InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Cold as you ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Chapter 3: So I start a fight cause I need to feel something
As morning dawned, Inuyasha started waking the others. He was surprised when Kagome almost seemed to bolt from her sleeping bag and too calmly start packing it. He blinked in surprise and a little fear. Whenever Kagome was this calm, it never meant well. She didn't smile or anything. The others watched warily. Inuyasha's ears were flat against his head.
As they moved out, the silence was stifling. Conversations were attempted but they always fell short. Kagome only gave one word answers. She hadn't even sat him! Inuyasha moved ahead of them, worry in his eyes. He refused to look back as he didn't want anyone else to see the worry. Had Kagome seen him with Kikyo?
It was the afternoon when Inuyasha's own anger came to a head. He was sick and tired of this. Turning, he jumped in front of Kagome. He was hoping if he made her angry and she sat him, she would return to normal. He didn't want to feel this cold distance. He felt almost numb. So he would start a fight just so he could feel anything from her. “Hey wench, stop your damn pouting and start being a crybaby! Kikyo would never act like this!” He watched the anger snap into her eyes and almost smirked.