InuYasha Fan Fiction / Outlaw Star Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Kingdom Hearts II: A New Realm ❯ Death & Machinery ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-somewhere in an ocean-
"Hey, 006, are you finished with dinner yet?", an orange haired man, whose hair was also spiked backwards very far, sat in a brown chair, slumping in boredom.
"Keep your pants on, 002!", cried a plump Chinese man in the kitchen. 002 snorted angrily and flung a magazine at another guy's head. It stopped short and floated harmlessly to the floor of the room.
"Thanks alot, 001.", said the man, a German by the name of 004. Nearby, a baby yawned and waved to 004.
"No problem.", 001 replied. As he did 003, a young French woman, 005, a tall Native American, 006, 007, a British actor, 008, an African warman, and 009, a Japanese boy, all entered carrying platters of food. 002 straightened up in his seat and rubbed his hands together. 006 glared up at his aerodynamically correct friend and puffed his chest out.
"You get to eat last!"
"Disrespect gets you nowhere.", 003 and the others placed the food down on the table before 002 while 006 took a plate to the German still on watch duty. 002, a.k.a Jet Link, covered his eyes and sat back in his chair. While the other 00's ate, minus 002, 001 picked up on a very large and fast energy source.
"004! Can you pick anything up on the radar? Something is coming right this way!", 004 quickly scanned the many radars in front of him and found what the baby was talking about. Before any of the other 00's could respond, a silvery figure crashed through the glass front of their ship, the Dolphin, followed by a red-yellow braid. The figure hit the floor and rose to face them.
"Hello, my name's Death and I'm here for a Miss 003.", Death scanned the ship and saw the young blonde he had been sent to capture. He snickered and stepped towards her, "I had no idea that I would encounter such a beautiful-"
003 had slapped Death across the face and he stood a bit stunned and amused at the same time. He put his hand against the side of his face.
"Your the second person to cause injury to my face, and I'm getting rather tired of it.", he snatched 003's arm and pulled her towards him, "Now you'll come quietly or I'll kill everyone here."
002 stood up and paced over to Death, "You know, it's not polite to force a lady to do something she doesn't wanna do."
"And what'll you do about it? Huh, birdface?", Jet stepped back and flung his fist at Death. The man blocked the attack and shoved his knee into Jet's stomach, which growled angrily. The cyborg soared in midair and dented a wall not far from them. 009 bit down on the back of his teeth, turning on his acceleration mode, and sped behind Death. He aimed his gun at the man's head but was suddenly cut-off when Death's whip snapped at his side, wrapped around his arm, and flung him into the floor of the ship.
"009!", shout the tall Native. 005 pulled the man up by his armor and punched him in the stomach. Death grabbed his abdomen in false pain.
"Hey! That stung! Well, eye for an eye.", he swung up and latched onto 005's arm with both legs and arms. Then he miraculously pulled the giant down, smashing his head into the floor.
"That's enough!", shouted both 008 and 004 who both hand their guns out, aiming at Death's head. Caught off guard, Death raised his hands.
"Oh, dear.", he said in a falsetto voice, "The big strong cyborgs are going take down weak little me!" Both guns went off at the same time. Death did a somersault backwards and both shots hit their allies. 008 and 004 cringed to the ground clinging to their shoulders.
"Stop right there!", shouted 001, who used he telekinesis to wrap Death's whip around it's master's neck.
"Ooohhh... cool trick.", his eyes turned a solid gold, "Wanna see mine?" 001 shouted in pain and held his head. It felt like it was going to burst, so he let go of the whip, which fell into Death's hand and fell asleep.
"001!", cried 003.
"Ever heard of letters?", Death spun around and tied his whip around 003 and the brown chair. The blonde struggled against the burning whip while Death searched for the last of the cyborgs. As he dropped to look under the dash board, 007 popped from the keyboard and struck Death with his mallet/arm. Death reached up and yanked 007 out of the dash, "What is with everyone and trying to behead me!!?!!"
He shoved 007 into the glass paneling, forcing him to transform his face into it, then tied him up so he couldn't release himself. As he backed up to compliment himself 006 jump behind him and began roasting the armor on Death's tush. The man wheeled around and pressed his hand to 006's mouth.
"It's not safe to play with matches, and besides... I'D LIKE TO KEEP MY ASS!!", a rushing noise could be heard. Death had used a water spell to fill the chubby Asian full of liquid, "My dear sister is actually the aquatic one, but in times of need..."
He threw 006 into a chair, proceeded to his prisoner, and he gently picked her up. 003 struggled again but could barely move because of the binding rope. Death went back to the front of the ship when all of the cyborgs, besides 006 and 002, rose to their feet again. Sighing, Death turned around and briskly swiped his hand, causing a massive tremor that over turned the Dolphin, allowing the man and his victim to get away.
"I don't like machines anyways, but you're an exception."