InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Against The Wind ❯ Making Plans ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 2: Making Plans

What Koga did not know, was that he was being watched closely by Naraku himself. Kanna, the eldest incarnation of Naraku, was standing in front of him as he sat down on the wooden floor of his castle. Her white mirrow showed a clear picture of the wolf demon walking through the forest, all by himself. Naraku grinned that creepy smile that could send shivers up your spine, and turned away from Kanna's mirror. The picture already started to fade to it's original tinted reflection of objects around the room, including the Wind Sorceress who was leaning against a far wall of Naraku's room as she snapped her fan closed with her right hand. Naraku turned to look at her with impure, evil dark eyes.

"Kagura...You have failed to kill one of my enemies once before. I want you to track down that wolf demon, Koga, and kill him." Naraku ordered.

Kagura looked at Naraku with disgust, but didn't dare defy him. "Don't you think Bankotsu would finish him off better then I?" She asked carefully.

"No. I want him to save his strength for taking down InuYasha...You will go after Koga, and kill him quickly, or else you will be nothing but a pool of flesh." He warned her. "And bring me his shards while you're at it." Naraku added simply.

"Understood, Master..." Kagura mumbled, and exited the room through the flap that went over the doorway.

She walked down a narrow hallway, stepping over piles of human bones that littered the ground. She turned right only once as she entered another hall, until she finally reached the entrance doors. Kagura opened them with ease, and shut them closed before walking down the steps of the castle and towards the middle of the grounds. She plucked a small white feather from her hair band, and threw it in the air. Instantly, it became larger and she climbed on top of it, as it started to raise higher into the air. She sped through the dark, gloomy sky, looking down at the forest for the ookami leader. Her thoughts suddenly turned to Naraku's threat, and she narrowed her eyes angrily.

'I will have my freedom some day...' She thought, as she flew on through the night on her large white feather.

Kagura did not have to fly far, for she soon spotted Koga in a heavily misted clearing, in a part of the forest. She quietly landed on the forest ground, a couple yards away from Koga's current position, and began to walk towards him, her fan clutched tightly in her right hand. She was not affraid of fighting Koga, what she feared most was the possibility of loosing to the wolf demon, and coming back to Naraku's castle, nearly close to death, only to be turned into a pool of flesh from her failure.

Kagura shuddered at the thought, and pushed it aside. She would win this battle; there's no way she would loose to a pathetic wolf demon. In the distance, Kagura could finally make out the figure of the young wolf leader through the mist, and it was obvious that Koga had noticed her comming his way, for he had stopped in his tracks. Kagura kept walking forward and only stopped when Koga was visable.

By now, a light drizzle of rain had started to come down from the sky, as it's pace suddenly quickened and started to pour down hard, making everything around them drentched in water instantly. The clouds had began to turn unusually more dark and eerie when thunder could be heard in the distance. Kagura unfolded her fan slowly in front of the right side of her face, making it vanish behind the opened fan.

"I have come to slay you, Koga." She said chillingly.