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Iris: *looks around* Um... Despair wanted the whole Sephy/Inu thing going on... don't throw things at me!

Despair: But fangirls love that stuff.

Iris: It was my idea.

Despair: No, it was my idea.

Iris: Well, it was my idea to take your idea!

(mob of anti-shounen-ai otakus burst into the studio)

Iris: IT WAS HER IDEA!!!! *runs away*


"DESPAIR!" The white haired crone stumbled down the hallway, running clean into the door before entering, "You bumbling fool!"

"Y-yes... Naraku-bishie?" She tried to look innocent. Naraku glared with an anger that could not be described and bared his fangs at her.

"How dare you help the enemy!"

"How dare you let the enemy take my place! Eeek!" Despair shielded herself as one of the giant vases around her master flew up and smashed into her. The shards created gashes across her face and arms. Horrified with this treatment, Despair ran out of the room. Naraku prepared to go after her when Death appeared.

"Don't hurt my sister."

"Hmph. You will make up for your sister's foolhardy moves. I want Inuyasha's head as well as the girl."

"Yes, Master." Death bowed and faded into the darkness.


"Materia, put that down..."


"Materia... you're not old enough to drink that, I don't think."

"Materia feel light!"

"Yes, sweetheart." cooed a red Sephiroth, "That's how you feel when you drink sake."

"More, peazzzeee...."


Riku and Sora tried to keep Sephiroth from pouring more sake for the jumpy girl, but she bounced away from them and the silver haired man was able to follow her hand without spilling a single drop. Materia guzzled the alcohol, dancing merrily around the den until she fell into Riku's strong arms. She cuddled close against him.

"Ah, Wikunii-shan... yer... *hic*... so nisshhhhh *hic* and warm." she murmured and buried her face into his chest. Riku could feel his face turning red as he went to put Materia in her own bed. Sephiroth and Inuyasha howled and gave cat calls.

"You're such a pain, Materia." he whispered, laying her down and tucking the blankets around the drunk child. As he stood up to leave, he could feel a gentle tug at the tail of his shirt. The little girl, starting to crash from being drunk, was holding to his shirt for dear life. Her eyes were starting to water, "What's wrong?"

"Please don't leave." she mumbled sleepily, "Materia is scared."


"Materia.... sees scary things when Materia sleeps."

"Scary things?"

"Like Death and Despair... and Rikunii-san being mad at Materia."

"Why would Rikunii-san be mad at you?" he knelt down beside her and stroked her hair. Riku was unaware that he was beginning to match her speech.

"Because Materia does bad things when bad people tell her to." she clumsily sat up and clung to Riku, "Like what happened today."

"You had no control over what happened, you only made a simple mistake. I can forgive you for that."

"Really?" she looked up at him, her face almost drenched in tears.

"Don't cry, Materia." he cooed, stroking her hair again. He found himself immersed in Materia's innocence again, drifting into his own world as Materia fell asleep in his arms. Riku laid her down and gently kissed her forehead. She was so soft, like a flower bud, smelt of incense and chrysanthemum sake. Her long raven hair was like silk in his hands as he pulled away from her. The silver haired boy was overwhelmed by emotions he had only felt once before (A/N: mebbe twice for certain shounen-ai fans XDXD) in his life. ::Is it that again, Riku?:: he thought ::Are you in love? And with some airhead?:: He chuckled softly, running his hand through his hair. Could it have been possible that the once cold-hearted boy had fallen for this ditz who could barely speak proper English?

"Baka ne..." he smirked, shaking his head, "I'm a fool-" then as he looked down at her "-There's someone out there who is better then me. He'll love you, Materia. He'll want your heart, Materia. He'll want to take you away from all this, Materia."

Materia hiccuped in her sleep and groped out dreamily for something to snuggle. Finding nothing, she whimpered and curled into a fetal position.

"He'll want to change you, Materia...." Riku was oblivious to the tears running down his cheeks and pitter-pattering softly on the wooden floor, ".... And I will be there to protect you from him, Materia."

Protect... Where had he spoken that word before? Yes, to Kairi. He wasn't able to fulfill that promise to her, but that would not be the case for Materia. He would protect her. No matter what came between them.


"Keh, that boy. All wound up in his emotions." Inuyasha snorted and downed another bottle of sake, much to Sephiroth's perverted delight.

"That's quite a hypocritical statement, Inuyasha." Miroku said, sipping modestly at his 19th cup of sake, "I do believe that you also find yourself 'wound up' in your emotions."

"Eh?!" Inuyasha growled and flung his bottle at the monk. Miroku blocked the projectile with his staff, "Whatever! I never get wound up in my emotions!"

"That's a lie, Inuyasha!" Shippo cried, "You always get all dreamy and morbid after you have a moment with Kikyo!"

"Ke-" Inuyasha paused and sniffed the air. Kikyo was right outside the house, along with someone who smelled a lot like Despair, "Kikyo."

As Inuyasha stood up and rushed outside (followed by Shippo's victorious 'I told you so' dance), Riku walked out and followed him without asking. Outside was Death, holding Kikyo off the ground by her neck. Kikyo was unable to move, bound by Death's whip (A/N: My now most favorite weapon). It burned or tazed her whenever she moved.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha cried.

"This woman, Inuyasha, she reeks of death and is not of this world, doesn't she? And yet you still ache for her." His grip tightened and Kikyo cried, "Give me what I want and your beloved girl is safe."

