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The Adventures of the Silver Moon Pack

Hi this is my first new story, I am very excited to finally write here! I like hetalia but I also like wolves and stuff so I deceided to write a fic about them. Hope you enjoy!


The silver moon shone high above the thick black forest. A single howl pierced the treetops in Blackraven Woods. This howl came from America, the most dominant and robust wolf. He had smooth golden fur, a pair of glasses donning his face (AN: I know they're wolves but bear with me) and an american flag bandanna on his neck. He stood proud and fierce. The rest of the allies joined in on this late night howl. America and the allies made up the Silver Moon pack.

France the wolf also had golden fur, even more brilliant than America's, and the fur on his chin was thick as though he had a kind of goatee. His fur was very long and silky. He often wore a rose and a blue cape. He was the most promiscuous and had many litters. One of his most prized pups was Canada.

England the wolf had on a green bandanna. He fur formed thick tufts where eyebrows would normally be (think like a shiba inu) and he was thin and a bit shy. His eyes were emerald green like the rolling hills of Ireland. He was quite wise and refined and often was snappish at the other wolves, especially France. The two faught over dominance a lot.

China the wolf was the oldest of them all but didn't look that way. He had nice russet colored fur and black markings on his back. He had kind of a black mane on his head and shoulders.

Russia was the biggest wolf of them all. He was very thick and tall and had creamy grey fur. His large nose was a standout point on him. He was also the shyest wolf but could be very creepy if he wanted to be.

The wolves of the Silver Moon pack often fought with another smaller pack that sometimes called themselves the "axis". These ones were in a pack called the Golden Sun pack. It included Germany, Italy, and Japan, as well as some lesser wolves like Prussia.

Germany the wolf was stoic with slicked back blonde fur. He had piercing cerulean eyes which appeared to look right through a person. Even though he had a gruff exterior and was clearly the dominant wolf, he had a soft side for Italy.

Italy wolf was niave and boistrous and very immature and annoying. He had milk-chocolate fur and eyes and a creamy underbelly. He didn't care much for the wolf food a preferred eating pasta and such to the chagrin of Germany.

Japan was a black wolf with a white belly and did not often say much. He usually stood back and took things in before making judgements. He was often unclear and mysterious.

The Silver Moon pack and the Golden Sun Pack lived on separate sides of the forest. One day, the Silver Moon pack was chasing an elk through the woods.

"I'm gonna bring it down first!!" said France.

"No, I am!" said England. The two bickered and they ended up losing the elk.

"Now look what you did! We lost it!" America complained. The allies were very bummed and might have been going without food again. They had been starving recently because no herds had moved through the forest. Suddenly, from past the trees, they heard some voices.

"Jackpot! The perfect elk!" It sounded like Prussia, the red-eyed white wolf. He was part of the axis. And right behind him was the Golden Sun Pack!

"Hey! That was ours!" America yelled. Prussia didn't even care.

"You snooze, you loose!" he retorted. "Axis, come help me take out these guys!" The menacing looking Golden Sun Pack creeped in while the quivering allies didn't know what to do.


CLIFFHANGER!! Will the Silver Moon pack be able to get out of this mess? Will they ever get to eat? Next chapter soon! Please read and review!Converting /tmp/php8vEDiQ to /dev/stdout