InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ A Youkai and A Hanyou Walk Into A Bar ❯ Priceless ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Priceless
Original Posting: 9/3/05 at IYFic Contest on Live Journal
Theme: How Does It All End?
Word Count: 317
Warning: Character Assassination/Snark
Rating: PG
Summary: There are some things money just can't buy…
One completed jewel - thousands of lives and untold heartache.
It was finally over. After countless battles, the evil known as Naraku had been destroyed. The completed Shikon no Tama was now resting in the shrine, glowing with a pure light.
One couple who obviously spent the night together - a cheap flask of sake and a deserted hut.
In the clearing by the Bone-Eater's Well, a young woman and a silver-haired hanyou were locked in a passionate embrace. “I love you so much,” Kagome was crying. “I know you have to honor your promise to Kikyo, but how am I supposed to let you go?”
“Don't tell me you fell for that old trick,” Kikyo scoffed, interrupting the pair. The two hastily broke apart from each other, faces flushed with guilt. “Let me guess - Inu-Yasha told you I was dragging him to hell and he wanted to spend his last night on earth lying in your arms.”
“Hey!” Kagome's face crumpled in hurt and shock. “I - but he - ”
Kikyo rolled her eyes and turned to the gaping hanyou. “Honestly, Inu-Yasha,” she sighed heavily, “it's bad enough that you've used that line on all the village girls, but did you have to treat my reincarnation so badly? I really think she deserves better than that. Look at how upset she is - the poor girl thinks you're about to die!”
Flames were forming around Kagome's head. “What? The village girls! Inuuuu-Yaaashaaa!”
“No!” the hanyou spluttered, backing away from the furious Kagome. “Wait - Kikyo's lying, I swear! I'd never - aaaugh!”
As Kikyo left the clearing, a tiny smile crossed her lips. Behind her, she could hear the sound of Kagome's enraged screeching and Inu-Yasha being `sat' so hard his bones crunched. Indulging in such a lie was unworthy of her, but really, who could resist that sort of temptation?
Causing trouble for your ex-boyfriend on your way to hell - priceless.