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"Poow puppy, thinks he can beat me. Heh, let's see if your bark is as bad as your bite!" Despair snatched her sword as it came back at her and launched forward. Inuyasha pulled out Tetsusaiga and countered her. The two became deeply embroiled, Inuyasha constantly warning his comrades to stay out.

"Okay, Tetsusaiga, let's show her what we're really made of."

Sora gasped, Tetsusaiga was the name of the sword that Sesshoumaru said was stolen from him. Was he telling the truth? There was no time to ask questions as Miroku grabbed Sora's arm and ran past Despair's and Inuyasha's fight. They only got a few tens of feet away before there was a spark and clang of steel in front of them. Two masses of silvery hair flew by each other and landed on either side of the group. One the silver haired bishounens was Sesshoumaru, wielding a sword that had a very dark aura emanating from it, the other held a Masamune, the blade of which was lightly tinged with blood.

"Sephiroth." Sora breathed, recognizing the sword almost immediately.

"Who?" Riku said.

"Someone I fought some time ago."


"Who are you?" Sesshoumaru bared his teeth at his new opponent, "You don't smell like a human... and you reek of death."

"Thanks for noticing." Sephiroth chuckled, "But soon you will too!"

The Jenova clone raced forward and missed Sesshoumaru's neck by inches. The dog youkai was thrown off by Sephiroth's speed and the sudden softness against his lips. The smug enemy was kissing him! Sesshoumaru growled throatily and tried to bite him.

"Oh!" Sephie laughed, backing off, "Not into a little foreplay before your death?"

"Are you trying to scare me?"

"Heavens no." his faces became sullen and serious, "I am."

Sesshoumaru felt a sudden explosion of energy as Sephie threw his arm in the air.

"Sin harvest."

The youkai dropped to his knees as he felt all his strength leave him and appear as and black sphere in Sephiroth's palm. The evil(er) bishounen laughed and shot the sphere at Sesshoumaru, missing him again. Sesshoumaru rolled to one side, slowly realizing that Sephiroth was toying with him. Despair turned around.

"Hey! Leave me Fluffy al-... OMG!!! Bishounen!" Despair squealed and turned her attention to the bewildered Sephiroth. The man growled and threw his Masamune at Despair. The God-sword pierced Despair and ran straight through her. Despair cried and ran off into the forest, "You bastard! I'm telling Naraku-bishie!"

Sesshoumaru stood as well, since the focus was taken off of him and fled for his life. Sephiroth, not affected by anything that had just happened, went over to the tree Masamune had become stuck in and pulled it out, licking the blood off.

"Who are you?" Miroku demanded.

"A neutral character who feels like rescuing someone."


"Naraku-bishie!" Despair cried, tumbling into her master's chambers, holding her stomach, "Those brats got me again!"

"You are starting to become a nuisance, Despair." Naraku said. The white haired creation looked up in disbelieve at the person sitting in her bishounen's lap, nibbling on his hand. It was the brat's little friend, the one who shot her in the shoulder, "You should retire for the time being, Materia will take over from here on in."

"Materia? This little runt? Why?!"

"Because she is your sister, Despair, and with the help of the Shikon Shard, she'll be indestructible."



Sora and co. (now with Sephiroth) ran up to the miasma surrounding Naraku's lair. Donald, Goofy, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo stayed behind.

"That's something if a bunch of humans like you can withstand the miasma." Inuyasha commented, followed closely behind by a 'keh'.

"Well, are friend is up there and we really need to save her." Sora replied.

"Your friend." Sephiroth started, "She looks a lot like the one who was kidnapped not too long ago. What was her name?... Kagome it was."

"Nani?" Inuyasha growled, "You saw Kagome?"

"From a distance, I honestly didn't start to worry about it until I noticed that the stars started dying afterwards."

"The stars dying?" Riku echoed. He remembered having watched the stars die the day Materia joined them.

"Yep, the Blade World (Beyblade) and the Wing Planet (Gundam Wing) disappeared only a few minutes from each other the other night."


Despair laid on her back and felt at the bandages around stomach and chest. She had to wrap them alone, Naraku was too busy with his new prize to care that Depair might have died just moments before reaching him. ::That little whelp thinks she can move into my territory?:: Despair scowled and sat up, reaching over to grab her sword, ::I'll never be out done by some runt from the other side.::

Before she could leave her room, the sound of feet came down the hallway. She peaked out her door and saw Inuyasha, Sora, Riku, and the bishounen from earlier running by.

"Or better yet." Despair giggled, opening her door after they went by, "I'll watch the brats betray each other."


"Materia!" Sora cried. Materia was chained up in the middle of the large main room. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Soranii-san." she whimpered, looking down at the floor as she continued to talk, "Materia made a bad choice."

"It's okay, Materia." Sora cooed, kneeling down to unravel the chains around her, "Everyone makes a bad choice once in a while."

"Soranii-san no mad at Materia?"

"Of course not. Materia's a good girl."

"Or so you'd like to think." Riku glared down at Materia and pulled her up by one chain around her neck, "This isn't Materia."

"Wouldn't that be nice?" A malevolent voice growled through Materia, "But this is the real Materia."

Materia's eyes shone blue as the chains came to life. Riku and Sora backed away as the serpentine restraints stood erect around their source of energy. The first wave of chains shot towards them, only to be deflect by Sephiroth and his Masamune. Materia sulked at this defensive move and order the chains to bring the mysterious man to her. The chains wrapped around Sephiroth and dragged him to Materia.

"Who are you?"

"Just a concerned friend." Sephiroth thrust his boots into Materia's abdomen and sent her flying back into a wall. The chains loosened and the silver haired bishounen scrambled out of them.

