InuYasha Fan Fiction / Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Brave or stupid? ❯ Su's sad past ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter five- Su's sad past
Su looked out at the cherry blossums, and sighed. Such memories. Such friendship. Such pain. She wipped the teard from her eye, and slowly got up. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“ Ah! I'm sorry, don't-“ she screamed. Then she saw a boy looking at her wide-eyed.
“ Umm. Su? Are you okay?”
This boy is Sabatake! He is Su's actual boyfriened (srry I din't introduce him first thing! Hey, this has kinda left Inuyasha and kodomo no ochoma). Now you see, I guess I have to tell you about him. He's a hotheaded 17-year-old boy, and the younger brother of Saburo (he will have some connectin with Melataru!). Saburo is calm, cool and collected. In many ways, their relationship is simular to Inuyasha and Sesshy. Saburo, sesshy, seems weak, but really he's much stronger than Sabatake, Inuyasha. But sabatake, who is more open with his feelings, is kinda like kyo from fruits basket. Well, n e ways, Sabatake has short red hair, a tan, cute, and ia a master martial artist. Saburo has black hair, is tanned, cute, and attends colledge. Sabatake, not wanting to skip any grades, was accepted into a private school, for students with extraordinary talents. The school is called ` Oookami, ookami!' (Wolf wolf). That school is the one that Su and Mel and Veera attend.
“ Sabatake?! When did you get back?” she asked, shocked. Then she kissed him. “ I missed you so much!”
“ I missed you to.” He said scooping her up in his arms. “ I came as soon as I heard about that guy your mom is trying to set you up with. I take it he's already gone?”
“ Mm-hmm. Some people just take rejecion hard.” She whispered in his ear. Then, when he reached behind her to pull her close to him, she jumped back.
“ Wha- why did you do that?” he asked supprised, but not angry.
“ I just- I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I mean, I love you so much, and I want to be held by you, but I just can't.” she said crying, then running off.
Saburo walked up behind him, and looked at Su as she ran behind a corner. “ What did you do?”
“ Nothing. I just was kissin' her, and she ran off.” He said puzzled.
“ Well that explains it. Your breath stinks.” Saburo said sitting next to Sabatake. “ Don't take it to heart. She probobly has bad memories. You should talk to Melataru.”
“ Yeah. I think I will.” Sabatake said getting up, and going to Melataru's room. He knocked three times.
“ Come iiiin!” she chimed.
He walked in only to see-a completely normal room!?
“ May I help you?” she asked happily.
“ Um, well yes actually.” He said siiting down after he shut the door. “ You see, I just came back from that trip me and Saburo took-“
“ Saboro's back? Yaaaaaay! I felt like a woman waiting for her soldier! Well, that can wait. So, you just came back, and?”
“ Well, I saw Su sitting by herself. She looked kinda sad, and lonely. So I went over to her, and when I touched her, she freaked out. Then you know we kissed a bit, and then she ran off when I tried to hug her even more.”
“ What day is it?”
“ What?”
“ What day is it?”
“ What does that have to do with anything?”
“ It has everything to do with everything she does.”
“ Um, may twenty-first.”
“ Ah-ha! Su's sad past.”
“ What?”
“ You see, when Su was a child, she lived in the tropical kingdom, of Bananali as a princess in training. When she turned thirteen, as the customs say, you become a woman, and you're a full-fledged one if you have had your period for the first time. Well, the entire kingdom was told about the princess becoming a fully-fledged eligibal woman! One man like the idea, and well he, did things to her against her will.”
“ He raped her?!” he yelled.
“ Shhhhhh! Yes. But you can't tell her I told you. She doesn't want you to know, because she likes you. A lot.” Melataru said looked at him grimly. “ This is the day he did it. She gets depressed because of it. Now all through out the year, she gets scared when people of the opposite gender touch her lovingly, because she doesn't want to be raped again. Respect that, please.”
“ Mmm-hmm.” He said. Then he got up, thanked her, and set off to find Su.
She was perched on a branch, crying her eyes out. She looked up, and saw him staring at her. “ I'm so sorry. I really am. I love you so much, but I just don't-“
“ It's okay.” He said climbing up to sit beside her. When he got comfortable, he smiled at her. “ You just have to know that I will never hurt you, and I will always love you. No matter what. So if there is anything you want to tell me, you can tell me whenever.
She broke down and began to tell him about Justin-her cousin in law. Sabatake's eyes were wide. He didn't know that he was her cousin. He held her in his arms tightly, and let her cry on him. “ Su. I love you. I always will, and you can tell me anything. Nothing can scare me away.”
She smiled at him, “ Thank you.” Then she kissed him. I reapeat SHE kissed HIM. That is a huge step!
*This is a preview for the next chapter! This will give you an indepth look on Melataru, and Saburo! Wow, I really have gotten rid of the inuyasha/kodomo no ochoma theme. O well, they'll come back! I just really think that su mel, veera sabie, and saburo are really lovable and interesting people, that me and my best friend are going to make into our own series, and would like to introduce them to the world! If you don't like the story plot, or if you just have some suggestions, and/or complements, e-mail me at Make the subject, ` Brave or Stupid?' Domo Arigato!