Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ What Russia doesn't know, won't hurt him. ❯ What Russia doesn't know, won't hurt him. ( Chapter 1 )

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What Big Brother Russia doesn't know, won't hurt Big Brother Russia!

It was a breezy fall day, America walked along the streets watching Students run around the town area of the massive school he and many other anime and game characters taught at. "Heh, how stoked all these kids look on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me. I thought kids were suppose to HATE school!" America said to himself with a laugh.
Then a loud alarm sounded throughout the school meaning classes were about to begin. "Oh hell! I'm going to be late! I cannot deprive my students of my awesome wisdom! I was going to teach them how to shoot a six shooter today! Surrrrre I'm not a Marksman teacher buttttttt." America said smirking mischeviously as he walked to the school.
As he walked he suddenly felt a sharp point pressing against his back. Instead of doing the SMART thing and trying to defend himself he just smiled. "Hey there babe!" The blonde country said playfully. "You left yourself unprotected. For all you know I could have been Big Brother after finding out about us." Belarus said in a dark tone as she glared at her obviously carefree boyfriend. "Oh like your Big Brother finding out about us scares me." America said with a cocky smirk on his face as he turned around and pecked Belarus's forehead.
This made the shorter country turn red as the tomatoes Spain and Romano revere so much, and put any Aurion into a panic attack. "Y...You idiot! Do you have any idea what could have happened if Big Brother was walking along and saw you do that! He would have murdered you in a heart beat and turned you into the hamburgers you love so much!" Belarus ranted fuming. "Oh come on, what makes you think he would do that?" America asked obviously not very afraid, even though he should be. "Remember what he did when he found out about Canada and Big Sister?" Belarus asked with a raised eyebrow. "Hm, nope! I just remember Russia smiling a whole lot, and Canada then falling violently ill for a month straight." America replied rather oblivious to the fact that Canada being ill was the psychotic Russian's doing.
"Ok, then what about when Ukraine told everyone she was pregnant?" Belarus asked slightly annoyed. "Is that why Canada always wore a bullet proof vest and had a red dot follow him for a couple weeks?" America asked curiously. "YES YOU IDIOT! And besides, you're you! Big Brother HATES YOU!" Belarus ranted and raved ,fuming copiously.
The fearless (for now) country smiled warmly and hugged his angry girlfriend as she wailed her arms around as she yelled even more. "You're so adorable when you're angry! I could just keep hugging you all day." America said apparently forgetting that Belarus was a knife wielding maniac and STILL had her knife in hand. This compliment caused her to turn ever redder. "ONE DAY AMERICA! ONE DAY BIG BROTHER WILL FIND OUT AND YOU WON'T BE SO COCKY THEN!" Belarus shouted angrily wailing her arms around so much that for comic relief she suddenly went chibi for the duration of her fit.
This caused America to smile and hug her again even tighter. "Keep it up babe, you're so totally proving my point! You're so cute I could just 'eat' you up." America said with a slight perverted smirk as he pecked her lips. Instead of oh I don't know, murdering him like anyone would have thought, she calmed down and smirked as well. "Promise?" Belarus asked almost seductively apparently forgetting she was angry at America's carefree attitude about her brother finding out. "Meet me after Classes are over for the day and maybe I will." America said smirking still as he gave her a playful nip to the ear causing her to shudder with pleasure. "Fine, just don't let Big Brother find out. I still need this." Belarus said still smirking seductively and grabbing 'Florida' making the taller blonde moan softly. "Mmmmm~ he won't babe. Love ya~" America said kissing the platinum blonde lovingly. "Love ya too you idiot~" Belarus said returning the kiss. Then they both ran off to their respective classes.
Around ninth period, America saw Russia walking to his classroom incredibly beat up. "Oh hey dude! What happened to ya?" America asked curiously. "Oh, it's nothing really. I just accidently let a bee sting a dog." Russia groaned as he rubbed his sides that were hurting like hell. "Really? Who's dog?" America asked wondering who could do that much damage to Russia of all people. Russia, the guy who people were terrified to cause any kind of damage to. "Um, just a very pissed off reaper, let's leave it at that." Russia said with shifty eyes that had fifty stitches over each eyebrow. "Which one?" America asked curously. "Who the hell do you think! That red and black haired banshee who's so fiercely protective of her mythical creatures it's not even funny! She's more terrifying than Belarus!" Russia ranted being so scared that America thought he saw tears.
Then meanwhile while Belarus was in her office with a anger management student who shall not be named (unless you read my other story Xross Academy then it should be obvious.) listening to him rant about how he was pissed at himself for whatever reason. "And then that old hag showed me that video and I was so furious with what was on it!" The student ranted. "Hm, and how does that make you feel?" Belarus said attempting this thing America told her about called 'Humor'. "Oh haha Belarus-Sensei, very funny." The student said rolling his eyes.
