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Materia strained to open her eyes. She was lying in soft bed and the walls around her were pink with many posters, wall-scrolls, and miscellaneous bric-a-brac strewn across them. She sat up with a little difficulty, her stomach hurt. The little girl scanned the room for any sign of her friends. But to no avail. She pouted and looked down at her bandaged tummy.

"Riku-niisan...” She cooed. His face was so concerned, so ashamed. Why would he act that way? It frustrated Materia a little, since there had been several occasions in which Riku had given her looks of pure anger, then looks of slight admiration. Lying back down, Materia mulled over the strange feelings wrestling around in her wounded stomach. Though he was very rough with her, there was some underlying tone of affection.

"Ah, you're awake!" Materia jumped to attention as XD entered, carrying a shiny silver tray. XD's little guest watched the tray with big eyes, "I made you some tea and chocolate."

Materia nodded thankfully and sipped the warm tea. She didn't even bother to question what chocolate was. XD could see that something was bothering Materia. She seemed very intense, or as intense as a normally bubble-headed little girl could be. When she thought about it, Materia had only really been technically alive for a few weeks and she had been though a lot.

“Are you feeling alright, Materia?”

“Mhm.” The little girl nodded and set the cup down, “Thank you, XD-aneki.”

There was a painful silence between them. XD didn’t want to say anything to Materia, for fear of saying the wrong thing. She had been out for a few hours and a lot had happened in that time. Riku had sucked up and sealed away any and all emotion he had shown at the crater. Sora had attempted to reconcile his friend, with less than successful results. ^5 had ultimately decided to let Riku cool down and drag the remaining comrades as far away as possible. The younger girl had begun to stare into space blankly.

“Why am I here, XD-aneki?”

“What was I made for?”“I… I don’t know…”
“I wish I knew…”


Riku was seething mad. Then again, he was relieved. Then again again, he was mad as hell. Again again again, he was worried. Materia was hurt, she was trying to save Kairi, Kairi wanted to be friends with Materia. His head was swimming, a feeling he didn’t enjoy at all. He sat outside the mall, thinking and ignoring the girls who tried to talk to him. He had to straighten things out. What had Materia said? What had she been saying all this time? Nothing… but everything. Who was she? What was she? Why was she here? What was all of this?

“Goddamn.” He seethed, running his hands through his silver hair. He was confused and he hated it. He didn’t understand how they had gotten to this point from where they started. He couldn’t see where it was going. For a moment, he even considered that being evil would be easier, but he quickly shrugged that off. There was no way he’d put his friends through all that again.

Kairi, damn, they had to go save her. He stood up and started towards Lasara’s home. This wasn’t over yet, this was far from over. First Kairi, then Materia. First Materia, then Kairi. First…


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