InuYasha Fan Fiction / Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Brave or stupid? ❯ Hello everybody ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8- Inuyasha meets the boys
Inuyasha sat on his stool, eating dog food from a bowl that Su had given him.
“ Good dog man! Now, sit!” she shouted.
He flinched, then relaxed. She didn't have the power! Then all the sudden, he was thrust into the ground. “ WHAT THE HELL-“
“ I'm so sorry, dog boy! My neckalace did it! I saw it glow-“
“ GREAT!” he shouted clenching his fist at the sky. “ Curse you, you old bag!”
Su tried to grab him, and he lost his balance. They rolled down the hill, and when they landed, he was ` pinning' her down, and she was crying from the hurts.
Sabatake saw them. “ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY GIRL!?” he shouted. Then he jumped at them, threw Inuyasha off of Su, and holding her, as he readied himself for another attack.
“ It wasn't my fault! She attacked me and we fell!” Inuyasha shouted back.
“ Come my animal friends!” Sabatake shouted. All the animals from snow white assembled.
“ Ohhh! How cute!” Su said refering to a doe.
“ Attack!”
All the sudden, the doe had fangs and red eyes, and began to advance on Inuyasha.
“ What the hell-!?” was all he managed to utter.
“ Sabie? It really wasn't his fault.”
“ What?” Sbatake said, eyeing Inuyasha as the doe was peeing him on.
“ He was telling the truth! I was planning to attach my device under his skin, and we fell. Honest. But, now I know that you will always save me. You're the greatest guy EVER!” she yelled, hugging and kissing hiim to his delight.
Inuyasha stumbled over to them, dragging the doe that had locked it's legs around his leg like a child wanting a leg ride. “ Get this thing OFF OF ME!” he bellowed.
“ Release.” Sabatake said between kisses.
The doe released him, but he took a chunk of cloth with him.
Saburo ran up the hill looking around. “ I thought I heard someone screaming. Oh well.”
A figure slowly made it's way up the hill, he looked dark, and mysterious.
“ Drakon!” Inuyasha shouted. “ How are you?” he said, running up to Drakon.
“ I'm fine.” He was 5' 6”, with a dragon-like wing on his left side and had a long cloak. Su ran up to him and smiled.
“ Heya!”
“ Heya!” he shouted back, giving her a thumbs up signal.
“ Wanna go climb a tree with me?”
“ Sure!”
They skipped off to
Name-, drakon, D
Hair-short red
Best fried out of the characters provided-Inuyasha
Personality-happy and outgoing not much of a fighter. but will stand up for his friends.
Heighth-5 ft 6in
Weird traits- has one dragon-like wing on his left and wears a cloak that has pockets with a unlimited space with a lot of stuff that he does not know what is in them.
Animals-a 2 foot long chinese dragon that can talk
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