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Episode 1 Jeopardy…for Idiots
Chiyo: Hello, and I am your host for this week's Jeopardy…Chiyo! A lot of people had trouble understanding some of the questions, so we came up with…Jeopardy for idiots!
Audience: YAY!
Chiyo: Meet our contestants; Kagome Higurashi, Tai, and Pikachu
Pikachu: Pi-pikachu (trans: it's pleasure to be here)
Tai: Word!
Kagome: Hiiiiiiii
Chiyo: ((signals to someone offstage)) Can you get the girl some mints or something?
Kagome: O.O
Chiyo: Our categories are: Slightly Dumb, Stupid, Really Stupid, Vegetable, and Points for Free.
Tai: Who should go first?
Kagome: I'm the oldest! I should go first!
Tai: I'm the best!
Pikachu: PIKA! (trans: idiots)
Chiyo: ((sweatdrop)) How about we all flip a coin? ((flip))
Tai: Bingo!
Kagome: Bonsai!
Pikachu: Pika!
Chiyo: ((to self)) They really are idiots. Okay, Tai, I'm assuming you're going first.
Tai: All right! I'll take vegetable for 200 points
Chiyo: Okay. What color is this screen? ((points to blue screen))
Tai: ((frowning)) Err… polkadots?
Chiyo: I'm sorry, Mr. Tai, but `polkadots' is not the correct answer. Hell, it's not even a color.
Tai: I know! I was talking about vegetables! Have you met my good friend, Mr. Tomato?
Chiyo: ((sighing)) Please be seated, Mr. Tai
((Pikachu tries to reach buzzer))
Kagome: Hahaha… that's cute. Stupid yellow thing
Chiyo: Next question?
Kagome: How's about slightly stupid for 600?
Chiyo: Okay, name a fruit that is red and begins with the letter `a'
Kagome: Inuyasha?
Tai: Ooh! I got it! An orange!
Pikachu: Ka! (trans: apple)
Chiyo: Come one people, A-P-P-L-E?
Kagome: ((trying to spell it out)) A-Z-Q-Y-J… is it muffin?
Tai: Oreos. Hmm… I'm kinda hungry now
Pikachu: Pi-pi-pi-pi-pi (trans: A-P-P-L-E)
Chiyo: Uh…guys… just to let you know, you're all in the negatives…
Kagome: Woooooooo!
Tai: Wow… negatives. That means it's like three times as much right?
Pikachu: Pika…pikachu! (trans: I never had to deal with morons like you in my quantum physics class)
Chiyo: Okay, we don't usually do this, but here are the answers for all the questions. Number one, apple; number two, three
Tai: Haha… he said number two
((Several rounds later))
Chiyo: No winners… Forget Jeopardy for stupid people, how about the `We Give you All The Answers' show? ((sigh)) I need a vacation.
((storms offstage))