InuYasha Fan Fiction / Fan Fiction / FLCL Fan Fiction ❯ I'm as confused as you are ❯ Intro. Oh yeah and some kidnapping. ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
A war between two people has been going on for quite a while. Just one of them is very naive. And they're...umm...I dunno...magic? Come on, people! Throw me a frickin' bone! Just read on! Jeez...

Kaluki: Hmm, this will be harder than I thought.

Crazy cop kinda guy: Freeze! *Points gun at Kaluki*

Kaluki: Shove it, fatty. *Takes his gun*

Crazy cop kinda guy: That's not nice! *Cries like a little girl*

Kaluki: Shut up wuss.

Crazy cop kinda guy: *Wets pants, then runs away*

Kaluki: Too easy.


Kaluki: *Puts garbage bag over group*

InuYasha: Oh no! Tetsusaiga can't cut through garbage bags as far as I know!

Kaluki: Shut up wuss.

InuYasha: T_T


Haruko: You seem to be the evil villain type.

Kaluki: How'dya guess?

Naota: You just captured us with a garbage bag.


Haruko: Canti, you're crushing my my face.

Naota: Mine too!

Canti: (On screen) This garbage bag isn't very big, guys.

Kaluki: Shut up wusses.

Naota: Bite me.

Haruko: Okay. *Bites Naota*

Naota: Ow!


Kaluki: What am I doing here? This place is totally gay.

Goku: More tea, Mr. Frieza?


=Other Dismension=

Kaluki: I think I'm lost.

Odd person in a group of odd people: What's up with her?

Different person: That's a guy, I think.

Another Different person: Either way, you two are screwed for questioning that person's gender.

Kaluki: *Getting sword ready*

2 people who were questioning Kaluki's gender(By the way Kaluki's a girl): *Totally screwed* H-help.

Kaluki: *Stuffed them all in a bag*


Kaluki: I think you are all wondering why I stole you.

Everybody: @_@ *Unconsious*

Kaluki: This can wait.

=10 hours later=

Canti: (on screen) ?

Everybody else: ?

Kaluki: You are all here for one purpose.

Haruko: Which is...?