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Chapter 7- Mel's past 2
Melataru hunched herself over to block out the wind. She was sitting on the rooftop, staring oiut at the cherry blossums as they swayed in the wind. Her hair escaoed the clip she had desperately tried to hold it up in, and hung infront of one eye. When she blinked, the image of a man holding a bottle in his left hand smiling, with his arm raised caused her to utter a scilent cry, and she burried her head in her hands, sobing. She turned at the sound of footsteps, and stared, puffy eyes at Saburo.
“ What's wrong?” he asked, clearly worried.
“ Notheing, just thinkin'.” She whispered, wiping her eyes, and smiling at him.
“ What are you thinking about?” he asked, sitting beside her, and wraping an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him.
“ Oh, nothing much, just family.”
“ When are you gonna tell me about them?”
“ You really wanna know?” she asked looking into him face. When he nodded she sighed. “ Okay. My mom died when I was little. Either she died or just left. I was left to live with my dad, a drunk. He was nice some days, but most of the times, it was like he took of a dream mask, to reveal a nightmare. He'd hit me, throw me around. It was only when he drank, but then it got out of hand. He drank more and more. He did----horrible things.” She began to cry again, and held up a hand to Saburo. “ Then one day, I ran away. The scars on me, were all bleeding. So I fell. I fell on the hard cement, and crawled away. Then I saw Su. She was pretty beat up to. She helped me, and healed me as I healed her.
“ We continued like that for a lonmg time. She told me that her marks were from livin' on her own, not being hit, so I told her my story. We cried together, then made a deal. We'd never let anyone hurt us. So here we are.”
Saburo looked at her, wide eyed. “ I'll never let anything happen to you. If I could, I'd take all your hurt, all your pain, and put it on myself. Please know that.”
“ I do. And that's why I love you, with all of my heart.” She laughed a little as she tried to clear her eyes. “ Look at me. Blubberin' away to you.”
“ I want you to do this. I want you to cry to me, and laugh to me. I want you to feel like you can tell me, because I want to know. I won't ever be scared away. I won't ever hurt you, and I want you to get close to me. So close that if you did hurt me, it would hurt. I want to be so close to you, that I know everythibng about you. That's what I want. What do you want?” he asked, wiping tears from her face.
“ I want that to. But I'm scared. Scared that if you find out, everything that you might leave. I can't just decide that it's time to tell all of my secrets. Please understand that.”
“ I do. And I will wait until you are ready. We can take it slowly. Because I know that you'll always have something to say, and that I'll always be there to listen.”
“ Thank you. So much, you don't know how much this means to me.”
“ I think I do. Now, lets go get some grub.”
“ After you.”
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