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Brave, or stupid? Chapter one- The three stooges
Su walked out into the blazing sun. Her long red hair glistened, her bright green eyes shone, her tanned skin glowed, and her mecha out fit shot out LARGE MISSLES?!?!
“ Su! How many times do I have to tell you, don't throw missles!” Veera shouted. She seemed slightly older. Her skin was pale, and her short silver hair glimmered. Her blue eyes seemed to be made of sheer rage. She was wearing her school outfit, which was in sailor fuku style.
“ Veeeeeeeera! Lookie here!” shouted Melataru. She wa wearing almost nothing, except her victori secret outfit. Her long purpple hair was held back in a pony tail, and her lightly tanned skin shone. Her purpple eyes danced happily in the sun.
“ Melataru! You can't…….wear……that.” Veera said desperately trying to cover her up before the boys saw.
“ Ack! Veera, their comin'!” Melataru shouted.
“ Maybe if you didn't wear thid they wouldn't come! Su, stop them!” Veera shouted, before she knew the full magnitude of what she had just allowed her to do.
“ Yes ma'am!” Su shouted. Then she turned to the boys, all the sudden dressed in a white tang top, and shorts. “ Aku aku death trap, attack!!!!” she shouted as she prepared for her attack.
“ I said stop them, not kill them!” Veera shouted as she forced Melataru back into her school uniform.
“ Oh. Where's the fun in that?”
“ JUST DO IT!!!!!!”
“ She's brave for saying that to Su so freely.” One of the boys said refering to Su's energy, and mechas.
“ Or just stupid.” Another one replied.
“ Ancient secret martial arts wind cutting technique!” Su shouted jumping at them. She jumped up twelve feet, and then landed instantly attacking, sending them all flying off! “ Well, that takes care of that problem!”
“ Hey, Su! It's time for class!” Veera shouted shoving Melataru into the classroom.
“ Coming!” she shouted back. Then she pulled out her tropical drums and started beating them in a hypnotic fashion. Then all the guys she had just sent flying ran back to her. They all looked dazed, as if in a hypnotic state. They stumbled to their seats and whispered a chant util Su stoped playing the drums. Then she jumped into her seat in martial arts attack mode, and landed it!
Akito Hayama glared at her. “ You are beyond stupid. And weird. How the hell did you do that thing?”
“ Akito! Hi! Hows life been?” she asked him cluelessly.
Cricket, cricket
“ Ummmm……its…….fine?” he answered.
“ Goodo!” Su shouted.
“ Shush! Class, we are now undergoing a brand new project! I would like to introduce, animal expert, Miss Yuu Takani!” Miss Kurki said.
“ Hello! You can all just call me Yuu-san! I come from the exotic island of Bananali! I was born here in Japan! I study animals and the new, unexpeted, unpredicted arrival of the demons, and hanyous! Today I bring you a rather rare species, the Inu Yasha dog!”
“ Hey!” Inuyasha shouted.
“ I will be studing his reaction in todays average class room! So please, treat him like any other student!” she said grabing Inu Yasha's arm before he could run away, and pressed a button sending a shock into his body.
“ Well, this class is some what abnormal……I am not sure if this will work out the way you expect it to.” Miss Kurki said. (Haha Kurki, kinda like Kurbi!)
“ Nonsence! I would have no other class! The exotic princess, Tsuruku Un Rei Aomi, the wonderous child prodigy, Veera, and the ever beautiful and seductive, Melataru are perfect for potential girl friends!”
*Hee hee! Did I forget to mention those? O well! Now you know! Oh, Su's princess of Bananali*
Akito glared at Inu Yasha, “ Does he have his rabie shots? I'll sue if I get infected….”
“ What the hell did you say!?!?!” Inu Yasha lashed out.
“ I said-“
“ He didn't say anything, he's just a stupid punk, pay no attention to him!” Veera said trying desperately to avoid blood shed. “ ( ahem) This is Tsuruku, or Su, I am Veera, and that is Melataru, or Mel. This menice in Akito Hayama.”
“ Akito. Sounds stupid.”
“ Hey!” Akito from fruits baskets shouted.
oh no
sorry bout that veiwers! So maybe they had to leek in…..but I think that it's a funny series! Heehee! Well, that's all for this chapter! Stay tune for another exciting chapter (when I'm finished with it. I promise I'll start after I'm done with my ramen) of Brave or Stupid! See ya!