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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-somewhere in ancient Japan's past-
"Say, Kenshin.", Sanosuke leaned against a wall of the Kamiya dojo. Kenshin was sitting on the steps, gazing at the cloudy, starless night, "Don't you find any of this weird?"
"I don't understand what you mean, that I don't.", the red-headed swordsman smiled back at his friend. Sano crossed his arms and slid down the wall.
"Missy's been acting strange ever since that Misao girl and Aoshi came to visit. She's suddenly over-protective of her, likes something bad's gonna happen."
"Nothing bad will happen to Misao while she's here. We'll make sure of it."
"Who's 'we'?"
Kenshin's gaze returned to the sky, which had become much darker than before. His eyes became serious and he hastily stood.
"What's wrong?"
"Make sure everyone stays inside and go get Aoshi.", Kenshin walked away from the dojo as rain began pouring. Sano watched for a moment, then went searching for his friends.
"Who's there?" Kenshin shouted.
"Aw, man.", said a girl. She sounded sweet and vile at the same time, "You saw through my storm, I guess they don't call you the Battousai for nothing."
A young teenage girl with short white hair and silver eyes appeared from within the mist of the rain. She was dressed in a black kimono, similar to Kenshin's and had a sword at her side. Kenshin stepped back and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. Sano and Aoshi, followed by Kaoru, Misao, and Yahiko, arrived to set their eyes on the beautiful woman.
"Kenshin! What's going on?", Sano cried, clenching his fist, "Is there something I'm not in on?"
"Get over yourself, Kenshin isn't the kind of guy who would go and do things like that.", Aoshi put his hand on the fighter's shoulder, "Although I'm not so sure about your moral ethics, you brute."
As Sano angrily argued with Aoshi, Kenshin and the others focused on the girl who was smirking ominously.
"Who are you?", Kenshin asked, rain pounding down on the both of them.
"My name is Despair and...", her gaze went past her forward threat, "What's with the talking chicken?"
Sano burst out in anger and rushed up to Despair, throwing his fist at her face. The girl caught it and threw the chicken head over her shoulder. He landed in a puddle in the street and suddenly froze there.
"I forgot to mention, I can control water in all forms and earth in all forms.", she raised her hands and a river of water came gushing behind her. It swept past Sano, created a spire behind its summoner, and became a giant ice tower. Despair pulled the hilt from its sheath and stabbed it into the ice mountain, "And it's all I need to defeat you and earn my prize."
The ice tower shattered and melted into an icy wave that crashed into the dojo, dousing everyone. All that was left was a blade connecting to the hilt Despair was holding. She smiled approvingly at her new weapon and showed it off to Kenshin and the others.
"You wench!", shrieked Misao, who lunged forward at the girl, "EAT MY FOOT!"
"Sorry", Despair ducked and struck Misao in her back as she passed over head, "I'm not really fond of meat." Misao fell limply to the ground. Aoshi glared menacingly at the teenager. Despair felt an ice cold chill run up her back.
"Ooooh! I love the tension! Come and fight me, Aoshi! Show me what the real leader of the Oniwanbanshu can do!" Aoshi pulled his double kodachis out of their sheath and aimed at his opponent's neck. The girl grinned and blocked the attack by striking the two swords with her own at their center point. Aoshi's weapons cracked and with a look that made Despair squeal, fell to his knees in defeat, "Poor little boy, tried to protect his girlfriend but couldn't win."
She kicked Aoshi in the head, sending him to the ground next to Misao. Yahiko made a vain attempt to beat Despair down with his wooden sword. Amused by his attempt, Despair grabbed the stick and his wrists, twisting them over his shoulders. The little boy cried out in pain as Despair took his stick and struck him cruelly in his neck. Unconscious and coughing up blood, Yahiko collapsed and writhed.
Kenshin began stepping forward when Kaoru sprinted past him, tears glinting off her face at the sight of her student. The swordsman reached forward to stop her, but was too late, Kaoru was already swinging madly at Despair.
"I have no time for such foolery!", Despair thrusted her hand at Kaoru's neck, picking her up as the raccoon girl dropped her weapon. The armor clad warrior rolled her shoulders and tossed Kaoru into a tree in the yard. Her head hit the tree and she immediately passed out, but not before whispering Kenshin's name.
"Miss Kaoru!", the red-head clamped his hand over the hilt of his reverse-edge sword and glared at Despair.
"Is that Hitokiri Battousai talking? Or Mr. Himura the pacifist?", Despair pointed her sword at Mr. Himura's head, "Well?"
Kenshin pulled back for his ultimate technique and Despair also readied herself for battle. The ex-assassain lurched at her and cried out the name of his attack. As he came to an abrupt stop, he realized that his attack had not hit its target.
"Oooo... What a long name for such a airy attack.", Despair whipped her sword around, still aiming at Kenshin's head, "Did someone teach you that, Mr. Himura, or did you make it up on the spot to scare me?"
Kenshin wheeled around and blocked the attack. He moved quickly and got right underneath Despair.
"Hiten Misturugi Ryu... Ryo Sho Zen!", he shot up and slammed the blunt end of his sakabatou into his opposite's neck. Despair fell back and went limp onto the stairs. Kenshin walked slowly up to her, placing his sword back into its sheath. He knelt down and softly held up her face with his hand, "I will not kill anyone, please change your ways."
"How sweet...", Kenshin was taken aback when the previously comatose women sat up and grabbed Kenshin attire at the chest, "I'm getting cavities." She smiled widely, showing off long fangs. With a quick motion, Despair pulled Kenshin close for a stolen kiss. Kenshin clapped his hand over his mouth and stumbled backwards.
"Your alive?"
"Didn't you just say you wouldn't kill anyone? Of course I'm not dead!", she swayed to one side and disappeared, reappearing in front of Kenshin. Despair spun on the balls of her feet and kicked the Battousai in the neck. He flew backwards and landed a few inches from the frozen Sano, who watched helplessly. Kenshin rolled onto his side and wiped the blood from his mouth.
"Do you work for ShiShio?", the man was able to ask, standing to face Despair again.
"You could say that.", the sinister girl happily clapped her hands together, then shot forward, slashing Kenshin with her sword. Kenshin fell over his friend and sat up as the top half of his outfit fell off. Despair hopped in place, clapping her hands together in child-like glee, "Oh! You're so cute! I wish I could talk you home!"
Hitokiri balanced himself and glared again at the girl her tried to calm herself. He drew his sword again and lashed out at Despair. Now completely enraged, his eyes glowed gold with the Battousai's malicious intents. He brought his sword down on the girl's head. She blocked with one arm, the sleeve guarding it split and fell to the earth below. The arm beneath it had been cut and was bleeding. Despair eyes became cat-like slits.
"This kimono was specially designed for me! How dare you ruin it, you bastard!" She dropped her innocent visage and cut the Battousai across his chest, "No more Miss Nice-Chick!"
Despair struck the red-head several times before relieving her anger. Kenshin cringed on the ground, bruised and torn nearly to pieces. The girl pressed her foot onto the gash across Himura's chest. He cried out in pain, much to Despair's delight.
"I'll be taking what I came for, and a few souvenirs as well. Better hope that your other friend's will have the strength to help you.", she rubbed her foot into the gash, then walked towards Misao, leaving a bloody right-footed trail. Misao was lifted over Despair shoulder and Sano was carried along under her arm.
"I hope my brother is having an easier time than I am."