InuYasha Fan Fiction / Outlaw Star Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Kingdom Hearts II: A New Realm ❯ Death's Whip ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sora stretched out on a patch of grass, exhausted from walking for so long. His two friends rested beneath a tree nearby. The boy looked towards the sky and watched the clouds glide by. He sighed heavily, the memory of his dear friend Riku etched deeply into his mind.
'Take care of Kairi...' Sora had never seen him look so forlorn yet happy. It made his heart twist in unnatural ways.
"Riku..", his mind drifted alongside a bat shaped cloud when the ground below him began to quake. Donald had shot straight up and was trying to wake Goofy. The oversized dog yawned and smacked his lips, mumbling dreamily about pizza.
"GOOFY!!!", cried the duck again, "GET UP!!!"
Sora raced over to them as the earth cracked and spilt, revealing a river of magma. Within that magma, a body rose. It was a male human being, dressed in silver armor. He shook his head violently, causing the molten rock to spray in different directions. His hair was long and black and his eyes a bright gold. Goofy sat up sleepily to wipe off a searing bit of lava on his arm.
"Hello. My name is Death.", Death stepped forward and held his hand out to Sora, "I'm here to kill you."
"Death.", Donald hissed under his breath.
"Are you looking for trouble?", Sora pulled out his keyblade and glared at Death, who blinked innocently.
"Looking?", he echoed, "No, no. I don't look for trouble-"
Death backed away and raised his hands. A lightning bolt flashed down and struck the lava, causing it to rise abnormally. It began to spin and braid itself with the jolt. Sora gritted his teeth and stood back, waiting for Death to make his move. The newly created whip lagged over Death's head. He grabbed it with his right hand.
"-I cause it!", the whip was brought down. It burned and tore apart the ground, making a direct path towards Goofy. The dog sat there stunned.
"Goofy!", Donald tried again to move his friend, but the whip made a last minute move and slaughtered the tree behind him. The oak smoldered and severed branches fell around the trio. Death pulled his whip back and inspected his claw-like nails in boredom.
"Fira!", cried the little duck, aiming his staff at the intruder. A fireball spun towards him, but Death took a defensive stance. He smirked and threw his whip through the assault. The fiery attack parted and flew harmlessly pasted him.
"Is that the best you got?", he threw his whip again, purposely missing the quack by a few inches, "You've got to be kidding."
Donald, enraged by this threat, ran forward waving his staff blindly above his head. Death's whip lashed out and wrapped itself around the magician. Death chuckled evilly.
"I love playing with tops.", and he reeled back, sending Donald tornadoing alongside the fault in the earth, "Round and round he goes, where he stops... even I don't know!"
Sora lunged at Death, swinging his keyblade at his face. Death countered by raising whip arm, blocking the swing. But the keyblade, empowered by its holder's rage, dented the silver-colored armor.
'What is this?' Death jumped back and maneuvered his whip to hit Sora across the chest. The boy flew back and skidded a few yards away. Confused by the sudden surge of power emitting from his opponent, Death popped his neck and stood waiting for another move. Goofy, the only fighter left, shakily rose to his feet and charged Death. The man sighed and straightened his whip, aiming it like a pool stick at the Mickey Mouse sign. As Goofy's shield came into contact with tip of the stick, it melted the metal and stormed pasted Goofy's face, setting only a bit of him on fire. The whip then lagged and made several U-turns around the dog's head.
"Bad dog!", Death yanked down hard on his weapon, pulling it and a suffocating warrior to the ground with a sickening thud. The red-yellow braid unwrapped itself and rewrapped around its master's waist. As Death turned around to leave, a small clicking noise could be heard behind him. Sora had risen again and was not about to take one defeat laying down. He swung again at Death's face. The man moved just in time to only receive a cut down the side of his face. He slapped his hand to that side and growled angrily.
"Just die, boy!", he spun his whip above his head and brought it down on Sora's head. The keyblade blocked this attack but he did not see the fist that rapped against his ribcage, nearly shattering it. He stepped back as Death returned to spinning his whip.
"I bet your wondering why your not dead yet, well..", he raised his left hand and took the whip with it. Immediately, the whip spun much faster, "My right hand isn't very strong."
Sora tried to get away but the moment he shifted his weight, Death's whip came down with the most ferocious of roars. It struck its target on his neck, side, and both legs all at once with such force it sent Sora flying back, rolling across the path. The boy rose to all fours, one arm holding his side. Death made an amused grunt.
"Are you a cockroach, boy?", he backed up a bit and put his hand in a pouch on his side, "Well, I can't leave you here hanging by a thread of life and empty-handed."
He pulled out a small green orb the glowed softly and made a quiet heartbeat sound.
"So here!", Death pitched the orb at Sora's head. It hit and fell less than a foot away, the seamless casing cracked slightly, "It's some left over materia from when we where made."
The boy glared down at it before losing consciousness. The armored man 'tsk'ed at the setting before him, "I hope my sister is having more fun than I am."
Death spun on his heel and dropped back into the fault, sighing discontently.