InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Shikon no Hiruiseki ❯ Chapter 11 ( Chapter 2 )

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This is a long time coming and probably the 5th version. I tried to restart this fic so many times, but kept losing this chapter. I thought it high time to actually finish it again. Believe it or not, the story has been outlined for well over a year. I'm torn on how much fluff, I'll have to go into to get smoothly to the next plot hole. I was going to go right back into the past (like every other time I wrote this), but maybe the Yuyu gang needs a little love. You get a glimpse of a character that will be featured in the sequel when ever I actually get that far.

Shikon no Hiruiseki

Chapter 11

Kuwabara remained silent at the table. This may have been the only time any of the gang had seen pity in Genkai's eyes. She had discovered earlier that Kuwabara had missed Hiei's display in his frantic desire to get to Yukina. During making the preparation for Yukina, Kuwabara had broke down and told her that he knew of Hiei's and Yukina's relationship, which he mistakely thought to be romantic. That being said, the other's had decided not to correct him as it seemed he was comfortable with his incorrect theory, but the truth could cause even more trouble to his spirit.

As it was, Kuwabara was incredibly worried about his missing teammate just like the others. He was furious that Koenma was withholding Hiei's location from them. He had wanted to storm the Reikai. Kurama was more than ready for blood, and everyone else had assumed he was thinking of a way to steal the information or take on Enma, himself, to get their dark friend back. Yusuke was just floundering, waiting for someone else to take the reins just this once.

Fortunately for everyone, Genkai was able to keep the greiving teens in line. With the exception of Botan, even the extended family was at the temple for support. The funeral had been almost a week ago, but nothing was resolved.

"Damnit! Where can that little bastard be?" None of the others repremanded him, not even Keiko, as there was tears in his eyes. "Why won't Koenma help? He's our friend too, right?" This part was softer, unsure.

"There is a good reason, even if we don't know what. God's don't use the word 'fate' lightly. But knowing Koenma, this will probably bite us in the ass. We should use this time to prepare." Kurama turned to Genkai with stormy eyes, but Yusuke interrupted first.

"Prepared for what, grandma? What the fuck is there to prepare for?"

"He needs us, and we need to make sure we do everything to find him." The avatar's soft tone was all steel and fire. Kurama, while not easily apparent, was taking the loss of his partner harder than the others. Noone said it, but everyone knew the pair to be best friends and have a unshakable loyalty to one another. Not that anyone undertood how that worked.

"We have to be patient. Something will come from Koenma." Each head turned towards the usually stoic Shizuru. While not as powerful as her brother in the physical sense, her psychic powers were quietly understood to be far more powerful. Her careful interjection stopped all of the table without fail.

"I have faith," Kuwabara replied with conviction. "I have faith in Koenma." Yusuke placed his hand on Kurama as anger was clear as he began to rise, but Kuwabara didn't notice. "But more importantly, I have faith in Hiei. The shrimp," he began with a hiccup of unshed tears in his voice, "is strong' and we need to be strong for him too."

Kurama wasn't so sure.

While the gang was discusing their next step, Koenma was once again at his father's door waiting to be invited inside as the meetings reguarding Hiei were almost daily, not that he knew anymore.

When the door edge open, he was immediately under the eyes of his father and his father's two guests. Even though he couldn't see under the cloaks of the two interlopers, he knew who they were. It was the ever silent Guardian and his assistant.

While the assitant was tall and clearly a demon, the Guardian was much smaller. The Guardian felt unlike any other being Koenma had ever felt. The Guardian felt like a holy demon, he figured that they were some kind of demon god and wholy unique. This small being had been the one to create and maintain the barrier between worlds. Although Koenma had met the Guardians two attendants and his cloaked assistant over a hundred years ago, he never saw the Guardian until Kuwabara had broken the barrier. Rumor had is that the Guardian fell into a unmovable slumber not long after the world spilt. Koenma had visited the Guardian's cave before the god had awoken but never got farther than the god's two female demon attendants.

It was the Guardian, or rather the Guardian's attendant, that told him to start a tentai instead of just a detective. It was the Guardian's idea that Koenma should give the two demon theives probation versus imprisonment. And of course, it was the assistant who told him Hiei's fate in the past. And apparently, his Father was aware of it too.

"Koenma, what is the status on the Imiko?"

"He nor Kagome have returned." Koenma was revolted by the whole situation. "Surely, my tentai can help, if you just let them, father."

It was the assistant that answered him, "nothing they can do kid. It's all happened before. Has Kagome-san returned yet?"

"The priestess has not come home yet."

"Awesome." Koenma's eyes widened at the youthful enthusiasm but the assistant, "Enma-sama, is our arrangement complete? The Guardian is adamant that it is expidited."

"The payment for your barrier is done," Koenma was flabergasted. He had never known that it was his father that wanted the barrier or that he was actually giving something to the Guardian for doing it.

"It is with your attendants as we speak." His father then turned to him. "The Guardian has requested that a new Ferry girl be assigned to your tentai ."

"What's wrong with Botan?" The look his father him made him step back.

"Ain't nothing wrong with that pretty lady, but we thought she could us the help of another sweet hottie there." The Guardian turned to his cloaked companion, and even though Koenma couldn't actually see him, he could feel the displeasure from the other side of the room.

His father then gestured to his assistant, Megumi, to open the doors to an adjacent room.

The Guardian's assistants came out first. The first was an elfen elemental. She had luscious black hair with a smooth brown tint. Her firely glowing red eyes seemed pleased. She had on a loose turquiose tank tucked into slim blue jeans making her curves even more sinful even to his eyes. A slim neck was adorned with a feathered necklace with a matching string or two of feather's trailing through her ponytail. The second woman was no less stunning but very different. She was small and slender. While her curves were not like the other, she was probably prettier. She was quiet and demure. She had on a long, chiffon white dress that fluttered with even the smallest movement. She had long beautiful white hair that fell to her knees and pale white eyes. Even though she was a demon, she looked like and angel.

But it was the next beautiful woman that stepped out that made Koenma's heart race.