InuYasha Fan Fiction / Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Brave or stupid? ❯ you'll see it when you read it! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 2- of love, hate, and friendship- the three stooges attack!
Welcome to after school crud!
Su, Mel, and Veera walked out onto the hot black top, preparing for their daring journey to the drinking fountain. Okay maybe it isn't that bad. But today their two new guy friends Akito, and Inuyasha, have to compete for a girlfriend brfore the spring dance. Whoever comes in last looses! I wonder how Veera will react to the news? And how will she feel about the rejection? Heehee!
Inuyasha walked on one side of the three girls, Akito on the other side. Veera stood in the middle, glaring. Inuyasha took Melataru aside.
“ Um…look. I havent known you long, but I just wanted to know if you would like to go to the spring dance with me?” he asked looking at the ground.
“ Sorry, I have a date.”
“ Who?!”
“ Well I have two choices. Kouga or Akito. I considered both, but in the end there really is no decision. Kouga! But because I've known Akito for a long time, I will go with both. I am really sorry. I can't go with three guys!”
“ I understand.”
“ You should ask Su!”
“ Yeah. I will. Then I'll beat his butt!” Inuyasha shouted as he ran off to go ask her.
*I'm so sorry! I promise I'll get rid of this double Akito thing! The akito that Mels refering to a really hot akito. Not from any anime/manga!*
“ Su? Can I ask you something?” Inuyasha asked.
“ Sure!”
“ Come with me.” He said as he took her to an alley. “ Will you-“
*A look into his mind*
Su was jumping all over the place, throwing stuff, and Akito was with a hot babe, laughing at him.
“ Never mind.” He said running away to Veera. “ Veeeeeeeeeera! I need to ask you something.”
“ What is it canine?”
“ Umm….okay….well I wanna know if you'll go to the spring dance with me?”
“ Have you asked Mel, or Su?”
“ Both.”
“ So you'll come to me as a last resort, eh? Well I refuse to be third to ANYONE! And besides, I'm practicing chasity, and the hunt to live up to my idol, the goddess Diana.” She replied then she slapped him.
Akito walked up to Su, “ Umm, will you go to the dance with me?”
“ Nope!”
“ What?! Whay not?!”
“ Because I have a date! I'm going with prince Shuin! He's an eligibal bachelor, and I have to give him a chance to date me. Then I'll turn him down!” she said merrily. “ But I promise that I'll date you afterwards! If, you can defeat me.”
“ Alright, bring It on!” Akito shouted.
“ I'm going to do it next!” Inuyasha shouted.
“ Alright!” su then was wearing a revealing tropical island outfit, and had twelve mecha robots behind her.
“ I'll go first.” Akito said. He began to attack in many karate ways, only to be doged effortlessly by Su. Then she kicked him into the air, stuck her poul in the ground, jumped ontop of it, and did a backflip, kicking him FAR away in mid back flip.
“ Alright, bring it on. Iron reaver-“
“ Ah ah ah!” she said shaking her finger at him, then socking him in the gut. “ Play nice!”
“ Damn she's tuff. You'd never guess by her looks!”
Join us next time for the exciting conclusion ofthis battle! And will veera have a date?