a man come to your office earlier. Who are they?” He asked.
“Paige and Celeste Farbrook. Paige is the one that I've recruited. Have you found her to your liking?” Dahlia asked anxiously. “No, but her sister is very beautiful though. See to it that you get her to come around more often. She might keep me entertained for a while.”
Dahlia nodded to her boss and packed her things away. ::: Celeste Farbrook… to hell with the bitch. :::
“Dahlia, we also have a problem. My supply of blood is decreasing. I want you to see why. Feast on whoever you find but when the attackers arrive make sure you only see their face. I want the pleasure of meeting them.” Jeremy said. Dahlia said nothing and left her offices, leaving Jeremy alone. “I won't have some human fool interfering with my plans to destroy the Hellsing family.”
That night as Celeste was preparing for bed, Paige stepped in the room with anger on her face. She slammed her sister's door shut so that she could have her full attention and she succeeded. “Can I help you Paige?”
“Yeah, you can stay outta my life. You should have minded your own business in Dahlia's office. Just because you're my older sister doesn't mean shit.”
Celeste stood up and approached her younger sister. “You don't understand anything Paige. People like that only want to take advantage of you. They want your money, not your looks. In some places they want you but not only for pictures. They want to hurt you physically.” Celeste warned. Unfortunately, her warning fell on dull ears and Paige came closer to her. “Here's the thing, stay out of my business Celeste. I don't need you. Mom and Dad approves so what you say doesn't matter. This is my dream and I don't need you ruining it for me. So stop being such a stuck up bitch.”
“When you stop being an oblivious bitch and use your head for once maybe I'll leave you alone.”
Angrily, Paige shoved herself back and Celeste pushed her. That initiated a fight between the two sisters. They slapped at each other, pulled hair and called one another names. The fight raged on until Julian and Wesley came in and pulled the two girls apart. “What's going on?! Paige Celeste stop!”
“Tell that bitch to mind her damned business! She doesn't support my dream of a modeling career so she's trying to ruin it for me! Tell her daddy. Tell you to leave me alone!!” Paige yelled. Wesley turned to Celeste with angry eyes. “Celeste, this is what Paige wants. If you don't support her then don't interfere. I trust Miss Hollis and that's that.” Wesley said. Celeste shoved Julian aside and pulled her black dress out of her closet and went to change. When she finished changing she got into her car and started it up. As she was preparing to leave, Julian got into the passenger seat. “Allow me to accompany you Miss Celeste.”
“Vixen, there is vampire trash not far from here.”
Celeste looked at the mirror and her eyes met Alucard's. “Where?”
In a club not far a vampire preyed on a young woman in the shadows. As he was drinking her blood, the surrounding around him changed and Alucard appeared. “Filth like you aren't even worthy of the deepest pits of hell.” Alucard said. The vampire looked up at Alucard and licked the blood from his mouth. “Kill me if you want but my master will destroy you…” He warned. Alucard lifted the Jackal to the vampire's face. “Alucard wait! I want the name of his master!!” Celeste called from behind. She, Draco and Julian ran up to Alucard from behind. “His name is Count Devinicus and he will destroy the Hellsing family! Do as you will with me but in time…you all will die.”
“Shut up.”
Celeste put a bullet in the vampire's head then turned to her companions. “Miss Hellsing?” Draco called. Celeste said nothing to Draco and walked past both him and Julian. ::: Count Devinicus… I look forward to meeting him. Alucard, it's time for us to leave now. :::
When the seal was lifted, Draco volunteered to cover up the murder of the young girl. As he did, Dahlia watched from a far as she drank her glass of blood. “So…Celeste is the one that has been getting in our way. She'd be better off as a little ghoul. Mmm, this has been quite the day…hahaha.”
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