"Materia!" Riku cried, racing to her side on impulse, "Materia? Can you hear me?"



"Do you hate me?"

"Why would I?"

"Hehe. For doing this!" Materia picked up an arrow laying by her side and stabbed Riku in the arm with it. Riku shouted and pulled his sword, wanting to strike whatever was controlling her down, but did not want to hurt the little girl before him.

"Keh! This is pathetic!" Inuyasha snarled, lunging with his claws extended to pounce on the possessed child. Materia laughed again as a tornadic wall of poison erupted around her, sending Inuyasha and Riku in opposite directions. She leaned down and picked up her archery set, aiming an arrow at Inuyasha. The bow string twanged and Inuyasha was pinned to the ground by an arrow in his shoulder. Sephiroth swung Masamune at Materia, missing her on accident, and collapsed as an arrow was shot through his side. Riku couldn't not fight, his lame arm had started to absorb poison that had been on the tip of the arrow head. All that was left was Sora. The brunette held his keyblade before him, not sure what to do. Materia laughed evilly and pulled an arrow out of the quiver. The hero was helpless as the poisoned weapon struck his hip and left him for dead on the floor. After laughing for a few minutes, Materia dropped to her knees and looked about her in shock.

"What.. what happened?" she whimpered, her body quaking in the fear that whatever hurt her friends would come after her.

"Materia..." Sora gasped.

"Soranii-san!" she cried, crawling to his side, "Materia sorry! Materia should have listened to Soranii-san.... Materia can't make her own decisions."

"No, Materia." Sora smiled and put a hand on her face, "I'm the one who is sorry. You can make your own choices..."

"Soranii-san." Materia whined, leaning down to nuzzle his hair, "Are you going to be okay?"

"I don't think so." Sora said between shortening breaths. His vision was starting to blur.



Despair watched from behind a wall as the event unfolded. She had started this in a good mood, but as she watched Materia try to coax her friends back from the edge of death, Naraku's voice came back to her. She is your sister.... the thought wouldn't leave her head and let her enjoy Materia's anguish....

But... what if that had been her and Death was dying? She would have wanted someone to help her. Her head began to ache. ::What's wrong?::

"She's being controlled by a jewel shard in her neck, next to her jugular vein. If you strike it with an arrow, you can save her." Despair ran down the hallway, away from Materia and her little posse. ::What. The. Hell? I went down there to watch them kill each other and ended up helping them! Why?!?! That girl is causing me a lot of unnecessary pain. I'll have to do away with her later.::


Riku ripped the arrow out of his arm and stumbled over to Materia. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Please! Materia didn't mean it!" she wailed.

"It'll be okay, Materia-chan." Riku whispered, kneeling down beside her, "This will only hurt for a moment, I promise."

"Rikunii-san." He laid against Materia and used what little strength he had to strike the jewel shard in her neck. Materia tensed up and screamed, forming a white sphere of energy that engulfed the entire lair.


"Rikunii-san?" Materia blinked and stared absently at Sephiroth who ate rice contently.

"No, I'm Sephiroth."

"... Rikunii-san?" She said again.

"No, I'm Sephiroth." he corrected, poking the little girl in the nose with his chopsticks.

"Materia." Riku tapped her shoulder, "I'm Riku."


Everyone in the dojo laughed, except for Inuyasha. The lonesome hanyou sighed heavily and stared up at the stars as they faded away. Materia noticed his recent sigh and went over to make him feel better.

"Osuwarinii-san? (A/N: Materia finally changed it after the lair incident)"

"Feh." Inuyasha turned away.


"I don't want an-mmph!" Materia stuffed a piece of beef in Inuyasha's mouth, smiling from ear to ear.

"Feel better?"

"No! You little br-ph!" Materia continued to mush food into the frustrated teen's mouth.

"You know, Inuyasha." Miroku said, "She won't stop until you feel better."

"Or you suffocate." Shippo joked.

Inuyasha bit down on the food in his fangs, causing some to fall out.

"Osuwarinii-san!" Materia protested, then playfully pulled a piece out of his mouth with her own teeth.

"Materia!" Riku scolded, "That's unhealthy!"

"Rikunii-san want?" she asked innocently, poking her lips out so the food stuck out.

"Materi..." Riku sighed and took the food from her with his teeth. She giggled.

"Ewww." she said, "Rikunii-san kisseded Osuwarinii-san!"

The two silver haired teens blushed and Riku went back inside (A/N: Inuyasha was sitting in the doorway.) looking for someone to trade the food off with. Riku passed it to Sora, who passed it to Sephiroth, who passed it Shippo, who passed it to Kirara, who passed it to Sango, who finally passed it Miroku. The pervert bit past the beef and kissed Sango, only to receive a well deserved slap in the mouth. Materia laughed and hugged Inuyasha. (A/N: Don't try this at home, no real hanyou/Jenova clone/fox demon/demon slayer/monk wants to share food with you.)

"We all kisseded each other!" she squealed, dragging Inuyasha to the rest of the group. Sephiroth admired Inuyasha's ears for a moment.

"What are you looking at, pretty boy?" Inuyasha growled.

"Hehe." Sephy snickered, reaching out and scratching behind Inuyasha's ears. Succumbing to the domestic instinct to fall over and enjoy the scratching, Inuyasha fell on his back and stretched out for anymore welcomed pettings (A/N: Ooohh.. bad thoughts >_<) Materia squealed again and stroked Inuyasha's tummy, giggling as one of his legs began to twitch.

"Aw! Osuwarinii-san is cute!"


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