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-Japan's ancient past-
"SIT!", Kagome shrieked. Inuyasha was pulled to the ground by the prayer beads latched around his neck. Miroku, Shippo, Sango, and Kirara watched in the distance as they argued.
"What did Inuyasha do this time?", Shippo was sitting on the back of the enlarge Kirara.
"I'm not sure,", Miroku answered, "But I'm certain it was something big."
Inuyasha pried himself from the earth and glared up at Kagome.
"Ya know, Kagome, if you couldn't see those jewel shards, I drop you like a bad habit!"
"Well, Inuyasha, if it wasn't for Tetsusaiga, I would leave!"
"Oh, yeah?"
"Oh, yeah?"
"Oh, yeah?"
"....", Inuyasha pulled back, his eyes full of anger. He felt betrayed, "BITCH!"
With that, Inuyasha leapt into a tree and raced away. Kagome had fallen to the ground by the force of Inuyasha's shout. Miroku and the others began towards Kagome, but before they got there, she jumped to her feet and marched in the direction of Kaede's village.
"Who should we follow?", asked Sango, listening to the angry rustling of leaves and grass.
"They both pretty much can take care of themselves.", Shippo said, hopping off in Kagome's direction, followed by the rest of the gang.
A dog-demon walked up to a large fortress surrounded by a miasma. Behind him was a little green demon who went on about a bad idea with every step.
"Lord Sesshoumaru!", cried the little demon, waving the staff behind him, "Do you really want to trust this demon again?"
"I had the power to control Tetsusaiga once. If he has a way for me to control it again, this time permanently, I'll do anything."
As they reached the entrance of the fortress, Sesshoumaru ordered for his henchman to stay behind. Jaken waited a while, then followed behind his lord. He hid behind a vase and watched the proceedings.
"I'm here." Naraku was sitting on the floor, leaning against a closed door.
"I'm not my brother."
"Please." Sesshoumaru sat down cross-legged before the halfling. Naraku smirked and ran his fingers through the lighter demon's hair, "Stay still."
Jaken twitched angrily, 'What is Lord Sesshoumaru doing!?! This isn't suppose to be a mushy-gushy pow-wow! Wait.... 'I'll do anything'....NO!!! LORD SESSHOUMARUUUU~!!!!'
"What do you want of-", the lighter demon was cut-off when the darker demon placed one clawed fingered over his mouth. Naraku shifted his weight and leaned closer to his guest.
"Shhh...", the spider-oni whispered. He moved his hand to hold the side of the dog demon's face. Their lips met softly as both their eyes closed. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arm around his host's waist, pulling him closer. Naraku acted as the submissive hanyou, moving so his hands would be against the full-blood demon's chest. It was a full 2 minutes before they pulled away from each other. Jaken was having a severe case of jealousy.
'Lord Sesshoumaru!!!! WHY!!!!'
"Help a friend of mine kidnap Kagome, the one who can give you a new arm while come with a boy who wields a key-like blade."
"Okay.", Sesshoumaru stood and aimed his hand at the vase where Jaken was hiding. The vase shattered to reveal the green troll hunched over, eyes bloodshot from crying, "Jaken."
"Y-yes.. Lord Sesshoumaru?"
"Tell any of this to anyone, especially Rin, and I'll have your head."
"Y-yes, Lord Sesshoumaru."
"Lord Sesshoumaru!", cried a little voice from afar.
"Yes, Rin?"
-with Inuyasha-
'How dare she mention that I'm an orphan! That blasted woman!' Inuyasha stabbed his sword into the tree beneath him. He had never felt so angry in his life.
"That's it! I'm through with this 'hero' business!", he stood on the edge of his branch, "I'm a rogue hanyou! No one is safe in my claws!" He clenched his fist and made a sinister grin.
"Don't worry Kagome!", Inuyasha raced through the trees towards the modern age girl, "I'll protect you!"
When Inuyasha reached his destination, he found his brother, Sesshoumaru, and another person- a girl with short white hair and silver eyes, dressed in a black kimono- wreaking havoc on Lady Kaede's village. The girl was surrounded by an ice shield and melted it every once in a while to cut up a villager with her sword. Sesshoumaru was tearing down buildings, in search of something, or someone. Inuyasha dropped from his tree and pulled his sword out, fully transformed, but before he could even swing it, several little shadow like creature sprung from the ground and pulled him down.
"Ah! Look who arrived, the wittle puppy.", the girl walked over to him and petted him between the ears.
"Ah! Curse you, woman!", snapped the half-demon, squirming against the shadows, "Who are you? What are these things? What are you doing here? Let me go!"
"In this order, Despair, Heartless, to kidnap Kagome, and NO!", she lifted Inuyasha's face to her's and Eskimo kissed him, "But your so cute! I'd take you home if I hadn't already chosen to take home this little fellow." She reached into her blouse and pulled Shippo, tied, gagged, and knocked senseless.
"Shippo!", Inuyasha shouted, struggling even more than before. Despair stepped backwards and put Shippo away.
"I have a heart to capture. Stay here and be a dear, will you.", as she skipped away, Inuyasha could be heard swearing madly. He slashed at the Heartlesses with his 'Iron Reaver' but more came to take their fallen's place. 'This is stupid! How can I be losing to these little whelps?'
"Inuyasha! Anchor yourself!", the hanyou dug his hands into the ground as Miroku released the Wind Tunnel in his hand. The Heartless were swept up into it.
"Miroku! Stop!", Inuyasha was too late. Miroku clenched his fist close, a few of the Heartless had been carrying Naraku's poison insects. The monk doubled over and fell, but the Heartless had stop appearing. Inuyasha checked on his friend then began searching the village for Kagome.
"Well, little brother.", Sesshoumaru appeared before his inferior relative with a very pleased grin, "It seems that this is the last building and thanks to this little spell Despair taught me..." The air around Inuyasha tightened and he collapsed under his own weight, "You'll be no trouble dealing with."
"Don't waste your breath.", Inuyasha's brother turned around and ripped the front half of the dojo off. Inside Kaede and Kagome huddled in a corner.
"Run!", Inuyasha tried to say, but was overlapped by Sango. The demon exterminator dropped of Kirara and went straight for Sesshoumaru's head with her boomerang. Despair came from nowhere and grabbed the boomerang from the air, snapping it as she went along. She landed before the two women and struck the younger one in the head with the blunt end of her sword. Sango made a desperate leap at them, but Sesshoumaru had already cast the spell that had been released on Inuyasha. Kirara, Sango, and Kaede tried to force themselves up, each attempt more useless than the last. Despair laughed happily as she picked up Kagome and went to hug Sesshoumaru good-bye.
"Thanks for your help, Fluffy.", Sesshoumaru's eye twitched at the pet name she had given him, "I have no idea how Naraku got you to do it, but I'm glad he did."