House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ 3 Days Until Christmas ( Chapter 6 )

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3 Days Until Christmas
House walked into his office seeing the team discussing about God knows what. He tossed his bag to the corner and took off his coat and scarf. He popped a Vicodin into his mouth before limping into the other room hearing Cameron and Foreman battling each other.
“It doesn't make any sense! She probably had an allergic reaction to the pain medication that we gave her!” protested Cameron.
House went over to the sink and started to pour coffee. God he loved it when they fought. Too bad Chase didn't argue that much to make it interesting.
“But she kept asking for pain medication which means that her brain isn't telling her nerves to relax that's why she OD. It's not an allergic reaction,” countered Foreman.
House took a sip of coffee and looked between the two. “Anyone want to tell me what's going on?” he asked.
Cameron looked at House then at Foreman then back at House. “Lilly went into cardiac arrest last night. It happened right after we gave her another dosage of pain meds.”
House looked at Chase. “See when a patient has a heart attack that's when you call me. Not because of her damn shoulder.” He looked between Foreman and Cameron. “Foreman check her brain, Cameron check her blood to see what she's allergic to, and Chase check her heart. See what's ticking.”
Everyone exchanged looks, stood and left to go run their tests. House drank his coffee and saw Cuddy walking towards the door. House watched her open the door, walk in and stare at him.
“I did NOT send that drug dealer to your house,” he said loudly before she could speak. A few doctors and nurses walking by glanced inside the crazed House's office and kept walking. “So stop asking for coke and get some help!”
Cuddy rolled her eyes. “I need to talk to you.”
“Then make an appointment like everyone else,” he said and limped towards his office door. Cuddy moved in front of him. “Stop teasing the cripple with your blouse. It gets annoying.”
“Guess what Wilson told me.”
House pretended to think for a moment. “You're a whore. Move.” He pushed Cuddy to the side, opened the door and limped over to his desk.
Cuddy followed him. “Some twenty year old girl is drawing pictures of you. He's worried about you.”
House sat down and turned on his computer. “Don't worry she's not a hooker or your favorite drug dealer.”
“I went to see her.”
House signed in to the hospital's mainframe. “Don't tell me that you ate her baby?”
Cuddy frowned. “Will you please be serious for a minute, House. I saw the pictures of you. You guys have to know each other or maybe her parents know you.”
House then brought up Free Cell on the computer. “Nope. I don't know anyone by the name of Napper. So sorry.”
“Who is she?”
“I don't know nor care. Plus if she did know me I'd have a cane.”
“Not in the younger pictures.”
“I did shave back then,” he muttered. “Ask Wilson he would know.”
Cuddy grabbed the mouse away from him stopping the Free Cell game. “He also said you were obsessed with trying to find a yearbook and I know how bad you are with faces-“
House looked directly into Cuddy's eyes. “I don't know WHO she is,” he insisted. “Go ask her if you don't believe me. Right now I'm busy.”
“Playing your dumb card game?”
“That and you're annoying me to death. Go find your drug dealer.”
“Fine I will go ask her,” said Cuddy. She turned on her heel and left the office.
House stayed perfectly still for a few moments. Cuddy now knew and was determined to find out who this girl was also. Man, why couldn't Cameron ever keep her damn mouth shut. He popped another Vicodin into his mouth, stood up and limped to go hide for a few hours while the others were testing.
House went to the coma patient's room, propped his legs up on the bed, and flipped on the TV. During the hour and twenty minutes he had been in the room he felt his pager go off twice, but ignored it since it had been updates. Wilson then opened the door as House flipped through the channels.
“Have you been here this whole time?” asked Wilson and looked up at the TV.
“Nope. Twenty minutes ago I was on the other side of the bed,” answered House.
“Have you checked your pager at all?”
“Nope. Been busy.”
Wilson rolled his eyes. “Your team has been looking for you. Apparently your patient has gone missing.”
House looked away from the TV at Wilson. “And they think that I can actually go looking for someone? Please.”
Wilson grabbed the remote and his cane before House could grab them back. He flipped off the TV. “She's missing House. At least go wait in your office until someone finds her.”
“How long has she been missing?” House carefully stood up feeling the horribly pain run throughout his leg. He popped a Vicodin, limped over and grabbed his cane.
“Don't know.”
House limped out of the room and back towards his office with Wilson walking next to him. “So have you told Cuddy?”
“Why would I tell Cuddy?”
“Because you told her about Lilly and that somehow we know each other.”
“That's because you destroyed your bookshelf trying to find a yearbook.”
“So? I'm destroying my liver because I like alcohol.” He paused as they turned the corner. “Do you know which test they were on?”
“It was right after Cameron drew blood, I think. Cameron went to tell the nurse that Lilly needed something to sleep and when the nurse got to that request Lilly was gone.”
“So then Chase hadn't done his test yet? Where the hell was he at?”
“In the clinic. Cuddy wanted to see him.”
House then saw his office completely empty. It looked like the team still hadn't found Lilly yet. He looked at Wilson. “Go save your dying children. I gotta look busy since I'm not busy anymore.”
“Fine. Bye House.” Wilson walked to his office as House limped towards the doors.