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Episode 1 ~ Reincarnation Rages
Jerry: Hello and welcome to the Jerry Springer show. I'm your host…Jerry Springer!
Audience: Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry: Yes, thank you. Today's subject; `I'm a Reincarnation of His Past Love and He Just Won't Move On!' Say hello to Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha!
((Kagome and Inuyasha are sitting in chairs. Inu looks pissed off))
Jerry: So…is it true that you're reincarnated.
Kagome: Yes, from Kikyo
Jerry: Interesting. And you (to Inuyasha) did you love Kikyo?
Inuyasha: (looking at Kagome) uhhhhh… thinks: I wonder if she'll tell me to sit…
((Jeopardy music plays))
Jerry: Well?
Inuyasha: I guess so…
Jerry: Is that your final answer?
Kagome: *twitch* Jerry, can I get another chair? The one I'm SIT-ing in is a little hard.
Inuyasha: *falls over*
Jerry: O.O What's his problem?
Kagome: Must have been some bad food. *sweet smile*
Jerry: Right then. So, Inu, how much did you love Kikyo? Did you ever…?
Inuyasha: Well…
Kagome: I really don't see what this has to do with anything! I thought this was supposed to be about Inuyasha and me!
Jerry: (hahahahaha) Sit down, Miss Higurashi
Inuyasha: *falls over*
Jerry: That food again?
Kagome: Guess so. *sits*
Jerry: Have you seen Kikyo, lately?
Inuyasha: Not really. She sorta became evil…and Kagome doesn't like me to talk to her.
Jerry: Would you like to? Well, actually, you don't have a choice. Everyone, say hello to Kikyo!
Kagome and Inuyasha: KIKYO'S HERE?!?!?!?! (for different reasons I might add, lol)
((Kikyo enters))
Kikyo: What? The Jerry Springer show?! You lied to me! You told me this was a dead soul's convention!
Jerry: Ha ha…no I didn't. So, have anything you want to say to Inuyasha?
Kikyo: Yes. *glare* Inuyasha, you have betrayed me. Just because of that jewel shard.
Inuyasha: I didn't even want it!
Kikyo: Well good, because I gave it to Naraku.
Inuyasha: You did WHAT?! Kikyo, Naraku was the one who split us up in the first place!
Kikyo: I thought you didn't care about it? Or was that another one of your lies? Besides, jewel shard or not, you'll never be as strong as your brother. Give it up.
Inuyasha: *blink* How…could you?
Kagome: What about me? Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: I'm a little busy, Kagome. Thinks: I am NOT weaker than Sesshoumaru!
Kagome: Oh sure, with me it's always `Wait a minute.' You treat me like a slave, while you probably lick the dirt off her shoes.
Inuyasha: thinks: OH NO! I'VE BEEN FOUND OUT! How did she find out Kikyo made me lick the dirt off her shoes?!
((Caption under Kagome's name: Whiny, needy little bitch))
Kagome: Oh, that's just a (beep!)ing lie! I am NOT needy! Inuyasha! Tell him I'm not needy!
Inuyasha: You want me to lie to the guy?
Kagome: ****STORM CLOUD**** SIT BOY!!!!!!!!!
Inuyasha: *falls over* Another thing! Stop telling me to (beep!)ing sit all the time! Every time I speak my opinion it's SIT BOY! Are you really that thick-headed? And you call me arrogant.
Kagome: I can't be the only one who thinks you're a stuck-up two timing (beep!)
Jerry: Let's see what your friends think…
((Inu-crew arrives))
Kagome: Thank god, the rational people are here. Tell him, Sango!
Sango: Why? You always run home when things don't go your way!
Kagome: B-but I have midterms!
Inuyasha: Finally, someone on my side!
Miroku: Oh come on! Give us a break! You're just as much to blame as her what with your little love triangle!
Inuyasha: You're one to talk! At least I can keep my hands to myself, monk.
Miroku: SIT!
Inuyasha: Ha ha ha… it doesn't work when you do it.
Miroku: WIND TUNNEL!!!
Inuyasha: Don't give me that (beep!) you mother (beep!)ing (beep! beep!) *grabs onto wall so as not to be sucked in giant void*
((Papers fly around the room))
Kikyo: So you're my reincarnation, huh?
Kagome: Yeeeah…
Kikyo: Hmm… I seem to remember I was a LOT prettier at your age…and that was before makeup.
Kagome: (beep!) you, (beep!)
((commence bitch slapping fight))
Audience: Boooooooo!
Sango: Who are they booing?
Jerry: All of you. This has been the lowest rated show ever. There's no victim. You're all equally bad. THE WORLD NEEDS A VICTIM TO LOVE AND PITY!
((enter Shippo))
Shippo: Sorry I'm late, I… WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?
Random girl in audience: OMG! He's so cute!
Jerry: Yes… Shippo, I just got a call. Pokemon wants to add you as their 1000th pokemon. How'd you like to be called Shippachu?
Shippo (now Shippachu): Fine by me.
Jerry: All right then. That concludes this episode of Jerry Springer. Tune in next time with Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo with `My Fiancé turns into a Fiancée'