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A pool of smoke encircled a small mirror. Within this mirror three miniature figures walked along a path lined with shrubs & trees. One was human with spiky brown hair wielding a giant keylike sword. Next to him was a duck who held a magician's staff. Finally, behind both of them, a large black dog sauntered along on his hind legs, spinning a shield above his head.
"Those three pathetic excuses for fighters defeated Ansem? It's embarrassing!", a man with slick brown hair and brown eyes loomed over the mirror. The large pale cat that stood next to him cringed away from its owner. The man clenched his fist then shoved it into his pocket.
"Don't be so cross, Giovanni. Ansem was a failed experiment whose head was in the clouds, thinking just his changed forms and the Heartless could defeat one with such a heart."
"Do you say that from experience, ShiShio?", another man, wrapped in bandages walked up to the mirror. He stood opposite of Giovanni and smoked happily. The fumes seemed to form the frame around the image of the boy and his friends.
"This is no time to be bickering, my friends.", a cloudish being appeared next to ShiShio. A blue baboon face took shape near ShiShio's shoulder, "Our creations will be finished soon."
ShiShio looked down at the white monkey and snapped his cigar in half.
"Hello, Naraku. Are they ready yet?"
"Soon, my bandaged ally, soon.", Naraku took a piece of the broken cigar and rolled it in his palm.
Two more figures stood around the mirror, a handsome man with blue hair and a young teen with bleach blonde hair.
"You are very lucky that we decided to join you, Naraku.", said the blonde, who was idly inspecting his Millennium rod, "But the price was perfect."
The young man's voice was scratchy, full of malice and deceit. Naraku smiled beneath his mask. Indeed, promising them wealth, power, everything they could ever dream of was a mere step away. Of course, Naraku couldn't do this on his own, there was another force behind even him, a force that would not be reconciled by any means.
"Thank you for the compliment, Marik.", the baboon suit tilted forwards as he bowed. Marik laughed heartily and swung his axe-like rod through the mirror, which momentarily fuzzed but came back together.
"The taste of their blood will be most delightful.", he bit down playfully on the blade and smiled up at his superiors, "Won't it, Legato?"
"That is hardly healthy for you.", Legato's voice, in contrast to the one next to him, was smooth and elegant, "If you want blood, order your steaks rare." Marik glared up at Legato who was chuckling at his own joke.
A door behind Giovanni swung open and three men walked in. The first had orange hair with two red-colored bangs, the guy behind him had blue hair tied back by a pink bow, and finally there was a sullen man with silver hair and eyes that were orange rimmed in red.
"Suzaku, Harry, Llyod.", Naraku dropped the cigar butt and grinned over at three who had entered. Harry graceful waltzed over to Legato and draped him over the spikes on the man's white coat.
"Legato-san, why must you long for death?", he giggled lightly.
"Are you smashed, MacDougal?" Legato leaned to one side and let the drunken boy fall to the ground.
"Gomen. After he realized that he would get everything he had ever wanted, he decided to celebrate.", Suzaku waved his hand over the mirror, changing the image to a black-hair teen arguing with a girl with brown hair, "Instead of trying to kill off a human all at once, I'll kill off his demon friends first."
The picture moved to focus on a short boy with spiky black hair standing next to a red headed teen. The boy looked very annoyed as his colleague made a remark about the other two fighting constantly.
"Yusuke Urameshi, Keiko Yukimura, Kurama, and Hiei. Hiei has a sister. The beautiful ice demon Yukina. Unfortunately, she can't know that."
"Explain.", Giovanni's interest had left watching the two blue haired men fight.
"Hiei has a special eye on his forehead", the image intensified and the white bandana around Hiei's head disappeared. Beneath it was a purple eye, "It's called the Jigan eye and if his sister was to learn about their relationship, he would lose that eye and the powers with it. Without it, he would only be a very stong rodent."
"What about the others", ShiShio abandoned his half of the cigar to the floor, stepping on it casually, "They will want to defend their demon counter part."
"Wanting something is beyond what the others will come across. I have sorted their priorities and they'll be too busy with themselves to help the others. It's like killing antelope, corner one off and they're meek little creatures."
"Truly worthy of our legions.", Giovanni clapped and his cat purred alongside him, "My Persian agrees."
"Lloyd, why don't you join us?", Marik looked back at the silver-hair man who was leaning against the black of the room, "Explain your plans."
"I'd much rather not spoil the surprise."
"Leave him be.", another man, this time a prince, came into view. He too waved his hand over the mirror and Hiei's face was replaced by a young girl who has laughing at a joke being told by her father.
"Naraku.", Toma glanced over at the baboon then back towards the girl, "Akane..."
"Have you seen Professer Gil or Black ghost?"
"Tell me Toma. I thought you had gotten over Akane."
"Feh!", Toma crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes, "I just needed the time to get stronger. I will not be conquer by some half man!"
Suddenly the room began to shake and the mirror took the shape of a black robotic head. It laughed maliciously.

"They're ready. Perfect and ready to take on this boy and what ever else blocks they're set path!", Black Ghost, the cyborg in the mirror, backed away and wrung his hands. This was the moment they had all been waiting for..