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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Iris: Hello, Iris Sun here, author of KH II: A New Realm and Keeping Your Word (please go read it!!! I NEED reviews to keep writing it!). I am also the CEO of SunSet Productions, makers of the most refined fan-crap you've ever seen.

Riku: We're here to answer some *cough*non-existant*cough* fanmail.

Kairi (who might make a cameo): *elbows Riku*

Riku: What? We stayed up all night writing fanmail and trying to hide the outtakes from Iris in the broom closet. Oops.

Iris: Don't bother, I found them all! I even found mah camera!

Riku: That has me naked on it!

Iris: Of course it does, but you didn't seem to care when I taped it. Were you high? *as her punk rock/skater friend* Were you rockin' da gange?!?! (anyone have any frikkin' idea how hard it is to spell out a word that you've only heard!?!?!)

Riku: Don't do that.

Sora: Can I read the first fanmail?

Iris: Yes, but first.

Sora: *is shocked and turned chibi* NO!

Iris: *squish* Mwa!

C_Sora: *wipes cheek* *ahem* Our first letter comes from Lilak Smith. Lilak writes: 'How long does it take to write one chapter?'

Iris: Well-

Riku: Iris writes chapters on the spot.

Iris: But-

Sora: Then calls us in to act out our parts.

Iris: Yeah, but-

Kagome: And puts together sets at the last minute.

Iris: X.x *dead*

Lasara: Our next letter comes from Iola. Iola writes: 'What original KH character will be making cameos on KH II?'

Iris: That's easy-

Leon: I will.

Cloud: Me too.

Iris: Ah-

Yuffie: And me!

Ansem: I can be seen in a TV monitor.

Iris: Ah-

Laguna: Any FF bishounen will be there. Especially me.

Iris: Eh-

Yuffie: And any anti-Mary Sues!

Iris: Erm-

Sora: Say, has anyone seen Aeris?

Iris: *belches*

All: *gasps and look back at Iris*

Iris: *confused* What? I had a big soda! Aeris is in the closet!... Ooo... Do female video game Mary Sues like food?

Cloud: AERIS!!!

Iris: I'm JOKING!!! Sheesh... she never replied to my request for her to cameo. Geez, bunch of spazzes.

Cloud: *jumps on Iris and strangles her with his buster sword*

Iris: *imitating Haruko from FLCL* Ooooh! Cloud!! That hurts!!

Cloud: *jumps off*

Others: *cracking up*

Rinoa: I'll be there too!

Iris: No you won't! *tackles Rinoa-

As the mad director stuffed Rinoa's head into shredder, the other characters realized the change in writing style.
"Hey! We're back in story form!", cried Cloud happily.
"At last! Script form is way too hard to do.", Sora walked over to the shredder and tried to tell his director. Iris was so intent on ripping Rinoa's head off, she never saw Sora tug at her shirt. She jerked her arm back, thinking it was a fly and elbowed the keyblade weilder's nose.
"Oh, no! Sora!", yelped Kairi. The director dropped the unconscious female herione and lept for the boy. In a desperate attempt to silence him, Iris pressed his face into her chest and turned to talk to the audience.
"Well.. would you look at that? My writer's block is gone! Shsh... there there Sora... put your hand down.", nervous laugh, "I guess we'll be getting back to the story now! Ja ne!"