"What do you want?" Inuyasha bared his fangs.

"Bring me the young girl." the dog demon turned on his heels and quickly went towards Materia's room. Riku stopped him. Inuyasha growled and punched Riku. The silver haired human scrambled madly to his feet and unsheathed his CrimsonBlade.

"Inuyasha! Don't you dare take her!"

"Kikyo is my world, you brat!" Inuyasha growled.

"I bet Kagome wouldn't like to hear that." Riku retorted smugly. Inuyasha snarled and clawed at Riku's arms. He cried but held his sword up, "Shut up you little bastard!"

"Me? The bastard? Sure! Guess I would be to someone who would protect someone as quickly as they would betray them for their own foolish needs!"

"What does Materia mean to you that you would protect her with your very life?" Inuyasha barked, flexing his claws, "Would you die for her? Would she die for you?"

"I don't know. I don't know, but I won't let you hurt her."

Inuyasha pulled out his fully transformed Tetsusaiga and swung blindly at Riku. Ducking out of the way, Riku swung up and hit Inuyasha squarely on the chin. The dog-demon held his jaw and wiped the blood from it. ::That punk:: Inuyasha thought furiously ::I will save Kikyo!::

Inuyasha swung again. Riku blocked. The clang of their two swords woke Materia. She stumbled out of her room and mumbled, "Wazz going on?"

"You stay right there, you brat!" Inuyasha growled.

"Osuwarinii-san sound mean." Materia murmured as Sora snatched her arm and dragged her to the other side of the room.

"He's going to trade you in!" Goofy cried, pointing out to Death. He was starting to make his way to Kaede's home.

"You shall not pass!" Kaede cried, pulling out a string of prayer beads.

"Foolish hag." Death hissed, causing the beads to melt in the old priestess' hands, "I am no normal apparition. I am the embodiment of Death!"

Death ripped the whip off of Kikyo, revealing thousands of scars. Inuyasha's senses went wild at the smell of his lost love's blood. He stabbed Tetsusaiga into the ground and walked away from it. Miroku gasped, "He is going to revert into his demonic state!"

"Say what?' Riku asked, pulling himself off the ground.

"Whenever Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga are separated, Inuyasha becomes a full blooded demon, without any control over his actions." Miroku explained.

"Well, isn't that just so peachy?" he snorted.


"The girl, Inuyasha."

"You can have her, but I want Kikyo first."

"Give me the girl."


Death glared and slung his whip around Inuyasha's neck, flipping him up into air, then slamming him into the trees behind them. Inuyasha sat up, slowly but surely becoming a full youkai version of himself.

"Still want this girl?" Death laughed and tightened his grip on Kikyo, snapping her neck, "Now that she's gone?"

"KIKYO!" Inuyasha snarled. He shook his head and saw Death still laughing. The dark haired man dropped Kikyo and shriveled on the ground.

"That's not Kikyo!" Sango cried. And she was right. The Kikyo body fizzled and and faded, in its place was a small snake that had been broken in half. It cringed and fidgeted, drowning in its own puddle of blood. Death laughed some more and ran his hand through his long black hair.

"The look on your faces were priceless! A little bit of kitsune magic and any dumb hanyou would fall for this trick."

"Kikyo... it was a trick?" Inuyasha whispered. He had had this trick played on him before, when Sesshoumaru was looking for their father's tomb, "You..."

"Go ahead." Death sneered, "Say it."

"BASTARD!" Y_Inuyasha lunged in full rage at the smirking villain. Death backed away as Y_Inuyasha took wild swipes at him. He laughed and flicked his whip. It twitched and tickled playfully at Y_Inuyasha's face, leaving little burns on his cheeks. Materia looked on, registering the event slowly. Inuyasha was truly upset, she could see tears in his eyes. ::Osuwarinii-san.:: She sneaked away from the group to retrieve her archery set.

"Blind rage isn't doing you any good, little runt!" Death back flipped a safe distance from the frustrated hanyou-turned-youkai, "You have to think clearly to win!"

Death's whip lashed out, thundering down the ground that occupied the space that separated its master from its opponent. The whip shot straight up from where the tail landed at Inuyasha's feet. It seared Inuyasha's clothes and came within centimeters of piercing his jaw. Y_Inuyasha snarled jumped back, ignoring his clothes sliding off of him.

"I don't have to do anything" he said, "but kill you!"

"Osu.... Inuyasha!" heads turned in awe as Materia knocked her arrow and shot between the fighting bodies. A blue aura surrounding the arrow washed over Y_Inuyasha and Death. The hanyou shook his head, his youkai blood neutralized. Death dropped to one knee, the light paining him. Inuyasha raised a claw to stab his enemy in the neck, but found that Materia's arrow had the same effect on him as the new moon. He would be unable to harm Death no matter how hard he tried. Death, however, felt enraged that Materia had once again gotten in his way. He raised his arm and snapped it. The orange whip erupted from the blue aura and struck Materia. The little girl screamed and fell back, landing unconscious on the wooden paneling. Riku clenched his teeth and charged at Death, swinging away and never giving the man an opening.

::These brats fight hard when their friends are in danger.:: Death thought, backing away from the angry teen ::I need to separate them somehow....::

(A/N: I'm getting tired of typing this chapter... Death escapes and goes back to Naraku's castle and Riku puts Materia back to bed)


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