InuYasha Fan Fiction / Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Brave or stupid? ❯ Veera- Queen of the spring dance! You wont know that...heehee ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter three- Veera- queen of the spring dance!
Veera stepped into the store, alone and nervous. She walked up to the clerk, who wasn't impressed by Veeras casual clothes in a fancy store.
“ May I help voo?” the clerk asked her eyes were half closed lazily.
“ Um, I have a dress reserved here for me to buy.” She said hoping that was all she needed to say.
“ Vell, dear, we haff a lot of reservations. I need a specific dress name.” She said annoyed.
“ Um, blue sky?” she answered, rubbing her temples. All the attention was starting to get to her.
Note that she hardly got any other attention besides from her friends, and family, and theboys giving her attention adds up to the trauma
“ Blue sky to desk voo, blue sky to desk voo. It should be here in a minnet.” She said as she turned off the microphone.
A lady came running a a tremendous speed, considering her enormous size, with a beautiful dress in her hands.
“ Veera?” she asked gasping for breath.
“ Yes, that's me.”
“ Here's your dress. Vinda? Scan this in a hurry. This dress is wanted by five vicious girls who wont stop at anything to get it.”
“ Yes ma'am. Hand me the dress, missus. Vank you.” She said scanning it. “ Hmmm…zat will be one hundred dollars please. And en cash. Ve don't accept viza.”
“ Here.” Veera said thrusting the cash into Vindas hands, and taking off with the dress. When she got out of that store she rushed over to the store labled ` Make over sensation' and entered. “ Hello?” she called at the empty desk. “ I made an appointment here for a makeover! My name's Veera!”
A young woman walked up to the counter, and smiled, “ I'll be giving you the make over! My name is Cassieni!” she said seating Veera on a chair. When she was finished, Veera was 100% beautiful.
“ Usually I don't feel anything for these artificial beauty things.” Veera said admiring the job in the mirror.
“ It's okay, everyone has to look beautiful some time!” she replied.
Okay we're just going to skip right to the dance. Don't worry, I'll write about the fight as well!
Su entered with the handsome prince Shuin. She was wearing the tropical virgin young womans outfit, and Shuin in the male eddition. Melataru came in wearing an outfit like Kougas (she decided that she would never go with anyone other then Kouga! Melataru is on this site, kougasmate!), and kouga holding her hand. Inuyasha and Akito both came in tottally beat up from the battle with Su, and dateless. Then came Veera.
Instantly she was asked to dance by tons of guys, in the end she only danced with half (there weren't enough songs : P!), and then came the grand finale!
“ Welcome springers! We're going to hold our annual queen and king of the spring flig contest! Our randomly chosen contestants are, for queen, Su, Kiede (what?!?!), and Veera! Our king contestants are Shuin, Onigumo (gosh), and Ito-kun!”
“ I'm a girl!” Ito shouted. (Ito from W Juliet)
“ Okay, not Ito, but Yuki-kun!” (I appologize to all Yuki/Tohru supporters! This is jst the way the story goes!)
After everyone voted, and heard the testimonies (is this law and order?), the announcements for kind and queen are about to be made!
Now this is that battle conclusion you wanted so much! Heehee, I love taunting people!
Su then did a flying jump kick, and knocked Inuyasha down. After tottally kicking his ass, she helped him and Akito to the nurses' office.
“ What happened?!” the nurse yelled.
“ I dunno. I guess they just got mad at eachother. I tried to stop them, but they just wouldn't listen!” Su said erupting into fake tears.
“ It's okay. I'll get thm cleaned up in a jiffy. But they wont be in good physical shape for the dance.”
“ I don't think they care! They don't have dates!” Su said. Then she erupted into song!
I brush against the freckles that I hated so
My life goes on, and I heave a little sigh for you
It's heavy, this love that I once shared with you
Then it dissolved like it was just a sugar cube

Now the little pain sittin' in my heart
Has shrunken a bit, but it really does hurt me now
Those silly horoscope charts
Guess I can't trust them after all...

If we could get further away...
I wonder what it would be like? Yeah
I'd be so happy inside my heart

All the memories I have are beautiful in my mind
But they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul
And tonight I thought I'd be just sitting in my sorrow

And now I must wonder why
What did it really mean to you?
I just can't see it any more
I just can't see it any more
She sang in the same pitch as the actual singer!