Then she sneezed. "Hm, that was weird." Belarus said getting out a tissue. "Maybe someone was talking about you." The student said with a shrug. "And who the hell told you that crap?" Belarus asked with a glare. "My sister." The student replied simply.
Meanwhile, again, the sister in question was in the middle of glomping a certain spikey haired motorcycling duelist. "Um, someone get her off me. Please?" The man, Yusei Fude asked pleadingly. "GODDAMNIT ABBY! LET GO OF MY BOYFRIEND! HE WAS JUST BRINGING ME SOMETHING I FORGOT! AND WE ARE STILL IN CLASS!" screamed the angry plant life teacher and psychic duelist, Akiza. "NEVER!" Abby shouted stubbornly clinging to Yusei's leg and somehow staying on despite the fact that the entire class was working together to pry her off and Akiza was using her telekinesis.
Ok, back to the plot, I promise. "Ohhhhh, THAT one. Yeah man, I totally don't envy ya." America said attempting to comfort the injured country and patting his shoulder. Apparently he did too hard making Russia flinch. "Ow! Watch it you idiot!" Russia screamed glaring at America in a way that seemed awfully familar. "Dude, you so totally looked like your sister just now!" America said with a laugh. "I don't know whether I should be flattered or insulted. Because after all her glare is terrifying so I guess I should be flattered I reacher her level of terrifying. I don't know." Russia said as the American successfully made the Russian feel conflicted therefore causing his already existing headaches worse.
Then America helped Russia into his classroom to make up for doing that. "Thank you America, maybe you're not such a jackass like  your brother says after all." Russia said sitting down. "Why would he say that?" America asked oblviously. "You're kidding me right? I'm not going to even respond to that." Russia replied rolling his eyes.
Then it got awkwardly silent. "So America, word on the grapevine is that you found yourself some girl who has the patience of a saint to go out with you, da." Russia said pulling a bottle of vodka and two glasses out of his desk. "Wheredya hear that?" America asked nervously with a gulp as the fear suddenly came back to him. "Mhmm, who is this girl? I must know who has such patience. Certainly not Belarus, she would kill you in a heartbeat! That is to say, if I didn't get to you first." Russia said smiling ominously pouring a glass and handing it to America.
America gulped hard and reluctantly accepting the glass, too nervous to drink. "O...oh y...yeah! I'm not s...suicidal enough for that!" America said trying to keep Russia from finding out. "Mhmm, so who is it?" Russia asked downing his glass.
America quickly tried thinking of how to change the subject. "Erm, SO! Have you seen Ukraine and Canada today? Ukraine looks like she's about to burst at any minute!" America said quickly saying the first thing that came to mind. "Well, I suppose she does doesn't she. I hear she's probably going to have twins." Russia said pouring another glass, buying into America's ploy. America sighed with relief. "Yeah dude! We will have TWO nieces and/or nephews to spoil the hell out of! Of course we will have to also keep them away from Uncle England's nasty cooking!" America said smirking. "For once, I agree with you America." Russia said as pigs flew, a snowflake lasted longer than a second in Hell, pigs played a game of pool, and the Author giving a rat's ass about football (which my opinion on nearly once got me killed.). "Big time, by the way, do you still have any of that Borsch stuff you brought into the conference the other day? That stuff was AWESOME!" America asked in his usual attitude and tone. Russia laughed as he pulled out a thermos of it. They spent the rest of the day chatting and sharing the Borsch (I think that's how it was spelt anyway.).
After classes were done for the day America motored on out of Russia's room and let out one huge sigh of relief. "Phew man! That was close! I thought I was gonna be found out!" America said incredibly relieved as he felt his heart pounding and racing a mile a second. He wandered over to a food cart to get a shake to calm his nerves.
Then once he was finished he decided to go on over to Belarus's house. He checked around to make sure the coast was clear. "Hm, it looks alright here. I mean, I don't see the cameras or anything like Russia had hidden all over Ukraine's before she and Canada hooked up." America said looking under a rock for the spare key and entered. He crept silently through the house and up the stairs. Then upon arriving to the bedroom door to Belarus's room he smirked. "And now to prepare my 'Surprise'." Grinned the horny Country as he stripped.
Belarus walked home from a long day of dealing with kids who just needed a prescription of Zoloft and sighed. "Thank goodness today is over! I just want to go home and then to America's." Belarus said as a smile crept over her face. "What are you looking so happy about sister?" asked a familiar voice. She turned and saw her pregnant sister and her husband. "Oh, hello sister, Canada." Belarus said greeting them. "Hey there Bels, long day?" Canada asked. "Very! I'm close to asking the infirmary for a huge bottle of Zoloft or some kind of tranquilizer to give my students." Belarus said with a sigh. "Oh don't be like that. It will get better!" Ukraine said smiling as she rubbed her massive belly. "I can only hope." Belarus said sighing again.
