InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Against The Wind ❯ The Search ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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Chapter 1: The Search

A full moon illuminated against the blackened sky, casting an eerie glow on the mist that settled through out the Forest of InuYasha. Nothing could be heard, only the soft steps of running wolves; wolves that belonged to the Wolf Demon Tribe. A swirling whirlwind indicated that the leader of the wolf tribe was with them. He was known as Koga, by a few villages and other tribes of wolves. As the ookami leader ran on without stopping at all, his mass of wolves were trailing behind him a distance away.

Two members of Koga's tribe took on the appearence of a human, and were the only ones left from the trap Naraku set for Koga and his comrades. They were Ginta and Hakkaku, and as cowerdly as they were, they were very loyal to Koga, even if they did think often that their leader was sometimes reckless.

The small tornado that surrounded Koga as he ran, due to the jewel shards embedded in his legs, suddenly started to die down as Koga slowed his pace and came to a complete stop. When the winds had vanished, his comrades finally caught up to their quick leader and imeadiatly plopped down on the forest ground, gasping and panting for breath as they rested. Koga, who remained standing up, looked down at his worn out companions with an iritated look across his face. He then folded his arms over his chest.

"Don't tell me you've already given up." Koga growled angrily. Not one of his companions had any guts to answer their leader for a while. But finally, Hakkaku broke the awkward silence.

"Koga...We've been at this everyday for many hours...Naraku seems impossible to track down."

Koga glared at Hakkaku with narrowed azure eyes. "We're just not looking hard enough! Don't you want to avenge our slaughtered brothers?" He asked harshly.

Hakkaku said nothing more, and looked down at the ground. It was no use trying to talk Koga out of looking for Naraku; it was something he needed to do, no matter what.

"Please Koga...Can't we just take a day off or something?" Ginta asked. "We don't even know how to find Naraku."

Koga rolled his eyes with annoyance. "The Band of Seven, Ginta. Or Kagura. If we find them, we'll find Naraku." He replied simply. Ginta nodded in agreement.

Koga fell silent for a fairly long moment, as watched his companions through narrowed eyes. He sighed, and couldn't believe the decision he had just made. "Fine. Go home. I'll continue the search for Naraku on my own." He said, another sigh escaping him.

Ginta and Hakkaku stood up instantly, as if their exhaustion had suddenly vanished. "Thanks Koga!" They said in unison, as they turned away from their leader and ran off with the rest of their comrades. Koga simply turned in the opposite direction, and walked slowly into InuYasha's Forest.

'Naraku can't be too far. I'll kill that bastard..' He thought with frustration as he sniffed the air ocasionally, trying to detect any scents of Naraku, Kagura, or the Band of Seven. But unfortunantly, he scented nothing. Koga hoped that in the direction he was heading in, somehow he would be nearing Naraku's castle. He doubted it could be that easy, but he still kept it in mind.