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“Ugh.. Now what?” Riku could feel something go down his back. He turned and saw ^5 coming up towards him, “^5? What are you doing?”

“…” At the awkward silence, Riku raised an eyebrow. The usually loud gamer was staring out into the distance, mouth agape. Riku rolled his eyes to the general direction of ^5’s gaze. What he saw took the breath from his lungs.

“What is that?!” He said, panicked. For some reason, the silver haired boy couldn’t pull his gaze away from the looming orb of black and purple above them. His legs felt as if they were cemented to the ground, “^5, what is that?!”

“What is it…” ^5 echoed, “…indeed.”

Riku’s legs were suddenly blasted with adrenaline and he took off away from the orb, only to be caught by one of ^5’s outstretched arms, “What are you doing?! Let me go! We have to go tell the others!”

“Everyone..” ^5 continued, in a monotone sound, “..already knows it is here…”

“That’s great!” Riku growled, “Then let me go and let’s get out of here!”

“You can’t run from it.” He said, “You, Riku, of all people should know… you can’t run from your past… you can’t run… from the darkness…”


“Do you wanna go see Riku?” XD asked Materia after putting away the tea and chocolate. Materia’s curiousity had returned slightly, so XD found the younger girl digging around in her closet. A heap of clothes fell onto Materia. XD chuckled softly, “C’mon silly.”

“WAH!” She appeared from beneath the pile of clothes holding a clump close to her chest, “Materia likes these clothes!”

“Alright then, put ‘em on. They’re yours.” Materia jumped up and threw her old clothes off recklessly. Just moments later, she had gotten into a blue skirt, a green pullover with a white collar and a pink bow at the neck, and a pair of black and white chucks, “Now, that won’t do.”

“Huh?” Materia put her hands on her chest, confused, “Why not?” XD spun her around and tied a white bow in her hair.

“Much better.” Materia reached up and felt the ribbon in her hair.

“Better!” She chirped. XD smiled warmly and started towards the front door, her guest in tow. She reached out and opened the door, stopping to stare at the ominous dark aura in the sky. Something painful went up the gamer girl’s back.

“Materia.. I think we should..” She turned to see Materia staring up at it with wide eyes.

“We can’t… do anything…”


“& #8230;Dee-aneki… what is a soul…?”


“Hmm… it seems as if the gates between the worlds are more shattered than we first thought…” Goofy perked up and looked over at Lasara, who seemed to be mumbling to himself, “… Even the slightest change in the balance of hearts seem to throw everything off kilter…”

“Gawrsh, Lasara..”

“I fear… we have made a grave mistake, my friends…”

“What do you mean?!” Donald squawked.

“Tell me… do you know the heart?” Lasara turned in his chair to look out the window. Donald and Goofy joined him. The orb’s aura began to spread and snake through the sky and down into the town.


“Guh!” Death went to his knees as his sister put a few of the girls they had kidnapped into separate chambers. He grabbed his chest and began to pant.

“Death?! What’s- Uhn!” Despair went to her knees as well, “The hell?”

“It’s that girl over there.” Death turned to look at Kairi, “She tearing a rift in the worlds…”

He crawled over to the unconscious Kairi, the pain from his chest almost too much to bear. He wasn’t sure why he was crawling to her, all he knew was that she was the source of his pain and he didn’t want it anymore. Somewhere in the background, Despair was demanding that he come away from her. But that didn’t reach him at all. He reached out and touched her shoulder. The room was flooded with a bright light that engulfed Death, Despair, Kairi, everyone, and everything in the room.


The orb burst with pulsating dark energy and engulfed the world. Sora fell to his knees as the ground around him turned black and the building melted and warped on their foundations. He stood up hastily, Keyblade in hand. The Heartless he had expected at this moment were not to be seen. He relaxed for a moment, but then the ground and world around him shattered and found himself falling, falling like he had done not but a year ago. Through an endless abyss…

‘….I’ve been having these dreams lately…’


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