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"I see you've had a very happy reunion with your friends." 'Peace' said, dragging 'Harmony' behind him.

"Well, it did start out really nice, but then their new friend Materia got jealous." Kairi sighed, "I didn't mean to make her mad."

"Now, now, don't say that." 'Peace' replied in his sweetest tone, "Materia is just a child, and only thinks of herself. She already knew what you mean to Riku and Sora, and yet she tried to take them from you anyways."

"I don't think that's what she meant." Kairi defended.

"Sure, sure." Harmony cooed, leading Kairi away from the safety of her friends, "Well, we must now discuss payment."

"Payment?" Kairi echoed.

"Of course... you didn't think..." Harmony's voice was suddenly filled with malice, "That you could just see your friends for free?"

The brunette stepped back, bumping into 'Peace'. A brown rope was tied tightly around Kairi by who she thought was on her side. Harmony looked on with a playfully evil smile on her face. A white cloth was used as a gag on Kairi's mouth. She pulled away to avoid the gag and caught a distraught look across Death's face. Harmony came closer as Kairi begged for a reason behind their misdeeds through her eyes.

"Oh, and my brother's name is really Death and I am Despair. We're trying to kill your friends." Despair winked. Kairi's eyes grew wide as she was thrown over Death's shoulder. She struggled vainly, unable to kick or flail or even scream for help. Her muffled cries were met by Despair's joyous humming. She walked ahead of her brother and prize. Kairi almost hung her head in defeat when there was a sudden thud against Death's back. The tall man stumbled and fell to one knee, surprised by the attack. Kairi looked up to find... Materia! Despair seemed to quickly drift over to her estranged sister and unsheathed her ice sword, "Little brat."

"Let go of Kairi!" Materia said, still shaking from the impact with Death's armor, "Give her back!"

"Aw, isn't that sweet?" Despair cooed, "The little brat is trying to repent for being selfish!"

Before Materia could make another attempt to free Kairi, Despair whipped her sword around to the blunt side. The icicle made a sickening half crack, half thud noise against the little girl's stomach as Despair swung as hard as she could into Materia. Kairi watched Materia be launched clean up into the air, and winced when she came crashing back down into the cement flooring of the mall. Crazy no one's coming to help either of them, kinda sick huh? Despair stepped over to the hole her sister had made. Materia laid in it, barely conscious, blood streaming from a corner of her mouth. She tried to talk, call for help, cry, but she couldn't make her body function at all. Despair looked at her sword before dropping into the hole. There was a large crack in it, and the blunt side was melting and breaking apart. A pained, crazed look shot across her face as Materia twitched and tried to talk.

"K-ka-" Materia sputtered.

"How does it feel? To have your loved ones turn their back on you? To be horribly defeated? You're such a pain..."

"Despair." Death started, hearing the familiar clink-clink coming their direction, "Let's go."

"...I should've done this a long time ago..." Despair held her crumbling sword above her head.

"Despair, don't!"




A blood-curdling scream echoed through-out the mall, silencing the normally rambunctious place. Riku, Sora, ^5, and XD trudged their way through the increasing crowd to find a large hole randomly placed in the middle of the mall.

"What in the hells?" Riku started, walking out of the crowd to the edge of the hole, "Who the fu-.... MATERIA!"

The silver-haired boy disappeared in a heartbeat into the hole. Sora, ^5, and XD peered over the edge, horrified by what they saw.

"R....r... riku nii-san..."

*~*To Be Continued*~*

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