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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A pink soda can looking robot sat on a table, watching TV in a seemingly peaceful building. The serenity of the robot's channel surfing was interrupted by the front door slamming followed by Jim, Gene, Aisha, Suzuka, and Melfina, who trotted by happily.
"I'm not even gonna ask.", the small robot said, turning his attention back to the commercial on toothpaste. The building then filled with assorted conversations.
"I can't believe you scared him away!"
"He wasn't worthy of his word."
"Anyone for stew?"
"I am!"
"He had so much money!", cried Gene, wailing and slamming his head into the table. They had apparently run across a job but Suzuka found him unworthy. The little robot chuckled.
"What's so funny Gilliam?", Jim sat himself in the couch behind the robot. Gilliam stopped laughing and clear his throat.
"Nothing, nothing. So, what happened?"
"Some guy offered us 10 thousand wong for a wack job."
"But Suzuka chased him off for being a liar.", Jim put his head in his hands and sighed heavily. Why couldn't anyone in this crew get along? Oh, well. The phone rang and Aisha was the first to answer.
"Hello, Clan Clan Corporations- ack!", Gene struck the Ctral over the head and took over the conversation, "Hello, Starwind and Hawking Enterprises, we fix anything from tractors to relationships, how may we help you?"
On the other line was a man with long black hair and gold eyes. His eyes were apparently filled with tears.
"I've seen you walking around with that beautiful girl.", he said, voice quavering.
"Melfina?", he thumbed back at the girl who was happily cleaning a fish.
"Yes! Her. Well, me and my fiancee' are having a bit of a dispute."
"And I was wondering if you would allow Melfina to be seen with me. My fiancee' can become jealous very easily and I'm sure she would come back if she saw me with another women."
"You want us to loan out Melfina?"
"Do you have anyone else?" Gene looked around the building.
"Point taken, how much are you willing to pay?"
"How many zero's do you want?" He waved a blank cheque before the screen.
"We'll take it!"
"I'll pick her up tonight, thank you." And the man hung up and Gene laughed heartily.
"What's with you?", asked Aisha, who was getting off the floor. Gene explained the deal to the rest of his crew. Melfina was mildly excited while the others were praising the robot girl for her bravery.
"But, what if something goes wrong?"
"Ah, Melfina! Don't freak. We'll all be watching after you.", Gene seemingly had a great money-making scheme that would go without a hitch.
-that night-
"You look wonderful!", Aisha complimented. Melfina was dressed in a red Chinese mini with a gold dragon curling up her side.
"Thank you." The door bell rang and Jim sprinted at it. He opened it and saw the man.
"Hi, my name's Daien.", Daien was wearing a ocean blue suit, his long black hair tied back, and was carrying a bouquet of gorgeous white flowers, "Presume you are Melfina."
He walked forward and handed the bouquet to Melfina. She blushed and smelled then.
"Wow!", Aisha hopped on Melfina's shoulder, "I'd pick this guy over Gene any day!"
"Hey!" Gene grabbed the alien off Mel's shoulder and wrestled her to the ground. Daien chuckled lightly and blushed a bit, holding his hand out. Mel placed her hand in his and was surprised by him leaning down to kiss it.
"Okay, buddy!", cried Gene, "Enough! I thought you were here to get revenge."
"I'm sorry. Chivalry will be the end me."
-even laterer-
"Daien, this was a wonderful night. I really enjoyed myself."
"It has been a pleasure. I'd like to ask one more thing of you."
"?" Daien leaned forward to whisper in her ear.
"Your heart..."
"What!?" Melfina stepped back.
"Your heart. Is there a problem?"
"You have your heart set for someone else, don't you?"
"I do."
"No problem. I can change all that." Daien back away, his facing becoming dark and menacing. Melfina gasped and tried to run back inside, but several shadows dressed in scarecrow looking outfit appeared.
"What are these??", Mel cried, running backwards and into 'Daien'.
"They're called 'Heartless'. These are my favorite kind, soldiers. They want your heart too."
"Gene!!!" Gene and the others burst out the door and began to shoot at the rapidly multiplying Soldiers.
"Damn, I was hoping I could get off scratch free...", Daien picked himself up and rubbed his face where Melfina had hit him, "But now I have no choice." He backed up, his hair flaring from its band, and he pulled a red-yellow whip from behind himself. Melfina had tried again to go back to Gene but was capture by three soldiers. They held her a threatening ways up off the ground. Gene attempted to shoot at them but was brought back by his conscience. If he shot her down, the impact would kill her. 'Daien' laughed.
"Caught in a rut, eh? Oh, yeah, and my name is Death.", he flicked his wrist and the whip in his hand shot forward and attacked Jim until he was out cold.
"That's dirty!", Aisha screamed, "Beating a little boy!"
"Actually, my sister loves to collect things like this. But.. I do feel really low... maybe beating a cat will help me feel better!" He spun his whip over his head. Aisha furiously lunged forward, only to be smacked down by Death's whip. She rolled across the ground and held her sides that were burning, literally. Suzuka ran at him and disappeared.
"Well, Despair is much better at swords than I am... but...", he snapped the whip and it instantly straightened. Death turned and sliced the assassin the length of her sword arm. She didn't fall quickly, taking what was left of her arm to make a slight dent in Death's chest armor (Because I have a problem with the words 'breast plate' okay?~Iris).
"No! You bastard!!"
"What's new?" Death turned on his heel to take care of Gene and received a bullet in his left leg, "Sh*t!"
"Hurts doesn't it?", Gene chuckled inwardly.
"I like your style, but I don't think that my whip does.", he pointed down where his weapon had fallen. It was wriggle of its own accord, then coiled up like a snake. Much to Gene's surprise, the whip had formed and snake's head and was hissing at him.
"What the?", Gene shot once at it, but the snake-whip struck first. It sank its teeth into his arm and injected some kind of shocking venom that sent painful volts through his entire body when he moved.
"That wasn't so hard now was it?", Death limped over, pulling the mythril out along with the smashed bullet, "I'll take Melfina and be on my way."
He turned and order the three Heartless to follow him.
"At least he shot somewhere other than my head, oh, and someone pick up the kid. Despair'll kill me if I don't bring him home."