Then Ukraine looked like somethign was wrong and then smiled. "What is it love?" Canada asked. "They kicked." Ukraine said happily. "They did?" Canada asked getting excited as he felt his wife's belly wanting to feel the kick. Belarus saw a smile creep along his face. She began to wonder what would happen if that were to happen to her and America. Would America get overly excited if their kids kicked inside her and wanted to feel them kick? Would he dote on her nonstop like Canada has been doing for Ukraine?
Then Ukraine saw Belarus staring. "Do you want to feel your nieces and/or nephews sister?" Ukraine said with her smile still plastered on her face. "Yeah! You should feel them! It's really something eh?" Canada said excitedly with an equally happy smile. "Oh I suppose." Belarus said with a shrug as she approached them.
She placed her hands on Ukraine's massive belly and felt around. Then all of the sudden she felt two pairs of feet kick against her hands. She then felt something she couldn't quite explain. It was something she didn't feel often except when America was around. She felt happy and excited. "Holy crap hun! Your sister is smiling!" Canada shouted with a terrified expression on his face. "You act like she never smiles dear." Ukraine said with a laugh. Belarus couldn't help but giggle a little at her brother-in-law's fear.
Then during the rest of her walk home she could only think of what just happened. Which eventually led to her thinking about America's earlier promise. "Hmmmm, maybe I'll talk him into breeding. Sure it will be hard to keep from Big Brother but, oh well. Big Brother can go fuck himself!" Belarus shouted as she started running too excited to continue walking.
When she arrived home she saw the spare key was gone. "I wonder where that went?" She asked herself. Then she smelt a perfumed scent. "Ok, now where is that coming from? Did the neighbors buy all the stores in town out of perfume. AGAIN?" Belarus asked herself glaring towards the direction of her next door neighbors' house where said neighbors suddenly wet themselves for some unexplained reason.
She then headed upstairs where she started hearing romantic instrumental music. "Wait, don't tell me..." Belarus said to herself as she went into her room and then into her bathroom to see America in a romantic bubble bath waiting for her with candles and the whole shebang. "About time you got home my beloved knife wielding maniac." America said grinning. America had a romantic side, who the hell knew right? "My my, I'm genuienly shocked. I didn't know you were capable of doing this." Belarus said shocked and flattered that America did this. "Well, I figured you would like to be romanced. I am capable of that believe it or not." America said playfully pouting. "France didn't tell you to do this did he?" Belarus teasingly asked. "Pfft, hell no. Now, care to join me?" America asked as his grin returned. "You bet you're sweet America ass I want to!" Belarus replied stripping down and hopping in with America.
For the next couple hours they bathed as they talked about their day. Belarus didn't mention the conversation with Canda and Ukraine just yet. Then dried off and went to her bed where America
kept his promise from earlier followed by more. Unfortunately the Author has no confidence in himself when it comes to writing Hentai, so sorry, no graphic bits until then.
Then when they were finished and as they were cuddling America noticed something was on her mind. "Somethign wrong babe?" He asked stroking her hair. "Hm? Oh, it's nothing..." She said softly. "Doesn't seem like it." America said kissing the top of her hair and stroking her sides. "Well, I ran into Canada and Ukraine on my way home." Belarus said loving his actions. "Oh? How are they?" America asked. "They're good. The babies are kicking now." Belarus said smiling as she remembered feeling them. "That's great to hear. Did ya get to feel them?" America asked excited about hearing more about his future nieces and or nephews. "Yes, it was wonderful to feel them. It made me feel like wanting some of my own..." Belarus explained hoping that wouldn't make America uncomfortable.
Then for the second time that day America surprised her. "Well why don't we have some of our own?" He said smiling at her lovingly. "Well you took that rather well." Belarus said blushing again. "Well it would be awesome to have children with the woman I love after all." America said smiling still. "But what would Big Brother say if he found out. "As I heard some students saying outside quoting some crazy lady they overheard talking to herself while I was prepairing all this, "Fuck What Big Brother thinks!" America said grinning and kissing her deeply and lovingly. Belarus, delighted that America wanted to have children with her, returned the kiss.
"But you better marry me and take responsibility. Or else they would have no chance of having siblings!" Belarus said shooting a playful glare at America. "Oh don't worry, I was going to ask you to Marry me tomorrow anyways if Russia didn't find out today." America said smiling bigger. Belarus was speechless. Then she just threw her arms around America and kissed him so hard his head spun.
And as they 'enjoyed themselves', they didn't hear the door open. Nor did they hear the footsteps walking into the bedroom. Or the evil sound of "KolKolKolKol" and sound of a lead pipe being pulled out and a rifle being loaded and the red dot appearing on America's head. What can Belarus and America say? They were moaners alright? America however would be moaning for more reason than one that night. Pain and pleasure, gotta love the ability to feel, am I right?

A/N. Ok! There! Did it! So I am capable of doing that! Hah! Take that voices in my head saying I couldn't! Sure it probably will suck but eh, I tried. I'm still new to writing romance alright! Please remember to review! And send America get well soon cards, I think he might have gotten a concussion.
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