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"Well, ye young lads... and lady seem to be on Inuyasha's side." Riku had to take Sora's place as leader of the group as the young brown-haired boy and Materia laughed in the corner of Lady Kaede's hut.
"We are only after Despair and who ever is contr-.. giving her orders."
"Yes. Yes." Kaede's attention was obviously being drawn away by the two immature travelers, who were still laughing and pointing, "I fear that this discussion is becoming increasingly more difficult to focus on."
"My most sincere apologies." Riku shot a glare at Materia and Sora. They crawled out of the hut, still in stitches, "Sora and Materia are not used to being around... um..."
"Ah, the little whelps just don't have any respect." Miroku snapped Inuyasha over the head with his staff. Inuyasha wasn't very polite either.
Sora sat on the porch of the hut and watched Materia chase fireflies. The moonlight was dancing on her hair as she twisted and raced about. He laughed, Materia was almost too innocent to believe. She caught one and brought it over to Sora, but the moment she opened her hands the firefly took off. Materia tried to go after it, but was unsuccessful. The boy pulled Materia down so she sat next to him. There was an uneasy calm in the air, like that of the eye of the storm, or the calm before the battle. It made his stomach churn a bit, but Materia pulled him down on his back to look at the stars.
"Pretty, Soranii-san."
"Yes, they are pretty."
"Ca-.... May I have one?"
"Hehe. Stars are kind of hard to get down from there." Sora put his hand up over a star and balled it into a fist. Materia moved his hand and noted that the star had disappeared. He sighed and draped his arm over Materia. It only seemed like a while ago when all of this started, when Kairi had been kidnapped, when the stars started dying. The memories of before all of this still lingered in his mind. Racing with Riku and sparring with Selphie and Wakka on the beach. His home of Destiny Island was far away now, as were his friends... and Kairi.
"Soranii-san!" Materia cried, snapping Sora from his reverie. There was a little girl racing out of the forest towards them. She looked only 7, with black hair tied up into a side ponytail and dressed in a simple kimono. Her face was drenched in sweat and tears.
"Help! Help! My master is hurt!" The little girl tugged on Materia's pant leg, sobbing as she spoke. Sora got up to tell Riku, but Materia had already started into the brush. He followed her, not wanting to risk losing her.
Deep in the woods was a handsome young man with silver hair. He shone in the moonlight as he held his severed arm.. er... stub of an arm. Materia gasped and convulsed slightly. There was blood dripping from his arm which bothered her now super-sensitive smelling.
"... Uh..." the man looked up at her, his eyes were a soft gold. She dropped down to his side and murmured something, "Help me..."
"That blasted Inuyasha!" cried Rin.
"Inuyasha?" said Sora.
"Yes! Master Sesshoumaru was innocently passing by when Inuyasha and his friends lurched out and and took Master Sesshoumaru's sword!"
Sora couldn't believe the words coming out the young girl. He thought Inuyasha was the good guy.
"What's the name of this sword?"
"The Tetsusaiga." Sesshoumaru groaned, falling forward onto Materia's shoulder. She blushed and hesitantly put her hands around Sesshoumaru's dismembered arm. Her eyes became ocean blue as she regenerated his arm. It burst from the stub and frightened little Rin. The handsome youkai sat up and flexed his new arm, he could smell the human on it.
::Naraku did not lie to me..:: he thought, looking down at Materia, ::This girl... she smells like Despair. She'll be useful to me.::
"Uh, Materia. We should go." Sora began to back away, pulling out his keyblade. Materia wasn't sure what to do. Sesshoumaru's hand gently brushed her hair.
"Now, now, young man." he purred, "I believe that Materia here can make her own choices, right?"
Materia looked at Sesshoumaru, who grinned softly, then at Sora, who was glaring at Sesshoumaru.
"You don't understand." Sora growled, "Materia has no will of her own."
Materia's eyes widened.
"Why is that?" Sesshoumaru sneered. Sora realized his mistake. Materia's eyes misted. She stood, walked over to Sora, and pushed him over.
"Soranii-san!" She cried, "Materia hate you!"
"No! Materia, wait!" Sora stood and went after her, but she, Rin, and Sesshoumaru disappeared into the forest. ::No. Why did I let that out?::
He turned on his heels and raced back to Kaede's. The young man broke through the door, no longer able to control himself, and told the others what happened. Everyone rose to their feet and hurried out the door, none of them saying anything to Sora. What a fool.
"What a fool indeed.", snickered Naraku (O_o;;) as Sesshoumaru and Materia entered his dark lair. Materia shirked away from Naraku, his evil aura causing her to recoil from pain, "Hello, dear little Materia."
"Who are you?" Materia whispered, hiding behind Sesshoumaru.
"Hn." Naraku smiled.
"Okay, I have my arm, you have the girl. I'm going back to get my sword."
"No need to waste your energy, Sesshoumaru-kun. Once Despair is done with Inuyasha and that boy, you can just go out and dig the Tetsusaiga out of the rubble."
"Hmph." Sesshoumaru turned on his heel and sauntered out of the room, "I do not wish for some ragdoll to kill my brother."
"Oh." Naraku smiled innocently and took Materia's hand as Sesshoumaru left. She tried to pull away, the poison in Naraku's skin was burning into her own, "Now, now, Materia."
"How do you know Materia's name?" she hissed.
"Because... I have been watching you. You're much more useful than I originally thought. It's a shame that Sora and those wretched boys filled your head with those sweet little thoughts." Naraku sat down and pulled Materia onto his lap. She squeaked and squirmed, but the spider-oni held fast to her, "Are you afraid of me?"
"You're hurting Materia."
"Me? Hurt you? Never. Your fear is hurting you.", he gently kissed Materia's forehead, "I would never hurt my own creation."
"Materia... I created you. Or helped create you. In a way... I am your father."
"No!" Materia cried, struggling against the hanyou and his bad puns.
"You're resisting me?" Naraku growled, grabbing Materia around the neck, "You will regret having ever been born!"
"Soranii-san! Rikunii-san!"
"I don't understand, what would possess you to say that?" yelled Riku as they headed in the direction Sora had last seen Materia.
"I don't know either! But let's worry about after we save her!"
"Ah, ah." a toothy grin flashed across Despair's face as she danced out of the foliage. Her sword flew out of its sheath and made a beeline for Inuyasha, "You're going to far."
"Feh!" Inuyasha deflected the attack and sent the sword back at its owner, "You won't get away this time!"
"Poow puppy, thinks he can beat me. Heh, let's see if your bark is as bad as your bite!"

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