Hot Gimmick Fan Fiction ❯ Flower Language ❯ Gardenia ( Chapter 1 )

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Title: Flower Language
LJ Author: pikapicokitt
Theme: #11. Gardenia
Fandom: Hott Gimmick
Pairing: Shinogu x Hatsumi
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Hott Gimmick or any of its characters, only the idea for this fic. Note - Gardenias are a sign of purity and joy, while Acacias symbolize a secret love.
Actions normally spoke louder than words, however now was not one of those times. Things were always a little difficult when dealing with the brainless Hatsumi, and Shinogu was no exception to her ignorance. A lingering kiss on her cheek and a bouquet of pale white gardenia's and sparkling acacia dribbled in dew, the meaning of the flowers escaped her.
“They're pretty, what are they for, Shinogu?”
Hatsumi's head tilted so daintily to the side, unsure of her brother's loving intentions.
“No reason, they highlight your beauty”
His shoulders shrugged, trying to toss the whole scene off as kind-heartedness rather then how deep it all truly was to him. Time fluttered slowly between them, as if sharing their precious moment and basking in its splendor. Then jealousy reared its ugly head as Ryoki turned the corner, destroying the magnificence of the shared time with his sister and crushing his advances.
“What're you doing here?”
Shinogu frowned, turning in the direction of the elevator, having no intention of speaking to his rival. Hatusmi's frown pierced his heart, causing him to turn back and take her hand, dragging her with him. She was a sputtering mess, caught between her brother and her boyfriend until Shinogu spoke.
“Just spend some time with me, please? Without anyone else around”
Hatsumi gave Ryoki an apologetic look after hearing her brother's all but desperate plea and she knew there was no way to deny Shinogu her company. Their fingers tightened around one another's clinging to another of the silent but precious moments between them.
~~~~ ~~~~
“He can't have your attention all the time, Hatsumi. You have to stand up for your freedom.”
Shinogu sighed, picking at his lunch with his stepsister in front of him, twisting the hem of her shirt nervously. Anxiousness was written all over her face and he was worried he was being harsh, making her join him.
“I just don't want him to get angry with me…”
In order to stop stretching out her shirt she ran her fingers over the stems and leaves of the stunning flowers Shinogu had been so kind to buy for her. There were so many little, pointless things he did for her that made it so impossible to leave him alone. Her answer made him sigh, and he was displeased that he still had a nearly full plate and was unable to finish it due to his irritate attitude toward Ryoki's treatment of Hatsumi.
“Think about yourself a little, okay? You shouldn't be with someone who scares you”
Hatsumi was a little surprised with his outburst, simply staring at him as the left the diner; neither of them having eaten much of anything. Her stomach was churning, though she knew it couldn't have been from the food, or lack there of.
Her fingers dug lightly into the fabric of his shirt near his shoulders, his framed wrapped tightly around her. She felt his breath graze her ear, sending a warmth as if indirectly kissed by his soft lips which hovered so close.
Golden petals skipped across the sidewalk, taking the words he dared to tell her with them. Stealing with them a love that could never be spoken.
If only the language of flowers could reach her.