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He knew his master was watching him from below. She would be waiting for him when the battle was over. Alucard chuckled and aimed Jackal and Joshua at Raphael. “I can't keep my master waiting any long.”
“Then I will oblige and quicken your death.”
Raphael raced at Alucard with his sword in hand and thrusted it at him but Alucard caught the tip of the blade. “You're going to have to do better than that.”
Raphael thrusted the blade into Alucard's hand until it came out of the back of his hand. Alucard grinned and shot Raphael in the face. Raphael released his sword and backed away, holding his face. “Damn you.” Raphael swore. He ran at Alucard and grabbed him by the throat. “I'll drink from your body tonight!!”
Celeste began to run toward the building but Julian stopped her. “You can't go unarmed Celeste. Vixen isn't enough power to stand against Devinicus.” Julian said. “Then what the hell do you expect me to do? I won't let Alucard die.” Celeste said she ran toward the church. “Celeste, you're still wounded from your father's assault. Please don't go.” Lily begged. “No Mrs. Farbrook. Let her go, she's going to help Alucard to the very end. Celeste, take this with you.” Julian said. Celeste turned around and saw that Julian was holding a different gun in his hand. “What is it?”
“This is the gun Lazarus. It was the last gun my father made and my first. Please, take it with you and slay Devinicus.”
Celeste nodded and took the gun. “Everyone, come closer.”
Everyone walked to Celeste and held their guns in the air. “In the name of god! Impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation!!! Amen.”
Celeste smiled at her friends and family and ran inside the church to help Alucard. Raphael grinned down at Alucard for he knew that Celeste was coming. “She's coming.” Alucard said.
“And she can watch you die.”
Alucard jumped up to his feet and hit Raphael squarely in the face but Raphael retaliated by sinking his hand into Alucard's stomach. Alucard gritted his teeth as he felt Raphael's nails in his stomach. “I will rip out your heart!!!”
Raphael ceased when he heard Celeste's voice. She fired Lazarus and Raphael was knocked back into the cross behind him. Celeste sighed with relief and ran over to Alucard, helping him up. “Alucard, please don't die. You can't…”
“You're forgetting that I'm already dead.”
Celeste looked down at Alucard and smiled. “That's right. I did forget you are dead.”
Celeste took Alucard's hand brushed it against her face. “Now's not the time, he's not dead yet.” Alucard told her. Celeste stood up to her feet and aimed her gun at Devinicus' body. She waited for him to make a move but he didn't. Celeste walked closer to Raphael's body slowly. Never letting her guard down, she approached the lifeless boy and kicked his leg. “He isn't moving. Well, just to make sure of it.” Celeste didn't see it coming but Raphael shot up and smacked her into the wall, causing her to hit her head.
Alucard saw the blood dripping from her forehead and went into complete rage. “You will pay for what you've done to here!!!” Alucard's held his hand up to his hand and released the seal that restricted the Cromwell Effect. Raphael laughed as he watched Alucard take his new appearance. He didn't care what form Alucard took, he would slay the monster and carry on with the destruction of the world. He took his blade and attacked the shadows but they only grew. Raphael jumped back and cursed Alucard. “Damn you!! Why won't you fucking die?!?!”
“Foolish maggot I'm already dead. And you, you will be blasted all the way back to the lowest pits of hell.”
The shadows grabbed onto Raphael and he tried to fight them back but he lost his footing and fell on the cross that was laid out. Alucard immediately wrapped the shadows around him arms and leg then pulled the cross up. “Celeste!!”
“Um.. uh?! He's alive. But not for long. Return to the pits from which you came!!”
Celeste shot Raphael in the hands, feet, face and finally, the chest. “Before I die… who are you?” Celeste held her wound on her stomach and approached Raphael. “Celeste Annalisse Farbrook Hellsing.”
“Paige Leonette Farbrook Hellsing.”
“And David Joshua Farbrook Hellsing.”
“We are the survivors of the Hellsing family. The blood of Integra Wingates Hellsing runs through our veins. We will smite the undead from this world and return them to the pits of hell.”
Celeste smiled at her siblings then smiled at Raphael. He chuckled at the Hellsing family then gave his last breath. “It's over. We can go home.”
Alucard picked Celeste up and carried her down the stairs, following David and Paige. When they arrived in the cathedral, they came across Wesley's body. “Put it in the coffin. Even though he was our enemy, he is still our father.” Celeste said. David nodded and carried his father's body over to the coffin and put to cover over it. David took Paige's arm and led her out of the church while Celeste and Alucard stayed behind. Celeste turned to Alucard with gentle eyes. “Alucard… you called me Celeste, twice. I thought you'd never call me by my real name.” Celeste said. Alucard looked down at her with expressionless eyes. Celeste couldn't hide it anymore. She walked to Alucard and wrapped her arms around him, hugging his gently. “Thank you Alucard.” She whispered. Alucard tilted her face up and eyed the bruise on her head. He brushed aside her hair and kissed it gently. “Alucard…”
“I've never held a human woman and never wanted more than her blood.”
Alucard lowered his head and gave Celeste's neck a gentle kiss then brushed his fangs against it. Celeste flinched and stepped away but Alucard pulled her back against him. “Alucard… I know this may not mean much but… I love you.” Celeste tilted her face up and kissed Alucard's lips tenderly. To her surprise, Alucard responded to the kiss and pushed her head more against his, feeling more of her lips.
The next morning, the kitchen was busied with Lily and Sage drinking tea and reading magazines. “Look at that? David's hotel got four stars. I'm so proud.”
“Yes of course Miss Farbrook.”
“Hey mom. I have to go have a word with Alucard before we all go out.”
“All right Celeste.”
Celeste ran downstairs and came to Alucard. He was sitting in his chair with a glass of blood before him. “Alucard… I just wanted to say-”
“Don't. You don't have to apologize. I already know how you feel. You can sense things Celeste. You know when something isn't right or amiss. You tell me how I feel.”
Celeste walked over to Alucard and tilted her head up. “I wish I could Alucard. But I honestly can't.” She said. Alucard took Celeste into his arms and smiled at her. “I see, well then. Until tonight.” Alucard tilted his head down and accepted Celeste's lips. The two kissed passionately until Alucard released her. “Your brother is waiting.”
“Yes, until tonight.”
Celeste walked away from Alucard and ran up the stairs and outside. Paige was sitting on Julian's lap giggling while David looked up at the sky. “What are you looking at?” Celeste said teasingly. David shook his head at his sister. “It's just such a beautiful day is all. Come on lets go.”
David and Celeste got into the car and turned the radio on. “I'm so glad you guys are coming to my photo shoot before I go to America for a fashion show.” Paige said.
“We wouldn't send you alone Paige. Now let's get outta here.”
Celeste turned up the radio and they all listened to the music playing. “Baby on your own you take a cautious step do you wanna give it up? But all I want is for you to shine!!! Shine down on me!! Shine on this light that's burning out!!!”
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