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The Roses
Chapter 1- Black and Blue

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. She just wished the others could see it. Keiko managed to hold to hold in her laughter but couldn't keep the large smile off her face. Kagome stopped fiddling with the edge off her skirt long enough to glare up at her. “A sound, Black. Make a singe sound and I'll chop that pretty neck right off your shoulders.”
Keiko nodded, eyes still taking in the sight of Kagome in the long blue and white school uniform. She desperately wanted to say something but she wasn't suicidal. No, she'd leave that to Yusuke.
She managed to hold in her laughter long enough to enter their assigned homeroom, where Kagome couldn't kill her without lots of witnesses. She calmly let her self sink into her seat before burying her head in her arms and laughing.
Beside her Yusuke looked slightly concerned as all he saw was a shaking of the shoulders but calmed down when Kagome walked over and hit her on the head. “Stop laughing.”
Then Yusuke made the mistake of commenting on Kagome's outfit. “I know your nicknames Blue but that's overdoing it. It's just not your shade.” Keiko snickered as Kagome rounded on him but was cut off by the bell. She lifted her head from her arms and stared at Yusuke. He stared right back. “You know,” she drawled lazily. “That was a perfect example of `saved by the bell.'” He blinked. She rolled her eyes.

As the bell rang signaling the end off class, Keiko leaned back against Yusuke's desk and tilted her body so she was staring at him upside down. He blinked. She rolled her eyes again. “You are coming, right?”
He nodded slowly, “Yes Keiko. The minute I figure out what you're trying to ask me.” Keiko pushed herself up and spun around, smacking him soundly on the arm. “The Tanabata festival, you baka. Are you coming or not? Everyone's going to Kagome's before we held over with Hotaru to a shrine a friend of hers owns.”
Yusuke blinked. “It's July?” Keiko growled, “Yes or no, Yusuke? It's a simple question.” Yusuke gulped. “Fine, fine. I'm going.”
Keiko gave a bright smile. “That's great.” She stated turning and skipping away. Yusuke blinked, “Mood swing much?” Keiko stopped and turned. “Oh, and Yusuke.” Said boy blinked. “Yeah?” Keiko's smile disappeared. “No bell to save you this time. Run.”