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"Where did Materia get to?" Riku asked as he and the others searched the house. Everyone was up and at it, looking for the missing little girl. Everyone except-, "^5!"

"Finally! 1337 v!ct0ry is |\/|3!|\|!!!!1111!" ^5 pumped a hand into the air as he completed his video game. He calmed down and opened the main menu to save just as Riku threw the door open. The blast from the door knocked all of ^5's game's from their respective piles and shoved his TV off its stand. The power was cut off from his game, the data was not saved. Tears of pain and terror gushed from ^5's eyes as he clung to Riku, "WHY!?!?!?!?lSK;gavnjsv!!!"

"Where is Materia?" He asked gruffly.

"Arrow-chick? Men... I dunno." ^5 started to crawl away and Riku grabbed his baggy pants, "Hey! I don't swang th4t w3y! ..... in t3h m0rn!ng @ l33st."

Scowling darkly at ^5's kitty grin, Riku dropped the spaz and left the house. He trekked around the town, calling for Materia. Girls drooled as the sexy young man past them, but he disregarded them if they had never heard of Materia. The search went on for hours until Sora and the others caught up to him. They held him down to keep him from carrying on.

"We have to do this together or we'll all be just walking around aimlessly." Kairi reasoned, "Let's just think. We've looked everywhere but..."

"The mall!" ^5 cried, already sprinting ahead of them.


"d00d... that chick's b33n pl4ying 4 li3k... 3vr...." ^5 scooted into a group of guy who were standing around and watching someone play DDR at the arcade.

"Whoo is it?" He asked.

"Men... d!5 chick d4z b33n h33r sinc3 l4st n!ght!" Replied a guy with taped on dog ears.

Peering through the crowd as they finally caught up, Riku and Sora saw a girl with long black hair, dressed in all black and chains, dancing frantically on the mats. As the song ended she turned around and Sora was nearly bulldozed by Riku.


"Rikunii-san?" Materia squeaked as Riku literally ripped her off the game.

"What were you doing!? What are you wearing!? We were worried!"

"Materia got... um... t3ri4 g0tz a n3w l00k, f00!!"

"What!?!" Riku clenched onto the girl's shoulders. ^5 burst into wild laughter.

"d00d!! 412120\/\/-(|-|!(|( |00|(5 50000 CONFORMIST!!!" Materia squeaked and began to cry. She had read all of her dictionary the night before and realized now that her attempt at a transformation was futile. Riku let go of Materia, thinking he had hurt her, and she dropped to her knees and bawled, "4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4|-|4!!!"

"^5!" Sora scowled. The spaz tip-toed off in another direction.

"Ma-ma-materia... wanted t-t-to be original!!!"

"Why would you want to do that?" Kairi asked, leaning down to touch her shoulder. Materia twitched away from the gesture, "... is it because of me?"

"Rikunii-san wasn't paying attention to-"

"Materia!" Riku said gruffly, "You should know better than to act like that! Did ^5 tell you about us?"

"Yes." She whimpered.

"Then you shouldn't worry about!" He shouted and stomped away. Materia shuddered and broke down again. Sora tried to calm her, but it only made her cry louder. She flailed and stood up, tripping over her baggy black jeans as she tried to run away.


"Materia." Riku snorted as he sat in the foodcourt, "She's so childish."

As he leaned back in his chair, Riku remembered the first time they met Materia. How much he hated her because she was one of their enemies. He remembered how she proved that she was nothing like Death and Despair. She was a sweet little girl who just wanted to be by their side. ::But is that really who she is?:: He asked himself, ::Or was that kindness programmed into her like the evil in Death and Despair?::

"I like boys..."

"She's learning so much..."

"Will you be my prince?"

"She's becoming a real person..."

"Rikunii-san no get killed!"

"...With real feelings." He crossed his arms and sighed heavily, "But it's like she's a thorn in my side."

"h3y, <3-man!" ^5 came stumbling up to Riku, "Materia's crying a rivaaaa~!" (<-singing)


"Because a' j00, <3-man! She ray-lay liekz j00." Riku closed his ocean blue eyes and rubbed his temple, "She didn't want you... to forsake her."

"Forsake her?" Riku echoed, "Why the hell would I do that?"


"Oh, Kairi-chan."

"Huh? Ah! Peace! Harmony!"

(DUN-DUN-DUNANANALALALLL *rolls tongue like Peter*)


Iris: HOLY FNCK!!! I am ALIVE!!!!